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Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. (Oscar Wilde, 1854 -- 1900)

The idea for Dr. Dreimer’s diary came from the excerpts from the diary of Samuel Pepys published daily in the National Post. We thought it would be interesting to write a modern diary using the more formal language of an earlier era – in this case we have attempted an approximation of 18th Century expression. What is perhaps most evident is the capitalisation of nouns, which gives an emphasis, and suggests a cadence entirely missing from current written expression. The language is more cumbersome and formal, and tends to favour the use of parallel structure for rhetorical emphasis.

Style is inseparable from attitude and tone. Dr. Dreimer observes mankind as if from a great height, or from another, more sensible century.



 His judgements are often unflattering, and his scorn and disdain palpable. They may be expressed directly, but are often revealed through an ironic approval of some mindless folly. He may appear to some as a pompous windbag; to others as a curmudgeonly but correct observer.

As it has turned out, the diary is not a conventional diary at all. Apart from the occasional references to the mythical Aunt Myalgia, languishing in the Shady Hollow Psychiatric Facility in downtown Toronto, or to the Lumpenbangen Studios in the inner reaches of Hamilton, or to the Haven of Wind-in-the-Pines at Silver Lake, we gain little insight into the trivia of Dr. Dreimer’s own life.

The diary is, in fact, a commentary on events in the news.




December 31, 2015

We have become so inured to Nonsense, that we have come to expect it.

When, for a Change, we encounter something sensible, our Universe experiences a Vibration of Uncertainty -- which enhances to a Tremor of Puzzlement -- which blossoms into a Shock Wave of Surprise.

The other Day, upon reading the National Post, we experienced an "Eight Point Three" Upheaval -- as measured on the Common Sense Richter Discombobulation Scale.

For there was Judith Curry, Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, reinforcing what we have maintained in these Pages since we became aware of the "Hiatus" in Global Warming: the Hiatus is a logical Hurdle to the Haranguing of Climate Hullabaloonies.

The 2013 IPCC assessment made the following statement: "the rate of warming over the past 15 years ... is smaller than the rate calculated since 1951." Most significantly, the observed rate of warming in the early 21st century was slower than climate model predictions. The growing discrepancy between climate model predictions and the observations has raised serious questions about the climate models that are being used as the basis for national and international energy climate policies. (National Post, December 30)

Or -- as we have observed elsewhere:

The essence of science lies in the repeatability of experiment -- it is that type of knowledge which enables accurate prediction. The "science" of climate has progressed to the point of making confident predictions; but accuracy has remained elusive. It might best be termed "theoretical," "hypothetical," or "aspirational" science. (Observation #490)

We should note that The Failure of Prediction is emphasized by the fact that during the Hiatus, Greenhouse Gasses have continued to rise. The "Computer Model" of Predictions needs to recognize a more appropriate Relationship between Gasses and Temperature.

The other Problem which Ms. Curry exposes is the Assumption by the IPCC is that it is "extremely likely" that more than half of the Warming since 1950 "has been caused by humans."

But the Temperature also rose from 1910 -1945. In fact, that Warming accounts for 40% of total Warming since 1900. Yet that same Period is associated with only 10% of the increase in Carbon Dioxide.


The logical Conclusions are that (a) the Relationship between Warming and Carbon Dioxide is highly variable and (b) the Cause of Warming must be found in other Factors besides Carbon Dioxide.

We are reminded of the famous Lament of Thomas Huxley:

                The great tragedy of science -- the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.

Of course, "Climate Science" has not been slain by ugly Facts. It has simply ignored the ugly Facts and continued to preach the Dangers of Climageddon.

Thus, while wearing our logical Hat, we may draw yet another Conclusion: "Climate Science" is not really Science at all. It is the Wolf of Politics wearing Grandma’s Lab Coat.

It is interesting how Politics has managed – in some extraordinary Fashion – to get Grandma to give up her Lab Coat, and allow herself to be locked in the Closet of Stupidity, while the Wolf spouts deceptive Nonsense in her Name.*

It is also instructive how the Media – supposedly responsible for looking beneath the Surface of Things, and exposing Falsehoods, have been shown -- dressed in a red coat -- naively bringing Wine and Cakes to the Wolf, sitting spellbound by the Bedside as he recounts his Adventures in the Laboratory -- without a Hint of Trepidation or Suspicion.

We must conclude with the eminently sensible Words of Ms. Curry:

The politically driven push to manufacture a premature consensus on human-caused climate change has resulted in the relative neglect of natural climate variability. Until we have a better understanding and predictive capability of natural climate variability, we don’t have a strong basis for predicting climate change in the decades or century to come.


*We should note, perhaps, at this Point, that the Climate has been warming for about Two Hundred Years – possibly Three or Four Hundred, according to Ms. Curry. The Cleverness of the Wolf is not in maintaining Something that is not true, but in playing on the Reservoir of human Guilt to suggest that Mankind is almost solely responsible.





December 27, 2015


Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good. (Thomas Sowell, 1930 -- )

As the New Year approaches, our Thoughts do invariably turn to the Matter of Prognostication, and we seek some Means of looking into the "seeds of time."

Since we have a Magic Mirror upon our Wall, it seemed appropriate to make a brief Consultation, in Hopes that some Inspiration might be granted, some Illumination might be vouchsafed which would aid us in our Predictions.

"Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall," we said, "What is the Secret of it all? Why – when all we seek is quiet Bliss, --Does Life confound, and go oft amiss?*

After a brief Pause, the Mirror replied:

Fierce Competition hails in Pride;
Co-operation helpful by his Side;
In all Success this single Key:
In balanced scale the two must be.

Indeed, we agree with the Mirror that Society is woven from two Strands in Paradox. All Creatures must be imbued with a Spirit of Competition, and be prepared for Struggle. Without that Aspiration for Triumph, and the Determination for Combat, there can be no Improvement. It is the Fittest which survive through Competition.

Thus the first great necessary Strand in Society is Competition.

On the other Hand the Species Homo Sapiens is wise enough to recognize the Advantages of Co-operation. Two Men can roll a large Rock from the Cave Opening where One may not. Thus, the Advantage of the Tribe is secured where individual Members suspend their competitive Instincts, and co-operate in accomplishing a great Task.

The second great Strand in Society is Co-operation.

In a Sense, the Aim is still competitive: if the Tribe prospers, so will all the individual Members. The Paradox lies in the fact  that Competition is suspended in the individual Sphere order to gain competitive Advantage in the Tribal Sphere – which, in turn benefits the Individual.

The Difficulty in Society arises from the Fact that there are still two contradictory Strands in Place. What is the appropriate Balance between them?

One of the Strands suffers from not having hired the best Advertising Agency. Competition – at least in the Modern Age – finds itself on every Street Corner – depicted with a black Hat and a large, black, curled Moustache: "Wanted – Dead or Alive – preferably dead."  It has been seen in the Company of Capitalism, and hob-nobbing with Merit. It is whispered that it voted in the last Election for Success, and has been heard to speak disparagingly of Failure. It plays the bagpipes – badly. Its Motto is: You can’t make a silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear.



The other Strand -- Co-operation -- has hired a Plane to write its Name in the Clouds, flanked by cottony Depictions of Angels playing harmonious Melodies on golden Harps. It dines at the Food Bank with Socialism, and is most comfortable chatting with Equality. In the last Election, it voted for – what did you expect? –the NDP. It has been heard to speak disparagingly of Success. Its Motto is: Silk Purses are readily available if you wish hard enough.

In other Words, Competition is evil; Co-operation is angelic.

What is forgotten is the Wisdom of the Magic Mirror: a Balance between the Two is necessary.

Now that we have translated the Message of the Magic Mirror, we are ready to make our Predictions for the coming Year.

