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 June 30, 2010.

Our recent garden renovation had, as its starting Point, the Deterioration of much Brick, used as edging for Flower Beds. Today, we stored the undamaged Brick, in the Garage, on the pretext that some future Owner, needing it for some minor repair or other purpose, would praise us, in absentia. In Truth, we did it to avoid the Trouble and Expense of Removal. We also collected in a variety of containers much brick Debris–all to be taken in the Serviceable Six, to the Refuse Station.
We also composed “In Praise of Failure” –which appears in the Drivel section.
 June 28, 2010.

Drove from Wind-in-the Pines just as the Sun appeared to break the Weekend Gloom. There had been so much rain over the Weekend that the Serviceable Six became mired in the Mud of the Parking area–the first such Occasion in over thirty Years. The attempt to place Sheets of Plywood under the Wheels was unsuccessful, and we were unable to find our CAA card.

Assuming our “the mass of men lead lives of quiet Desperation” tone, and apprising the Operator of a large Quantity of razor Blades lying within easy Reach, we were able to obtain the CAA Service without our Membership Number. Nor did the Driver require Proof of Membership when he arrived.
Apart from the disparaging Remarks of our Neighbour, who took advantage of the Occasion to make pointed Remarks about our Parsimony in failing to spread adequate amounts of Gravel, as he himself had done, the whole Incident was very satisfactorily resolved.

In the Evening to Longevity Racquets Club, where much running around in the pursuit of a small black ball–and the tokens of Darwinian triumph -- was clearly in evidence.
June 27th, 2010.

A wet and rather gloomy weekend at Wind-in-the-Pines. We were delighted to find that the new Computer, fitted with a small Device, peculiarly named a “Rocket Stick” has a commendable Facility to connect with the Internet. Thus far, we are unable to manage the Website, but we assume that the Gods of Technology, flattered with suitable Incantations and plied with the application of certain deep and arcane Knowledge, may be persuaded to allow this to come to pass.

The Riots in Toronto reinforce our view that populous Cities are unsuitable Venues for world Summit Meetings. In addition, we would note that the Black Bloc Rioters would be inhibited if face Masks were made illegal during Protest Marches. Thugs bent on destroying property might think twice if they were unmasked and subject to being recorded by video Cameras. We have long railed against the Niqab because it inhibits the identification of Citizens. The Events in Toronto suggest the importance of the principle of identification.
We are somewhat amused by the incoherent dissatisfaction of some protesters. It appears they are against War and Poverty. Is it possible that their fertile imaginations will lead to Ideas even more radical, and we will see declamations against Death, Disease, and Taxes? Let us pray that their Radicalism never extend this far; the World is not ready for it.

To our Accounts on Thursday last: we were struck by a Tsunami of Negativity, and sold many wonderful income paying Securities: FCE.UN; DR.UN; MSI.UN; NFI.UN; the remaining STB and SDG.UN. We purchased a further 6000 San Gold. We have always been loath to sell Income-producing Securities, and we are well aware of the Stupidity of owning too much of any one Stock. It is entirely possible we have gone completely mad.
June 22, 2010

A recent CBC program astounded us with the account of a former CBC Journalist who had decided to return to University to study Art. At a certain point she decided to make Representations of the cleaning staff at the Facility, and was criticized on the Grounds that it was inappropriate for a middle class white woman to portray those of completely different Backgrounds and Experience.

This is, we suppose, an extreme form of Political Correctness similar to that which recoils, in refined Horror, to the idea of “Appropriation of Voice.” It has been observed, in the last few years, that Writers who attempt to portray other Cultures or speak in “voices” other than their own are inclined to make Errors and to mischaracterize their Subjects, sometimes negatively. Political Correctness Devotees are especially concerned when they perceive a “Power Differential” between the Writer and his Subjects. Thus –and we are making assumptions here–it would be a terrible thing for a white University graduate to write about life on an aboriginal Reserve–but perfectly legitimate for an Aboriginal on a Reserve to portray the Experience of teaching at Harvard.

Using this argument, of course, a middle-aged white male 6' 4" and 230 lb., a graduate of the University of Toronto-- living in a house in Cabbagetown, and driving an old Mercedes-- would not presume to portray women, children, the elderly--or a young male high school graduate of 5'6", 150 lb. who drives an old Cadillac and lives in downtown Winnipeg.
Doubtless the attempt to portray Individuals other than oneself is never likely to be perfectly successful. But is it not patronizing to assume that the woefully mischaracterized are incapable of retaliation? We would recommend a Government ban on all Authorship for the foreseeable future–until a satisfactory Resolution of this Matter can be obtained.

