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December 15, 2021

The latest Christmas Disc from the Lumpenbangen Piano Institute has just been released. As usual, while we charge Relatives and close Friends significant Amounts for these Discs -- largely  because they have been blessed by a Certified Mountain Hermit living in a Licensed Cave in Pingo-Pongo -- and the jewel Cases have been dipped in the Ganges and sun-dried -- with crushed Rosemary Leaves -- on its Banks -- many of the inspired Melodies are available -- gratis -- on this Website.

This is a non-discriminatory Offering. No Proof of Vaccination is required. Nor are Masks mandatory. (We do ask the Unvaccinated to refrain from breathing with excessive Force on their computer Screens while playing or downloading. We do not wish to appear foolhardy.)

All that is required is the Ability to click on this Link, and scroll down to the "Xmas 2021" Box:

Music Downloads






November 7  2021    Laws of the Universe

Every time you make a choice, you deny the principle of equality: you are declaring that some things are better than others. Not only is inequality the cause of galaxies and the wellspring of evolution, it is the beating heart of freedom, choice, and progress. (Observation #1970)

We are much intrigued by the Laws of the Universe. It is a commentary on the human Condition, perhaps, that some are sensible but largely disregarded, while others are foolish but revered.

For example, The Law of Diminishing – and ultimately negative – Returns does not stop People from pursuing unattainable Perfection. The Law of unintended Consequences still does not prevent careless Planning. However -- a related Law -- which states that using a bad Principle to erase the same inferior Principle (we have just discovered and named it) -- the Law of Politically Correct Stupidity – is different. This is a Law which has a constant and enduring Popularity.

The News which has led us to these deep philosophical Reflections comes from a Survey of 1250 white College Applicants – which shows that thirty-four Percent misrepresented their Ethnicity in order to obtain favourable Consideration from their Institution of Higher Learning.*

You see, many such Institutions, distressed at the Lack of “Diversity” -- fearing that it represents a Failure of the Equality Principle – or the Monster of Discrimination based on Race – have adopted Policies which favour some Groups over others. The idea –  no Doubt extensively tested in their well-equipped Social Laboratories – is that Discrimination – apparent, real, or in-between – is best countered by Discrimination.

We understand that Readers may be somewhat confused. They should not be. It has been well-established that not all Discriminations are equal. Some are better than others. Yes – this flouts the much-lauded Principle of Equality – but “Equality” is a bit like “Discrimination” -- it is not nearly as simple as it seems. Mr. Orwell was the first, perhaps, to observe that “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Thus – and we hope the Reader is still following our Train of Thought – some Kinds of Discrimination are much better than others. Equality is – basically – in the Eye of the Beholder. Also -- it's perfectly logical -- Equality can only be achieved by treating People unequally.


If our Train seems to have gone over an Embankment – do not despair. Simply re-read what we have said until it makes perfect Sense. The Mantra “I understand all Things and accept all Things” may be helpful.

Now that any Confusion has been banished by Repetition and Determination – we will stoke the Boiler and continue round the Bend.

By discriminating against some Students – on the Basis of skin Colour – the Institutions of higher Learning hope to end Discrimination against other Students – on the Basis of skin Colour.

It merely replicates the common Wisdom – that any Disease can be cured by further Infection. Ask your Doctor, Pharmacist, or Grandmother.

At any rate – you may remember – at the Beginning -- we said that the Law of Politically Correct Stupidity is related to the Law of Unintended Consequences.

And indeed, this is what the Survey shows. The Introduction of a discriminatory Principle to erase Discrimination has had unintended Consequences. Thirty-four Percent of those who have been discriminated against have lied in order to thwart the Process. Thus the required Percentages of skin Colour needed to create Equality – whatever that is at any particular Institution -- have not been obtained.

It's an unholy Mess! The equal and unequal Animals are hopelessly confused. The Dream of Equality is a Will o' the Wisp – retreating ever farther as it is followed into the Marsh of Hypothesis. Even our Train of Thought seems to yearn for another Track.

Would it not be sensible to forget about the unattainable, and accept Students of any Colour based on their Competence? We know this is radical. We know it is revolutionary. But it would save so much Angst. We would also have one less Law to worry about -- the Law of Politically Correct Stupidity.






January 8, 2021    O brave new world – that has such people in it!


We feel most fortunate to live in a Time of Enlightenment – and our Hopes for an early Arrival at Nirvana – or a good Facsimile thereof – are significantly buoyed by recent Events in the United States.