The new Canadian Government is angelic. Silk Purses will be promised; grand Gestures will be made, and fine Thoughts will be expressed. Thus far, we would note that Planes are being withdrawn as being too destructive to be engaged in Battle, and Thousands of Refugees have been promised safe Haven in Accordance with unrealistic Time Frames. We note that Indian Bands will no longer be required to publish the Details of their Accounts – although we suspect that they will do so later, voluntarily -- co-operatively -- in Return for Millions and Millions of Dollars in "Incentives."

We were amused, the other Day,** to see an Editorial in the National Post about the Health Care System. It is just the Article we ourselves might have written – had we any Skill with Words.

It notes that the Demands of the System are outrunning the Capacity of the Taxpayer to pay. It is a socialist System which is divorced from the Discipline imposed by the Marketplace -- or any Penalties of Failure, or Rewards of Success: "It didn’t work. It can’t work. It won’t work."

The Title of the Editorial is: The Same old Story. The same Criticisms are made, and the same Remedies of Action are proposed. Nothing happens. The Ending always shows a Wagon Rolling down Hill with a few Coins tossed in its Path to slow the Descent. The Implication is that the Book should be closed, and put on the Shelf.

That, of course, will not happen. The System is co-operative, not competitive. The Liberal Government scarcely needs the Text. It knows the Story by Heart.

Our Prediction, then, for the coming Year is simply this: Promises of Silk Purses; Delivery of Sows’ Ears.


*We have discovered, from past Encounters with the Mirror, that it responds most readily to rhyming Couplets.

**December 23





December 14, 2015

We are pleased that the Paris Conference on Climate Change is over, and has been declared a complete Success.

We understand there have been Tears of Relief among the Delegates, and even some Dancing in the Streets on the Part of Members of Concerned Organizations.

We have not followed the Proceedings that closely, so we are not sure whether the Delegates decided to restrict Warming by the End of the Century to Two Degrees – or the more ascetic One and One-Half.

Our natural Tendency is towards Asceticism, and we think the Benefits of Self-Flagellation are considerably underrated; thus we hope that they have decided on One and One-Half.

Regardless, we are sure that, whatever Decision has been made, it is the correct One.

What we are truly impressed with is the great Advancement in Science which allows such wonderful Accuracy. Only a few Years ago, all the favoured Climate Models predicted an Increase in Warming. That Warming, unaccountably, failed to materialize, and the Proponents of Self-Flagellation were much dismayed. Some, no doubt found this Failure a sufficient Reason for some lesser Forms of Self-Recrimination.


However, all is now well. Predictive Accuracy, so long elusive, has now been achieved. The Proof will be seen in about Eighty Years’ Time.

No doubt the Scientists have been extremely busy, cajoling their Computer Models, adjusting their Algorithms, and fiddling with their Forecasts. In virtually no Time at all, they have arrived at a Point of Perfect Predictability.

The Climate Scientists have – Suzuki be praised -- determined that a certain Reduction in anthropogenic Greenhouse Gasses will lead to a certain Result of Global Temperature. It is simply a Matter of choosing the correct Amount of Gas in the Atmosphere, and a certain Temperature will be achieved by the End of the Century.

We only wish that the same sort of Science could be developed which would allow for accurate Prediction of the Weather next Week. From thence, it should be only a short Step to predicting the Levels of the Stock Market, and the Timing of the next extraordinary Delusion which will affect World Leaders.

We must imagine that those Projects are underway -- even now – as we express our Appreciation of this marvellous – dare we say unprecedented? – scientific and political Accomplishment.




December 9, 2015


The Roots of Fascism run deep.

Men long for Certainty, and when they think they have found it, they are anxious that Others should share their Opinion. This Conformity may be enforced by Persuasion when possible, and by Force when necessary.

The modern Age has concluded that the greatest Goods are Equality, Tolerance, and high Self-Esteem. Thus any Ideas which threaten these Goods are considered unacceptable. Remarkable Measures – which would otherwise be considered oppressive – are justified in Defence of these Notions. As we have observed before:

Being on the side of the angels allows for many a pact with the devil. (Observation #243)

The Pacts with the Devil are shown by the Tendency to prohibit or curtail the free Expression of Ideas with the noble Aim of protecting the current Orthodoxy.

Our first Example concerns Mr. Ben Shapiro, a conservative American Journalist who was giving a Speech recently at Otay Ranch High School in California. When Mr. Shapiro said that Government Handouts would not raise poor Americans from Poverty – that only "hard work and prudent fiscal management" would do that, a School Administrator, Dean Nafarette, halted the Talk in order to allow Students to withdraw from the Venue. (Breitbart, December 8)

The thought that Poverty might be related to an Inability to manage Money was too radical for our enlightened Age. It is well accepted that Poverty is a Result of Oppression by the Rich, and has Nothing to do with individual Decisions, Attitudes, or Abilities. Approximately Half of the Students left.

As they left, Shapiro told Breitbart News, Nafarrete stated that he had to let the students go in order to "protect" their feelings, since many came from low-income homes.

The Protection of Feelings – the Preservation of Self-Esteem – is obviously more important than any Insights into Reality.

Our second Example is the Recent Insanity from University of Ottawa, where free Yoga Courses were cancelled because of the imminent Threat and Danger posed by Cultural Appropriation. It is well known that Cultural Appropriation causes more Anxiety than inadequate Flossing, Eighteenth Century Music, and Llama Attacks combined.

Student leaders at the university have halted free yoga classes over concerns that its practice was not sufficiently sensitive to yoga’s cultural roots.

(National Post, November 22, 2015)

As some have pointed out, this Standard more generally applied would see the Cancellation of Algebra Classes in Western Societies, and a Prohibition against the Use of  Radios by Inhabitants of Easter Island.


In the Modern Age, what are presumed to be inferior Cultures must be protected from any form of Imitation lest it be perceived as Mockery. Superior Cultures have a sufficiently high Self-Esteem that they are beyond the Humiliation of Mockery.

This is a wonderful Case of the ultimate, self-defeating Nature of a foolish Response – One which causes precisely that Harm which it claims to prevent. Does not the "Protection" afforded suggest a hurtful Assessment of the relative Worth of Cultures?

A protected Culture, is, by Definition, one in Need of Protection because of its Inferior Status.

Thirdly, we must refer to a recent Disagreement between Bill Maher and our own Minister of Trade, Chrystia Freeland. It is important because it shows the Type of Thinking among those who would presume to govern us. On the "Real Time" Show, Mr. Maher stated that it is incorrect to state that all Religions share the same Values. He suggested that Islam itself is a Problem. (National Post, November 24)

This Thought, is, of course, completely heretical in the modern Age of Equality. All People, Cultures, and Religions are Equal. We suspect that – viewed with a properly corrective Liberal Lens – all Baseball Teams, Automobiles, Books and Films, and Shoes are equally meritorious.* To say otherwise is to blow a dangerous Breath of Reality on the ideal House of Cards.

Ms. Freeland’s Response was instinctive. "...it is incredibly dangerous, and very wrong, to … say there is something wrong with being a Muslim." (National Post, November 24)

In Fact, Nobody had said there was anything wrong with being a Muslim – simply that the Ideas of Islam are problematic. The Notion that Ideas might be separated from People, and that Criticism of Ideas or Culture might not actually represent "Racism." of course runs counter to all respectable Left-Wing Wisdom. When Ms. Freeland grasped the Notion that some Ideas might be preferable to others --"Are you guys saying the Muslim faith is by definition worse than other people’s?" –she could only respond according to her Preconceptions of Equality. She accused Mr. Maher of "demonizing" Islam.

In other Words such Matters as the Quality and Merit of Ideas are simply not to be open to Debate.

We have a final Item on our List – but we will save it for another Day.