We can only suppose these deep and weighty Matters arise when a group of earnest people sits in a room and attempts to come up with Answer to the Question: How can we achieve an enduring Reputation for matchless Stupidity?

We are pleased to see Eleanor Clitheroe, fetchingly draped in Canadian Currency, make a brief appearance on Limerick Lane.
June 21, 2010.

The more we learn about the disruptive effects of the Summiganza to be held in Toronto, the more we are convinced that this will mark the End of attempts to hold such Meetings in a major Centre. In addition to the real Threats from Evildoers, it would seem that such Events are a Magnet for the incoherently dissatisfied, who seem to believe Perfection of the human Condition is attainable through the magical Intervention of noisy Marches.

When Delegations consist of hundreds, the Baffin Island solution would seem impractical; hence, our Suggestion is that all future Summiganzas be held in Caribbean or similar Resort locations where sufficient Hotel Accommodation would be readily available.

In the Evening to Longevity Racquets Club, where our performance, while not stellar, suggested that our resolve to forego Squash for Lawn Bowls might be slightly premature.
June 17, 2010

To Toronto to Pacific Mall to purchase a Laptop which will allow Computer use at Wind-in-the-Pines. While the Traffic was not impossible, we suspect that it will soon become so. There appears to be no such thing as “Clear Sailing” near Toronto, even on a Thursday afternoon long before rush Hour. We look forward to transferring our website material to the new Machine, and are currently engaged in the necessary Rituals and preparing the propitiatory Sacrifices to the Computer Gods.
Pleasantly surprised that our DNG purchased in significant quantity within the last year at an average price of .22 has now hit .38. We are far too foolish to sell, always being the victim of dreams of unimaginable wealth. We suspect that much lasting damage is done to impressionable children by leading them to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, and a world utterly unlike the real one.
 June 16, 2010

In the evening to Longevity Racquets Club, where we were forced to deem our squash-playing abilities to have reached a new low.

Have decided to publish a modest dissertation, “Why do people believe in Nonsense?” in the Drivel Section.
Our sale of 5,000 shares of San Gold seems to have sparked a new rise in the stock Price. It is gratifying to realize that one’s own actions can alter the price of the security, but annoying that the same actions deprive one of the full benefits of the price change. Can the Stock Market Gods be, in some way fooled into thinking we have made a sale when, in fact, we have not?
 June 15, 2010.

It is our observation, that most Canadians, through long and repeated exposure to the notion that Multiculturalism is a GOOD THING, have had their Brains so altered that they believe this peculiar Concept is and always has been a Touchstone of the Canadian Way of Life. We believe, in fact, that it was an idealistic Notion introduced by Pierre Trudeau in 1971. We have always been suspicious of the Notion, because it implies an Equality of Cultures, and because its Effect is divisive rather than cohesive.

The case of Aqsa Parvez, murdered by her father and brother because of her Failure to conform to cultural and religious Norms entirely foreign to this Country, supports our distrust of both Religion and Multiculturalism.

We have no objection to superficial Expressions of cultural Background as evidenced by Dress or Cuisine–since they can-- and should be-- Markers falling within the normal Bounds of quaint Eccentricity. It is our view that a Failure to convey to Immigrants significant and meaningful Cultural Norms of the Society in which they propose to live is a Folly amounting to criminal Negligence. In the List, we would include the Notion of the separation of Church and State, the place of Women in Society, and the Wearing of the Niquab.
June 14, 2010.

We have observed that some Resentments are wont to rumble for some Time under the Surface as minor Annoyances before we are roused to Recognition. Just such a Case is the “Weather Tease” practised for some time now by the local edition of CTV News. Instead of being plain and forthright in dealing with the Weather, those who imagine Themselves to be cleverly superior to the drooling and vacant-eyed Morons whom they deem to be their Audience, have decided to give a little Smidgeon of the Weather early in the Newscast, and then give the final Details many minutes later, at the end. We can only assume that this clearly manipulative Approach is designed to “hook” the potentially snack-bound, who are already weary of a half-hour of National News, into remaining, seat-bound and stupefied to the end of the local News.
We might note that the same Device is employed by the Pat Foran segment, which tantalizes with some interesting Consumer Tidbit–to be explored only after a dreary List of Athletic Encounters. We usually find the Exploration to be disappointing and entirely too superficial.