In that exceedingly blessed Jurisdiction, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has decreed certain Rules of Language in that Place, which, if universally adopted will certainly speed our Progress to the Big Rock Candy Mountain – and may even achieve some of its lesser Slopes.

Ms. Pelosi's new Rules forbid the Use of Terms such as Mother, Daughter, Son, or Father. Such Words have been used for Millennia – but in the last Year or two have been judged inappropriate to our new Understanding of Reality.

In primitive, olden Days, it had falsely been concluded that our Species had two Genders, and they could be classified according to certain physical Characteristics related to Reproduction. It was foolishly thought that Men had Penises, but Women did not. Similarly – Women could give Birth – but Men – no matter how robust, artful, or determined, would encounter insuperable Difficulties in bringing forth even a Mouse.

How wrong we were!

It has recently been discovered that “Gender” has nothing to do with Anatomy or reproductive Function at all! The only Determinant of Gender is subjective. If you look like a Man – but feel like a Woman – you are, in Fact, a Woman. And if you look like a Woman -- but feel like a Man -- you are a Man!

The astute Observer will immediately see certain practical Difficulties arising from the new Enlightenment. A "Woman" who has the bodily feature of a man will need to alter her Appearance considerably in order to feel comfortable. And alas, that Woman – no matter how robust, artful, or determined, will encounter insuperable Difficulties in bringing forth even a mouse.

The Price of superior Understanding is often unexpectedly high!

In this Case it unleashes the primary Horror of the Age: Inequality!

You see -- there is a significant Difference between those whose gender Perception is in Accord with their Appearance and those whose Perception and Body are in Conflict. One Group is anxious and upset -- and often proceeds to surgical Correction. The other Group is less troubled, and requires no surgical Alteration at all. In addition -- reproductive Functions seem awkwardly inflexible – even in the Light of superior and advanced Understanding. Those Functions seem determined to attach themselves to Bodies, not Feelings.

In the Age of Equality – such differences are intolerable. Everything must be done to assure those Women who look like Men – and those Men who have every Appearance of being Women – that they are equal to those without such Dissonances.




As a Measure of Feel-Goodery – the gender-challenged are offered their own special and distinctive Modes of Address – and are accorded the sole Power to determine them – even according to their Feeling of the Moment. This -- in fact – is an Attempt to give a compensatory Advantage over those whose Gender is boringly static. As an additional Measure of Rebuke – the Unconflicted are expected to observe these Modes -- upon Pain of being banished from the Utopian Fields of Political Correctness.

And, as a further Attempt to protect the Unfortunate and remind the Fortunate that they should not be complacent or uppity in the Face of Injustice – all References to normally-gendered People – with their obviously unfair reproductive Functions -- must be removed from the Language. Thus, References to Mothers, Fathers, Daughters and Sons must be forbidden.

We hope it is now clear how wise, progressive, and socially advantageous is Ms. Pelosi's Banishment of Terms that suggest that conventional Genders are “normal.” That concept of “Normality” is entirely wrong; it is based on the Superficiality of bodily Appearance. It ignores the real Source of Truth: Feelings.

While we are inordinately pleased with this Progress, we hope we shall not be judged harshly for our Suggestion that the Road to Equality has only just begun. The Pelosi Template is now clear: those who are in unfortunate Situations -- and hence unequal -- must have their feelings protected -- and Society at large should alter its Customs to soothe delicate Sensibilities.

Thus, it should be observed that there are many Inequities still to be addressed. Some people have excellent Hearing, while other suffer from various Degrees of Deafness. Would it not be appropriate that the Deaf should be spared the Ignominy of invidious Comparisons? Surely Music and conventional Speech should be stopped altogether – and all Reference to Sounds of the natural World be forbidden. Films and Operas would rely entirely on Subtitles, and automobile Horns would be replaced with Lights flashing Red. Sign Language would be the required Form of inter-personal Communication.

Once that great Inequality has been expunged, it will be time to look at the huge Problem of Inequality of Vision. Indeed, Life would be considerably simplified if we had neither Hearing, nor Vision – and we could transform to the non-sensory Paradise of a vegetative Existence. The Problem of Roses vs. Delphiniums, Oaks vs. Pines would remain – but perhaps we should leave that for future Generations of Flowers and Trees to consider. We had best proceed slowly – one Inequality at a Time.


Post Script: Second Thoughts -- possibly before we consider Hearing or Sight – it might be appropriate to deal with the terrible Inequities of Intelligence. Methods of reducing Intelligence to an equal lowest common Denominator – preferably with a one-time Pill or Injection – should be a Priority for medical Research.

It could be called the Equality Project – the Pelosi Standard of Intelligence Initiative.