But, we think, these three Examples are sufficient to make the Point. Idealistic Thinking – seeing the World through a selective Lens – and finding – not Reality – but a World as it is preferred – has become a the accepted Norm.

Those who might disagree, who insist at looking at Facts without much Care for hurt Feelings or Equality– these are the People who, it is thought, may legitimately be silenced.

The Roots of Fascism run deep, indeed.

*Indeed, we often console ourselves with the Happy egalitarian Thought that our Writing is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, and our Musical Compositions are of exactly the Same Worth as those of that pedestrian Tunesmith, Ludwig Van Beethoven.



December 8, 2015

We see that Parliament has re-convened, and Mr. Trudeau has had his first Occasion to respond to Members of the Opposition during Question Period.

We are not surprised to see the first little Bits of Wool – so admirably knitted into a Cap of Ideal Thoughts during the Election Campaign – offer Themselves to some tentative Tugging.

If our Estimation is correct, we expect to see a certain Degree of Unravelling of the Wool Façade, and the Revelation of a Dunce’s Cap beneath.

First, it appears that the Taking of Funds from wealthy Peter to pay Middle Class Paul is not to be accomplished without some Leakage: the Amounts taken from Peter are insufficient to cover the Gifts to Paul, and all Taxpayers will fund the Difference.

       The government admitted as much Monday, saying the new tax changes would cost a net amount of  1.2         billion a year for the next five years. (National Post, December 7)

Second, Mr. Trudeau appears to have been caught in that familiar Condition of wanting to eat his Cake, while having it still available on a glass Plate on the Dining Room Table.

He has appealed to the notional Cake of Canadian Exceptionalism: Canada, while having her Heart in the right Place, would prefer Others to dirty their plebeian Hands in a Taking out of the Trash, while she wears a white Dress and high Heels and engages in a benevolent Distribution of warm Clothing to the dispossessed.

This Policy, while flattering and convenient, risks the Disapproval of the plebeian Neighbours, and tends to minimize the Importance of the necessary Task of Taking out the Trash. Thus, according to Mr. Trudeau, Canada will engage in a "different kind of mission" –"equally militarily" [sic] in order to have the other Cakes of plebeian Approval and efficient Trash Removal.



We would note that Mr. Trudeau seems likely to fall Victim – fairly consistently – to the general Principle that angelic Conceptions often founder on devilish Details.

We have already seen that his grandstanding Rejection of the universal Child Care Benefit in Favour of Charity has already been somewhat diminished in Lustre by the Appointment of not one, but two Nannies -- at Taxpayers’ Expense. In the World of political Pre-Eminence, one Nanny is never enough.*

Leopards have great Difficulty in changing their Spots, and we doubt that Mr. Trudeau is an exceptional Leopard. Despite the Efforts of Media Bleaching, we have every Confidence that the Spots will show through.

Mr. Trudeau has an unbearable Lightness of Being which equates with Gullibility: he has, apparently, no Reservations about the Validity of anthropogenic Climate Change, Multiculturalism, or Political Correctness. He will always prefer – to allude to Thomas Sowell** – what sounds good to what works.

Mr. Trudeau is an Idealist, fond of the grand Gesture and impressive Pose. We think he imagines himself as a Prince arriving on a white Charger to bestow a benevolent Kiss of Awakening on the Princess, Canada, long incapacitated by an evil Conservative Potion.

We predict that there will be many Occasions when the White Charger will be seen as a superannuated Donkey, the Prince as a Pretender, the Kiss as sloppily sentimental, and the Awakening as troubled.

We have no Confidence in a Man who, without Humour or conscious Irony, refers to himself in Public in the third Person. This is symbolic of a Focus which is misdirected, and inappropriate.

*See Limerick Lane   (December 7)

**Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good. (Thomas Sowell, 1930 - )




November 26, 2015

Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good. (Thomas Sowell, 1930 - )

Man’s idealistic reach often exceeds the reasonable capabilities of his grasp; in this disparity lie the seeds of misery. (Observation #147)

Ideals are often like the sirens of mythology – a seductively attractive lure to shipwreck. (Observation # 492)


The Perversity of our Nature is such that when a grand and pretentious Idea is shown to be constructed of Vapours, and to be fuelled by no more than vain and superficial Imaginings, a little Ray of Cheer and Gladness suffuses our Heart.

For it is our Contention that mindless Idealism is the Cause of more Misery than the prudent Exercise of Common Sense, and that any Setback for mindless Idealists must contribute, in some Measure, to the Advancement of Mankind.

Thus we are not entirely displeased to learn that the Liberal Plan to welcome Twenty-five Thousand Syrian Refugees at short Notice, has been amended. Ten Thousand will be admitted by the end of this Year, with another Fifteen Thousand by the end of next February. (National Post, November 26)

Further, Ten Thousand of that Number will be paid for not by Government, but by private Sponsors. Even so, the Cost will not be the suggested Two Hundred and Fifty Million, but as much as Six Hundred and Seventy-Eight Million.

There is even a further Concession to Reality: Screening for Health and Security will not take place on our Soil, but Overseas.




Perhaps it crossed the Mind of some rare Government Functionary that Presence, like Possession, is Nine-Tenths of the Law. The Notion that Someone posing a Health or Security Risk -- but already on Canadian Soil – might easily be returned to the Place of Origin is one inconsistent with the Reality of a Society devoted to the Principles embodied in the "Big Rock Candy Mountain."

"So? What is the big Fuss?" you may ask.

We draw Attention to this Incident merely to make the Point that it is both symbolic and prophetic.

The first Symbolism involved is, of course, the grand Gesture of welcoming Twenty-Five Thousand – among the desperate Millions-- Syrian Refugees. The Idea was to put the Government irrevocably on the Side of the Angels: the Government is compassionate, welcoming, multicultural, and Holier-than-Thou. It is able, through sheer Force of Goodness, to overcome Niggles of Procedure, Delays of Process, and Apprehensions concerning Security and cultural Disparities.

But Symbolism can never relinquish its Status. Once a Symbol, always a Symbol.

The Government has had to admit that its Gesture was neither considered nor practical in its Detail. In Time, it may boast that the welcoming of large Numbers of those with possibly antithetical cultural Values – without any Recognition of the Need for Immigrants to adapt and assimilate to their new Country – that an unqualified Success has been achieved.

We tend to focus on an ancient Bit of tribal Wisdom which we think it injudicious to ignore: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

History will decide.

At this Point we will be content with suggesting this Matter is a Symbol of what we may expect from a Government driven by high-sounding Ideals. There will be many grand Gestures ambitiously announced – but reduced significantly in Implementation by necessary Compromises with Reality.




November 24, 2015

Political correctness is a consequence of the egalitarian ideal: it protects bad ideas so that those holding them will not feel offended. Thus it assures that good and bad ideas may be held with equal confidence and certainty. (Observation # 494)

Islam is the elephant in the room. No matter how aggressively it poops on the carpet, everyone pretends not to notice. Instead, the cat is excoriated for its carelessness, and the canary criticized for its thoughtless incontinence. (Observation # 477) 

We are looking forward to much Entertainment as the new Liberal Government settles in.

The Entertainment will come from a constant Parade of bad Ideas and woolly Thinking – for Left-Wingery is noted for its Attempts to live in Worlds at a considerable Distance from the real one.

We have spent the last several Years commenting on the Emanations from Mr. Trudeau as he has played happily in the Liberal Sandbox inherited from his Father. It would be tiresome to repeat our Criticisms here.

However we are amused to learn of a Clash between Chrystia Freeland, the new Liberal Trade Minister, and Bill Maher, on a Panel on "Real Time" on American Television.

Mr. Maher stated that, "it’s nonsense to suggest that all religions are alike and share values." (National Post, November 22). He said that the Ideas of Muslims need to change.

The Nonsense he refers to, of course, is the very Sort of Nonsense which is dear to the Hearts of Left-Wingers. In their World, a wonderful Space in a Meadow Clearing on the Big Rock Candy Mountain, Equality is the reigning Good, and the supreme Value. To suggest that some Ideas are better than others introduces a dreadful Note of Disharmony: it is a Sounding of the Gong of Discord, which threatens to destroy the delicate Harmony constructed so carefully from the melodic weaving of Hymnal Tunes of Leprechauns with the Evening Prayers of Unicorns.

Thus, Ms. Freeland was mightily offended: "You’re saying their ideas are bad?"

Mr. Maher responded: "Killing women for being raped, I would say is a bad idea. I do. Hang me for it."*


This Exchange represents, in Little, the Battle of our Age.

Perhaps it is the Battle of every Age – but it seems a particularly crucial one at the Present.

It is, of course, the Battle between Ideals and Reality – between seeing the World as it is, and pretending that the World is as we would wish it to be.

Ms. Freeland’s Position is quite consistent – not surprisingly – with that of the Obama Administration. That Beacon of Enlightenment has been careful to avoid any tarnishing of Islam with the Suggestion that it might have anything to do with Terrorism. Thus, the recent Attacks in Paris are of mysterious and unfathomable Origin, and directed, not at Western Values – but at Humanity itself:

This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. (The White House, November 13)

What Mr. Obama is reluctant to admit is that Humanity does not share universal Values. Some Parts of Humanity have Values different from other Parts. Some Values are, inevitably, better than others. O, the Horror, the Horror!

The question that remains unanswered is this: How are bad Ideas to be fought if they are not recognized, delineated, and analyzed?

Perhaps the Leprechaun Hymnal sung in a loud Voice, and the Unicorn Prayers, repeated often enough, will make all the troubling Facts vanish.

We are pleased to watch Ms. Freeland contributing her Bit to that admirable Endeavour. 


* We would note that the CBC played an Excerpt from the Exchange this very Morning. Naturally, they left out this "Killer Blow," and ended with Ms. Freeland singing the Praises of Diversity. The CBC is expected to play its Part not only in preserving the Liberal Sandbox, but in ensuring a continuous Supply of Sand.



November 19, 2015


We are in a State of shocked Devastation!

Our Knees are a-tremble, and our Elbows are twitching uncontrollably.

We have discovered – in reading Yesterday’s Post – that Linda Lapointe, a newly elected Member of Parliament for Montreal, has been photographed wearing a Halloween Costume consisting of a "stereotypical hat and robe" associated with an Asian Community which it would be indelicate of us to name.

Upon learning of the dreadful News, we were struck by a conniption Fit rivalling that which overcame us when we learned -- some five Years ago -- that some wretchedly insensitive Students at Queen’s University had dressed up as J*p*n*s* Sumo Wrestlers.

It has only been with much Bed-Rest, Prayer, and some judicious Use of restorative Beverages that we have recovered our Equilibrium sufficiently to be able to crawl to our Desk to pen this Account.

Apparently we have the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to thank for the News of this Outrage. They discovered the Photograph on a social Media Website, and their Enquiry was sufficient to have the scurrilous Depiction removed.

We will no doubt hear of Ms. Lapointe’s regrettable – but completely understandable – fatal Encounter with a large Montreal Bus in the not-too-distant Future.

We have been cheered by the righteous Response of Laurin Liu, who formerly held Ms. Lapointe’s Riding: she declared herself to be "shocked and offended."

Her rationale – as if she needed one – should remind the few clod-like Excuses for Humanity which may still be found in the remote Backwaters of our favoured Land – that this is the Year of Enlightenment of Two Thousand and Fifteen!

It was as follows:

I can’t imagine how a little girl would feel on Halloween upon seeing her MP wearing a costume based on an ethnic stereotype of her culture....It’s 2015. It’s unacceptable to dress up as another culture on Halloween or any other day. Pleading ignorance doesn’t excuse the fact that her actions further stigmatized Chinese Canadians. I am not sure she understands how hurtful her actions were, and if she does, I want her work in Parliament to reflect cultural inclusion and tolerance.                                             (National Post, November 18)



This Perception is so basic, so crucial to the Understanding of the advanced Nature of our Culture. that it is a Wonder that Ms. Liu did not simply call for a Recount of the Vote, with a clear Directive to those in Charge that certain Values need to be respected if Canada is to remain a legitimate Member of the International Community.

We had thought that, in every Elementary School, it was being taught that, among the equal Cultures in our Society, some Cultures need special Care and Consideration. These Cultures are Victim Cultures, which are entirely different from Non-Victim Cultures. Thus, while it might be legitimate to wear a Kilt or a Bowler Hat on Halloween, the wearing of an Ind**n Headdress, a Fez, a Kimono, or a stereotypical Ch*n*s* Headcovering is to risk the entire philosophical Underpinning of our happy Egalitarianism. Only through treating People unequally, can the true and lasting Happiness of all Citizens be obtained.

This is a Principle so obvious, so woven into the social Fabric of our Enlightenment that we begin to wonder whether this Story is entirely the Product of some Jester’s twisted Imagination.

Authors, it is well-known, may not write Narratives in an "appropriated voice." Thus a middle-aged white Female living in Ontario could not be permitted to write as a young black Male in New Orleans, or to attempt to depict Life on an Indian Reserve on Hudson’s Bay. The same Restriction would not apply, of course, to a young black Male in New Orleans writing as a middle-aged Female in Ontario, or to a older aboriginal Man assuming the Stance of a young Chinese Shopkeeper in Toronto.

These Matters are not complicated; they are self-evident to any four-year-old!

And, of course, Governments and Universities have long adhered to strict Practices of preferential Hiring based on perceived Elements of Victimization.

Indeed, the more we reflect, the more we think this whole Matter to be a Joke. It could not have happened in the Canada we know and love. Cultural Identities are taken so seriously, and are a Matter of such prickly Sensitivity, such anxious Defensiveness, that no one would ever have the Temerity to adopt -- even for a Moment -- the Garb of an alien Tribe.

We are usually able to spot Absurdities. But perhaps our advanced Age and declining Faculties are beginning to take their Toll.




November 9, 2015

We confess that we are in a State of breathless Anticipation: the Paris Conference on Climate Change is to be held from November 30th to December 11th.

The Delegates will be arriving in their Multitudes, some on Horseback, some on Skateboards or Roller Blades, and others on Foot, wearing simple Sandals, and basic Clothing fashioned from used Potato Sacks.

It gladdens the Heart to see the Asceticism which the Occasion engenders.

Doubtless the Meals will be prepared by a Cohort of simple Peasant Women -- imported from the remote Countryside for the Event -- on superannuated Donkeys. They will work their French culinary Magic on Beans, Lentils, and Sprouts of Broccoli, with the odd Laundry Sock thrown in for Piquancy, enhanced Flavour, and healthful Fibre.

We earnestly pray that the Delegates will achieve what has so long eluded them: "a legally binding and universal agreement on Climate."*

Yes, it is true. After Eons of Climate Turbulence, which has seen the Gamut from molten Rocks to oppressive Coverings of Ice, Mankind is finally in a Position to alter the Earth’s Climate.

Mr. Gore and David Suzuki, both Climatologists of Renown, with an impeccable Record of accurate Predictions, have proclaimed it. It must be true.

If there were any Shard of Skepticism on the Matter, we would point out that the Pope himself has expressed a Desire that the Climate be stopped, and he has written an Encyclical to that Effect. The Pope receives his Advice on Matters Climatological –as well as Eschatological --directly from God. Heretical Thought – in Case you were thinking of it -- is not to be pursued with a light Heart.

We hope that the necessary Protocols will be implemented within Months of the Conclusion of the Conference. Fossil Fuels will be banned, and industrial Civilization will grind, fittingly, to a Halt. Mr. Maurice Strong will be pleased, and we will bask in the Benevolent Warmth of his Satisfaction. Those of us in the northerly Parts of the Planet will heat our Homes with fine Thoughts and cheerful Enthusiasms, until the Reassignment to Caves, with their natural geothermal Heating Systems, can be properly accomplished.


We ourselves have our Eye on a Cave not far from our Cottage, Wind-in-the-Pines. Naturally, we will not divulge its exact Location. We suspect that there may be some minimal Scarcity Problems arising from the wholesale Movement to such approved Accommodations.

We confess that we have only one small, nagging Worry.

It has been reported – by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – that the Ice in Antarctica is not shrinking, as predicted by the Climate Models, but, rather, growing.

Our great Fear is that People will fasten on this Sort of meaningless Irrelevancy in order to argue that Climate Models are – like a Lot of popular Sandwiches – full of Mustard and Baloney.

It is the same kind of silly Detail that Heretics have brought up with Respect to the recent Pause in Warming. They have said that the Fact that Greenhouse Gasses have increased, while Temperatures have not suggests that the Relationship between Man’s Activities and global Temperatures is uncertain. We find this sort of perverse and mindless Claptrap infuriating.

We have even heard some Idiots proclaim that geothermal Events and the Sun’s magnetic Field play some causal Role in the Earth’s Climate!

We think it is Time to put a Stop to such Nonsense, once and for all. The Science -- as Ninety Seven Percent of Scientists claim – and as Ninety-Eight Percent of Baptist Ministers know – is settled.

We hope that the Delegates to the Paris Conference see fit to deal with the Matter of Heresy.

If they can achieve a legally binding Commitment to change the Climate, surely they can also achieve a similar Agreement to establish universal and effective Laws against Climate Blasphemy. It should not be too difficult -- they could look to Pakistan for Methodology and Inspiration.

Only then can we be assured of Certainty, happy Days, and a calm, untroubled Rest. 






November 4, 2015

There is much rejoicing in the Land this Day, as Mr. Trudeau reveals his new Cabinet, and the Cabinet Members make a public Declaration of their Dedication – an Oath of Allegiance, an Oath of the Privy Council, and an Oath of Office. We turned on the Radio this Morning, and discovered that the Matter is being covered, with appropriate Breathlessness, by the Enlightened Ones at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

We reacted with a few Oaths of our own.

It is said that the CBC will get additional Millions of Dollars from the new Liberal Government.

But we do not wish to be too cynical. Even if the CBC were to be given only a few extra Lumps of Coal to tide them through the Canadian Winter, they would be a-quiver in Anticipation of the Promised Land.

For the CBC is a Child of the Left, and the Brains of its Employees are steeped with Left-Wing Thinking. We have little Doubt that Employment at the CBC is obtained only by those who can show Brains that have been suitably steeped. At Hiring Interviews, a special Political Resonance Imaging Device is used to test for multi-coloured Fireworks Activity in the Left Political Hemisphere, and to confirm a complete Shadow of Darkness on the Right. Only those with appropriate Scans are hired.

Mr. Trudeau is the Answer to all their idealistic Dreams. In the Brave New World, Inequality will be banished. The Middle Class will be rewarded, the Rich will be taxed, and Poverty will disappear.

Multiculturalism will be re-affirmed; Aboriginals will be satisfied by the ceding of Lands on which Ottawa and other major populous Centres sit, to their complete Control. Niqabs will be provided, free of Charge, in Courtrooms, Vehicle License Offices, and at Citizenship Ceremonies, for anyone who has inadvertently left his or her own concealment Device at Home.



The greatest Scourge facing the Planet today – Climate Change caused by Greenhouse Gasses – will be boxed into Submission. Our Vehicles will run on Higher Thoughts, and our Homes will be heated by Bundles of Tolerance occasionally augmented by a Litre or Two of Hope and Change.

Canada will withdraw from all Types of military Engagement; military Uniforms will be recalled and made into Niqabs; Tanks and CF-18's will be brought Home, and beaten into Hostels, Injection Sites, and Day-Care Centres.

Canada will, of course, be available for Peace-Keeping, and Keepers of the Peace will be armed with sturdy Copies of  How to win Friends, and influence People.

We think that the best Symbol of Mr. Trudeau’s Approach to the World is shown by his Determination to have a Cabinet reflecting Gender Equality. This shows a Preoccupation with Appearance to the Detriment of Function; Merit – if you like – defers to Political Correctness.

It also shows an underlying Belief in Gender Inequality – for if Men and Women were thought to be equally capable, no Concern would be shown for the Numbers of Each. Consider – would it not be ludicrous to assert that a Cabinet must be composed of equal Numbers of blue and brown-eyed Politicians? For that suggests that the blue and brown-eyed are not equally capable, and must be made to appear so -- lest Bias be alleged.

We confess we ourselves are anxious to see how Matters proceed. If we are correct, Mr. Trudeau’s Lack of Experience of the Real World will not, ultimately, be helpful.

We do not like to bet large Sums of Money on our Intuitions. However, we have made a modest Outlay of Cash for two Bumper Stickers for the Lumpenbangen Institute Vehicles.

They read: Don’t blame me, I voted Conservative.

As Time goes on, we think they will be seen as increasingly relevant.



October 25, 2015


It is a Matter of some Amazement that Individuals, looking at the same Phenomenon, can arrive at completely different Conclusions.

We have had, this Morning, the Radio tuned to The Sunday Edition – the weekly CBC Program hosted by Michael Enright. We confess that we were not actually listening – we were hither and yon in the Spaciousness of Wind-in-the-Pines -- but we heard enough to get a Flavour of the Program.

A Panel had been convened to begin the Groundwork for Mr. Trudeau’s inevitable Elevation to Sainthood. We got the distinct Impression that Mr. Trudeau was far more clever than we had thought – in Addition to being wise, kind, judicious, tenacious, and possessing of a transcendent Delectability heretofore unknown to the general Mediocrity which is Mankind.

We were left quivering with Anticipation of a Nirvana which will be produced with a few ingenious Passings of Mr. Trudeau’s Wand over the roiled Discontent and unsatisfactory Level of Purity which is now Canada.

It is perhaps not unexpected that the CBC should embark on a Series of hagiographic Offerings; beyond the Fact that the "Mainstream Media" are generally sympathetic to the Aspirations of the Left – we have heard that Mr. Trudeau has promised to enrich the CBC Coffers with One Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars in Canadian Currency.

Our own grumpy and curmudgeonly View is that Leopards do not change their Spots. The Bleach of wishful Thinking is simply insufficient to erase the Stain of original Deficiencies.



Our View is that Mr. Trudeau is a naive, impractical Idealist. We suspect that he wants to be nice to Everyone, and that he believes that this will result in happy Contentment, an agreeable Buzzing in the Hive, and the Production of much Honey. It won’t. The Attempt to please Everyone has the paradoxical Result of pleasing No One. This is a fundamental Law of Life.

He is, for Example, a devoted Multiculturalist. He recoiled at the Notion that Honour Killings might be termed "barbaric." Such Terminology might offend those from other Cultures. What, after all, are a few Murders in the larger Context of Political Correctness? Consistent with this, he sees no Problem with the wearing of the Niqab – an ostentatious Symbol of the Rejection of Canadian Culture – at Canadian Citizenship Ceremonies.

Secondly, he imagines that Canada can strum a Harp of Harmony, elegantly adjust the Halo of Holier-Than-Thou, provide warm Clothing to the Victims, but do Nothing to deter the Oppressors of ISIS.

Finally – whether from an Anxiousness to bleat with the Herd, or an Inability to see the Flaws in the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory – he seems certain to embark on Policies inimical to industrial Civilization.

We cannot believe that Mr. Trudeau’s general Naiveté – nor the particular Expressions of it – will have a positive Result.

We have not always been right. (Last week we bought attractive Strawberries which rotted before we could consume them.) But we enjoy the Challenge of Placing a Bet. Our Bet is that Mr. Trudeau will be a significant Disappointment. If we are right, we will be insufferably superior. If we are wrong, we will have the practical good Sense to be very quiet.





October 24, 2015

With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? (Hillary Clinton, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, January 23, 2013)

We had always puzzled over the Fact that, when the U.S. Consulate in Libya was attacked, the Explanation given by the Government was that it was a spontaneous Attack in Response to the Video Innocence of Muslims.

Mrs. Clinton herself derided the video as "disgusting and reprehensible." President Obama assumed the "spontaneous attack" Theory, and made his now notorious Statement at the United Nations:

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

Yet, at the same Time, there were Rumours circulating to the Effect that the Attack was made -- on September 11th -- as a deliberate Reminder of the Anniversary of the Destruction of the World Trade Center Towers, and that it was carried out by Asar al-Sharia, a Terror Group backed by Al-Qaeda.

It was argued that the Government Explanation was a convenient Narrative designed to lead Citizens away from the Truth, and towards a self-flattering Narrative: Al Qaeda has been vanquished; the United States is triumphant, and all is right with the World.

In our Naiveté, we imagined that there would be an immediate Hullabaloo, and a Hubbub, and a noisy Revelation that the Administration was as crooked as a Crowbar.

But almost nothing seemed to happen.

Now, Three Years after the Event, there is a Select Committee inquiring into the Event.

This Committee has discovered the following Sequence of Events on September 11, 2012:


6:07 p.m. – "The State Department’s Operations Center sends an email to the White House, Pentagon, FBI and other government agencies that said Ansar al-Sharia has claimed credit for the attack on its Facebook and Twitter accounts."

10:08 p.m. – Referring specifically to Benghazi, Hillary Clinton issues a statement blaming a YouTube video for the violence. She makes no reference to terrorism.

(Breitbart News, October 23)

We find this to be fascinating.

In the ideal World which we sometimes imagine, we think that the Fact that the Obama Administration so clearly lied to its Citizens might have some small Influence at the Ballot Box.

In that blessed Place, we imagine Mrs. Clinton, having been thus exposed, making an abject Apology and withdrawing as Candidate for the Democratic Party Nomination.

But, somehow, we suspect that this Information will not be widely disseminated, and it will not be an Issue in the Elections.

We have a Theory of Conspiracy. That Theory suggests that the Media are generally in Favour of Liberals and are inimical to the Success of Conservatives, and will not make a great Fuss.

We have a further Extension of that Theory: The Media simply reflect a more general Bias -- Citizens are attracted to Hopeful Liberal Fantasies, and are rather less fond of Conservative Realities. As we said the other Day, Conservatives only get elected following a major, traumatic Disappointment with a previous Left-Wing Government.

Our latest Observation is Number 475:

Conservatives are like the primly unaccommodating governess, constantly warning of what is permissible, what is reasonably consistent with the limitations of reality. Liberals are like the doting aunt, who never appears without a bag of candy, who holds out the promise of an easy trip to the Big Rock Candy Mountain, where the bluebird sings, and the sun always shines.






October 20, 2015

We see that Mr. Trudeau has won a Majority of Seats in the Election.

We are in deep mourning. One of our last remaining Illusions has died.

We had hoped that Canadian Voters were more sensible. Instead, it appears they have proved what has been argued by many: the Cortex, the rational, conscious Mind is a kind of Illusion. It perceives itself a conscious Maker of Decisions. In Fact, it is the small Man sitting Astride the Elephant of the Unconscious, the primitive, reptilian Brain, the Diencephalon.

The Man may think he is directing the Elephant, but, in Fact, it is the other Way around.

We must conclude that the Diencephalon favours hopeful Rhetoric, ill-considered Idealism, and nice Hair.

We hear Someone question our Theory. "If the Diencephalon directs People towards pleasant Superficialities, how do you account for the smaller – but still substantial -- Numbers who voted for the staid but reliable Conservatives?"

We can only respond that Evolution is a very slow Process. In some Individuals, the Diencephalon has made great Strides since its happy Days of reptilian Stupidity. It tends to be skeptical of hopeful Rhetoric, ill-considered Idealism, and nice Hair.

Or perhaps – we admit to some Desperation here – in some Individuals the Cortex has acquired a Strength which allows it to send back stupid prejudicial Information from the Diencephalon and ask for Something more rational.

Theories aside, it is our Observation that the Mass of Men prefer hopeful Optimism, and tend to see in hopeful Optimists-- not as possible Fools or potential Charlatans – but as Purveyors of the Promised Land. Conservatives only get elected as a result of temporary Disappointments arising from the Unmasking of Fools and Charlatans.

Now --our own Diencephalon is either well-trained or of a significantly advanced Quality. It is immediately suspicious of Optimistic Politicians.


The first Time we saw Mr. McGuinty on Television, we knew instantly that no sensible Person could vote for him, for he exuded Insincerity and Insecurity.

We were partly right, and partly wrong.

People voted for him, persistently, and in Droves.

On the other Hand, his Tenure was disastrous. His only tenaciously held Principles were those of Appeasement and Self-Preservation. He ignored the Law in Caledonia, and was bamboozled by the Climate Alarmists. He imposed Windmills on the unwilling, and moved gas Plants to gain Votes. When he ran out of other Peoples’ Money, he resigned.

Before Mr. Obama was elected, we were suspicious. He spoke of Hope and Change – the great Buzzwords of cheerful Optimism. We thought him to be a naive, left-wing Idealist. In private Correspondence we expressed grave Doubts that he would be capable of dealing with the Threat posed by Iran.

Of course, People voted for him, persistently, and in Droves.

But we cannot imagine a President who has been so subversive to his own Country. He has been – as we are fond of saying – the great Sadim – a Midas in Reverse -- whose every hopeful golden Enterprise has turned to the Lead of Failure.

Thus far, we have been correct on Two out of Two Occasions.

And now, we see Mr. Trudeau as inevitably headed for the Quicksands of Folly, and the Swamps of Confusion.

We hope we are wrong. Perhaps Mr. Trudeau will, on the Road to Disastrous, have a sudden Conversion to Common Sense.

Our Diencephalon is shaking its Head.



October 18, 2015


The other day, we commented on the Notion of Tribalism arising from the Ideas of American Biologist E. O. Wilson. (Drivel, October 12)

Mr. Wilson argues that Co-Operation in social Societies – which gives rise to Tribalism – is a Capacity arising from the evolutionary Process; it is not Something learned, but is instinctive.

Life is such a difficult Business – it seems that there is no Blessing which does not contain the Seeds of a Curse. For while Co-Operation has certainly enabled the Triumph of Homo Sapiens as a Species, it also seems inextricably linked to tribal Thinking. How can Co-Operation exist unless there is a Degree of Commonality of Thought among Members of the Tribe?

And if Tribalism is instinctive, it is a Force not readily amenable to wishful Thinking and earnest Resolutions.

As Examples of the Tribalism observable in modern Societies, Mr. Wilson points to Loyalty to the Home Team, and Devotion to Religion.

We would add that an innate Tendency to tribal Thinking must surely account for the "Bandwagon Effect." Once an Idea gains a certain Currency in Society, most of the Tribe do not wish to be uncomfortably alone with an independent Opinion. The Path of least Resistance is to follow the Crowd; going in the other Direction is challenging, uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous.

Charles Mackay wrote a Book in 1841 entitled Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. We suspect that the Title will never lose its Relevance.

In our own Lifetime, we have seen the Belief that Saturated Fat comes directly from the Devil’s Workshop gain universal Ascendancy. Only recently have there been Murmurings of Disbelief. The Circumstances surrounding the flawed Study by Ancel Keys in the Nineteen Fifties – which gave Rise to the Error – are occasionally mentioned.

We note that the Ideas of Hellfire and Original Sin – once Cornerstones of respectable religious Belief – have been chipped almost entirely away with the Chisels of Skepticism. They now seem quaintly old-fashioned. That does not mean that Tribalism has weakened; it has simply found a new Myth. As an Example, the religious Belief in Original Sin has been replaced with a secular Counterpart -- a sweeping Belief in original Goodness. Tribal Members hate Nuance.

Statin Drugs were, for a Time, considered to be the Answer to Heart Disease. While Doctors are still Believers, Heretical Views are becoming increasingly common, as Side Effects and statistical Outcomes are examined.


The most startling Example of Tribal Thinking at the present Time appears to be Belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming. Mr. Obama, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, and the Pope are all of the same Tribe. We heard just Yesterday on Quirks and Quarks a learned Professor Emeritus proclaiming the accepted Wisdom. Yet other Scientists – James Lovelock, Judith Curry, and Tim Ball come to Mind – are not convinced.

The List of Skeptics seems to be growing. Dr. Freeman Dyson, a theoretical Physicist has been quoted as expressing Despair that Climate Change is:

not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to the obvious facts. (Breitbart News, October 13)

We would say that the "human mystery" is Nothing more nor less than Tribalism.

We have also been intrigued by the Report that a Writer and Environmentalist, David Siegel, has spent many Months researching the Issue, and has – persuaded by the Facts -- undergone a Conversion to Skepticism. What is most interesting that he has been unable to find a Publisher for his Conclusions:

... he has written a 9,000 word essay explaining where the alarmists have got it wrong. But he doesn’t hold out much hope: it was rejected by every one of the liberal publications in the US to which he submitted it, among them the LA Times, the Atlantic Monthly, National Geographic and Huffington Post. (Breitbart News, October 17)

Surely this Refusal to publish Commentary which pokes Holes in the tribal Myth is a wonderful Example of the Triumph of Tribalism over the Principles of Scientific Enquiry.

Faced with two opposing Claims with Respect to Anthropogenic Global Warming -- Each supported by "Scientists" -- what can the average tribal Member do?

Loyalty to the Tribe suggests an eager Participation in the Destruction of Industrial Civilization.

Heretics may wish to consider that Warming has not kept Pace with the Increase in atmospheric Greenhouse Gasses, thus invalidating the tribal Theory. And the tribal Orthodoxy seems riddled with Politics.

They may also take some Comfort from the Fact that Bandwagons, while not equipped with Brakes, have been known to glide to gentle, unobtrusive Halts. And there is always the Possibility – admittedly somewhat remote – of a spectacular Crash.

While Tribalism itself may have an instinctive Inevitability, it is not impossible that tribal Loyalties may be transferred to a new Team.





October 17, 2015

We see by the Papers that Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals are ahead in the Polls – gaining Support of 38% of decided and "leaning" Voters.

This apparently places the Liberals close to obtaining a Majority of Members in Parliament.

We understand, of course, that People grow weary of any Government. Governments always fail to deliver the Promised Land, and Ordinary Life is full of Imperfections – it invariably falls short of our hopeful Expectations. Beyond that, Mr. Harper lacks the Personality to arouse warm and fuzzy Feelings. He tends to be rational rather than an enthusiastic Cheerleader.

Mr. Trudeau, on the other Hand, has the Advantage of Charisma, and lacks any Record of Governing which might be criticized. We have seen, on Television, an Advertisement which shows Mr. Trudeau rallying the Troops, complaining of Mr. Harper’s Divisiveness, and pointing to a glowing Canadian Future of communal Improvement.

It is our Observation that Human Beings – and we admit to being in that Category – are not primarily rational. They are continually open to the Promise of Nirvana, no matter how many Times they have heard it before, and no matter how many Times they have been disappointed.

As an Example of Disappointment, we would point to Mr. Obama, who, without any experience of Politics, was elected in the United States on the Basis of Dreams and Aspirations. He promised Hope and Change. He also symbolized the Death of Racism, and the Pathway to a new egalitarian Future.

Mr. Obama’s Idealism, of course – as all but the most careful and tempered Idealism must – has succumbed to the practical Realities of the World. Change has occurred, but it is despairing rather than hopeful. Indeed, we have labelled Mr. Obama as the great Sadim – a Midas in Reverse -- whose magical Touch transforms every hopeful and golden Enterprise into the Lead of Failure.

No American President in History has acted in a Manner so inimical to the Well-Being of his Country.


Should Mr. Trudeau become Prime Minister, it is hard to imagine that he will be as toxic a Force as Mr. Obama.

Yet we can predict with Confidence that his Idealism will lead him – and the Country – into Places which will ultimately be universally disavowed.

Mr. Trudeau is the Man who believes that Deficits are a good Idea.

He is the Man who thought the term "barbaric" should not be applied to Honour Killings. He thinks that Multiculturalism – which is based on the Idea that all Cultures are of equal Worth and Validity – is a viable Proposition – not idealistic Claptrap.

Mr. Trudeau is in favour of the wearing of the Niqab at Citizenship Ceremonies.

He believes in anthropogenic global Warming, and is likely to take oppressive Action against our economic Interests, in Favour of an unproven Theory.

Mr. Trudeau admires China for its "basic dictatorship." It is this Dictatorship, he has said, which has allowed China to introduce "Green" Measures. It is interesting how many on the Left become so convinced of the Superiority of their Ideas – of their infallible Righteousness – that they see no Difficulty in dictatorial Coercion. This explains why Mr. McGuinty imposed Windmills on rural Populations in Ontario.

Mr. Trudeau, like Everyone Else, abhors War. Unlike Everyone Else, he thinks Canada can exist as a "Peacekeeping" Nation, wear white Gloves and supervise, while lesser Nations scrub the Toilets and take out the Garbage. While others send Bombers to fight the Oppressors, he thinks that Canada is best engaged in sending warm Jackets to the Victims of Oppression.

In short, Mr. Trudeau lives in an idealistic World of his own Creation. He sees a happy united, multicultural Canada marching, niqab by toque, along the Road to the Big Rock Candy Mountain. Budgets, Deficits, and Economies are things which, with enough Campfire Songs and Happy Thoughts, will take care of themselves.

People should know better – but it appears that the Lure of the magical Pot of communal Gold – just down the rose-petalled Path – somewhere over the Rainbow – is impossible to resist.



October 5, 2015

If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.  (Thomas Sowell,
1930 - )

It is our Apprehension that the World is full of Nonsense.

While it distresses us – in Theory -- that Mankind is so credulous, and given to hopping on to the most convenient Bandwagon of Blithering Idiocy, we confess that were the World more sensible, it would be far more dull, and much Amusement in the Contemplation of Folly would be lost to us.

Looking at our most recent Diary Confidences, we see that we have dealt with Climate Change Fascism – the Capitulation to false Science; the Capitulation to Terrorist Sensibilities; the Pope – the Capitulation to Stupidity; the Capitulation to Religion at a University; the Capitulation to religious Niqabbery; and finally, the Capitulation to the "affirmative" Discrimination required by Political Correctness.

But our Delight begins to pall. Even we begin to weary of a constant Theme – the Capitulation to bad Ideas.

A Change – so it is said – is as good as a Rest. So – for a Change – we must note a Speech given on October 3rd by John Bolton to Students at a Freedom Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. Bolton is a former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He does not favour Capitulation.

Mr. Bolton appears to be blessed with a certain Perspicacity. He traces the Blunders of Foreign Policy made by the Obama Administration to Mr. Obama’s peculiarly naive Belief that American Power and Strength is "provocative." (Breitbart News, October 4)


Indeed, if we examine Mr. Obama’s Modus Operandi, it is clear that he believes that Appeasement, accompanied by a modest Meekness and quiet Deference is the Key to unlocking the Gordian Knot of human Competitiveness. In Mr. Obama’s World of refined Sensibility, Politeness will be rewarded with Respect, and Warm Fuzzy Feelings will carry us to that magical Place Somewhere over the Rainbow.

This is a wonderful Example of the Triumph of silly Ideals over practical Realities.

As Mr. Bolton points out, it is Weakness, not Strength, which is provocative. Weakness attracts the Predator, and is the first Guest at the Dinner Table – as the Meal to be consumed.

Mr. Bolton, when asked how the Problems raised by the Nuclear Deal with Iran might be solved, suggested that Mr. Kerry might resign.

His Thinking on the Matter of Iran reflects our own:

"Iran was never going to be negotiated out of its nuclear weapons program," he said.

                     The only alternative was the use of military force." (Breitbart News, October 4)

Nothing will happen, of course, until Mr. Obama has taken his unlamented Place in the Dustbin of historical Failures.

The only Optimism which might be squeezed from Mr. Obama’s sorry Spectacle lies in the Notion that every Failure is a Step towards Success.

Perhaps Mr. Obama’s only positive Contribution to the national Perception will be as a negative Talisman – a Signpost Warning of the Road that leads to the Abyss.




October 3, 2015


Time will bring to light whatever is hidden; it will cover up and conceal what is now shining in splendour. (Horace, 65 - 8 B.C.)

We are not given to an easy Optimism – yet we do have Hopes that Horace is correct. Over Time, the Truth will out.

It seems to us that the Story of Mankind is a History of "extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds."* The Reliability of Religion, The Validity of Communism, Socialism, and Multiculturalism, the Admirability of the United Nations, The Viability of Socialist Health Care Systems, The Evils of Saturated Fat, the Benefits of Statin Drugs – all these are Delusions which have been exposed, are currently being exposed – or must inevitably be exposed – their true Nature discovered.

We have left out, of course, another great popular Delusion of our Time – that of anthropogenic Climate Change.

Like all other Members of the General Public, we are not competent to argue the Matter on the Basis of Science. We have no Expertise to assess the Assumptions, Methodology, or Data used by Climate Scientists. All we have to go on is the judicious Application of the Triple Duck Test.

That famous Test is encapsulated in the following Saying: "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck."

Certainly Anthropogenic Climate Change Alarmists appear, act, and talk like Fraudsters. From the Hypocrisy of David Suzuki and Al Gore, to the anti-scientific Machinations of the "scientists" of Climategate, from the failed Predictions of Jim Hansen to the proven Breakdown of the assumed Relationship between Greenhouse Gasses and Global Temperatures, from the Admission of anti-democratic Motivations of the Club of Rome to the Anti-Industrialism Stance of Maurice Strong – Nothing rings true about Climate Alarmism.

We have been intrigued to see --in three recent Articles from James Delingpole -- three juicy Tidbits to bolster our View.

The first concerns a Gentleman called Thom Hartman. We have never heard of him, but apparently he has a Radio Talk Show, and has told his Listeners: "climate change deniers should be in prison." (Breitbart, September 30)

He has also claimed that "Deniers" are killing People – because there are "five million climate refugees" including "dead Children."

This Statement assumes that "Deniers" have been successful in retarding the wonderful Plans which would otherwise have been instituted, those beneficent Stratagems which would have lowered global Temperatures, and which would have been effective in saving five Million Refugees – and their Dead Children -- from the excessive Heat.

In Fact, "Deniers" have had no determinable Influence on Government Policies. Governments – and the United Nations – express the usually politically correct Sentiments: Mankind is warming the Globe, and it should be thoroughly ashamed of itself.

The Notion that "Deniers" should be imprisoned is an Echo of a Remark made by David Suzuki many Years ago. It is as absurd, nonsensical, and fascist now as it was then. Real "Science" welcomes Dissent – because it has the Evidence to justify its Claims. Truth can afford to be casual, and point to the evidence; belief -- lacking evidence --  tends to passion, and to extremes. (Observation # 463)

The Second Tidbit concerns some new Research:

According to a study by the Institute of Catalysis and Environment in Lyon (IRCELYON, CNRS / University Lyon 1) and the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), the oceans are producing unexpectedly large quantities of isoprene – a volatile organic compound (VOC) – which is known to have a cooling effect on climate.

(Breitbart, October 1)


Isoprene is a Gas formed by Vegetation and by the Oceans, and can lead to Cooling because it aids in the Formation of Clouds. It was previously assumed that oceanic Isoprene was a Result of biological process from Plankton in the Water, but it now appears that the Interaction of Sunlight with other Elements in the Oceans may also cause Isoprene.

Thus more cooling Isoprene is being created than previously thought; Climate Models may have to be adjusted accordingly. Perhaps this Fact helps to account for the Tendency of Models to predict warmer Temperatures than those actually observed. Could this possibly suggest that the "Science" is not as "settled" as the Alarmists keep assuring us?

The Mind boggles.

The third Tidbit is the News concerning Professor Jagadish Shukla of George Mason University, in Virginia:

Rep. Lamar Smith (R -TX), Chairman of the House Committee on Space, Science and Technology, has written to Professor Jagadish Shukla of George Mason University, in Virginia, requesting that he release all relevant documents pertaining to his activities as head of a non-profit organization called the Institute of Global Environment And Society.

(Breitbart, October 2)

Mr. Smith is apparently concerned that the Institute engages in "partisan political activity" – contrary to its Mandate.

He also has some Curiosity as to the Use of Sixty-Three Million Dollars of Grant Money received by the Institute since 2001.

Some of that Money appears to have resulted in a considerable Enrichment of Professor Shukla:

... the amount which has gone into the pockets of Shukla and his cronies runs into the many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 2013 and 2014, for example, Shukla and his wife enjoyed a combined income in excess of $800,000 a year.

Steve McIntyre, the investigator who shattered Michael Mann’s global-warming ‘Hockey Stick’ claim, has done a detailed breakdown of the sums involved. He calls it Shukla’s Gold.

In 2001, the earliest year thus far publicly available, in 2001, in addition to his university salary (not yet available, but presumably about $125,000), Shukla and his wife received a further $214,496 in compensation from IGES (Shukla --$128,796; Anne Shukla – $85,700). Their combined compensation from IGES doubled over the next two years to approximately $400,000 (additional to Shukla’s university salary of say $130,000), for combined compensation of about $530,000 by 2004.

One of the Difficulties is that, according to Federal Law, Employees of the State may not be paid additionally for doing Work which is done under their Terms of Employment. The Work which Professor Shukla conveniently rewards himself as Head of the Institute appears to be similar to that for which he is paid as a Professor at George Mason University.

It is interesting that Professor Shukla was one of twenty Climate Scientists who on September 1, wrote to President Obama, urging the Application of Racketeering Laws to Climate Skeptics:

 We appreciate that you are making aggressive and imaginative use of the limited tools available to you in the face of a recalcitrant Congress. One additional tool – recently proposed by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – is a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) investigation of corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, as a means to forestall America’s response to climate change. We strongly endorse Senator Whitehouse’s call for a RICO investigation.' (Climate Depot.com)

It appears – to us -- that there are Types of Rackets which might be investigated other than those which Professor Shukla finds so troubling.

These three Tidbits simply reinforce the Conclusion that, in Climate Alarmism we have detected a waddling, swimming, and quacking Duck. The Duck’s name is Fraud.

*Charles Mackay (Book Title)