We do dislike being manipulated; we can countenance it only when we are drooling, vacant-eyed, and moronically unaware of the Manipulation being employed. It is, therefore, our resolve henceforth to obtain Information on the Weather from the Weather Channel.

In the evening to Longevity Racquets; we are always pleased and relieved when leaving the Club, essentially unscathed and intact, our Position at the Club as the oldest (living) Singles Player unimpaired by an untimely demise.
June13, 2010.

Pleased to have finished the Walkway in the Garden Project, and are content to imagine that this was the Element of major importance in the Renovation. We are hopeful that the chain Link Fence between the Lumpenbangen driveway and the neighbouring Property, which is an Eyesore of Stunning Proportion, will escape our Attention.

Surprised to see that Maclean’s (Good News, June 21) is in favour of the freedom of choice of a woman, for religious reasons, to wear a niquab on the street, at work, or in dealing with civil servants. This is directly counter, of course, to our own Opinion. We highly resent the Alteration of our Custom in Favour of that which seems to hinder Communication and allow for the Perpetration of Skullduggery. That such bizarre Custom exist for supposedly religious Reason is a serious Mark against it, since Religion is entirely a matter of Fancy and Superstition, and should play as small a rôle as possible in the Conduct of our Affairs.

We have written a letter to Maclean’s–not that we seriously think it could be published–but on the Basis of the old Spanish Proverb–“Quien calla, otorga”–“He who is silent gives consent.”
We were also mightily incensed by a column of smug Condescension by Father Raymond de Souza in the June 10 edition of the National Post, in which he uses Stephen Hawking, who is intrigued by the age-old question of why Anything exists–as a Stick to beat Christopher Hitchens who says that Religion has no explanations of anything important. According to Father de Souza, Hawking is at least concerned with the metaphysical question, and hence is wiser than Hitchens, who is not. Father de Souza speaks of course, from a Position in which he not only deals with the Question–but knows that the “God of Abrahamic revelation whose creative love is the answer...”

Such nonsensical blather coming from intelligent human Beings is still a Vexation to us. We have written a response to the Column, although we are far too sensible to send it to Father de Souza.

We observe our Spanish Proverbs, or not, depending upon our Mood.

In the unlikely Event anyone is interested, we have published both letters in the Drivel Section (We hate spending time on such Matters, only to relegate our Thoughts–pitiful though they may be-- to the Files of the Computer.)
 June 11, 2010.

The Garden Project proceeds at the Pace of some of the resident Snails. Of particular note is the appearance of the dreaded NIHABI (Now I Have a Better Idea) Syndrome.

This Malady makes its appearance well into the Execution of Plan “A.” Indeed, it is only because of the Configuration of Plan “A” in its Actuality, that the Idea for a superior Plan “B” is suggested. Invariably NIHABI requires the Destruction of much already accomplished, and significantly demanding further Work in the Pursuit of the supposedly superior Plan “B.”

In this case, the Configuration of a Walkway was deemed to be in Need of Alteration to lead directly through a well-established patch of Day Lilies. The Lilies had spread profusely and aggressively, threatening, among other things, a modest, innocent, and contained Astilbe. The Astilbe was transplanted to a temporary Location, and the Day Lilies were subjected to a slaughterous rout, with only a token platoon left remaining. We cannot say that we are proud-- only that great Sacrifice is sometimes necessary for the furtherance of a Grand Vision. Our sincere Condolences on Account of their terrible Loss are extended to the few Day Lilies still standing.

The Market malaise continues, and the Buying Power in the Margin Account has significantly eroded. On Tuesday we sold 5000 NHC at 91 cents, taking a loss of approximately $2,000. Today, with some regret, we sold the 5000 SGR purchased at $4.08 on May 27 at $4.50, for a gain of $2,000. Excellent new drill results had been announced, but the Stock scarcely responded. The Road to enviable Wealth, is, as well known, invariably bumpy. When the stock becomes marginable we will consider the repurchase of the shares.
June 8, 2010

The Weather being sunny but cool, we proceeded to the garden Project, wherein many Plants were moved or destroyed in the Attempt to bring Order from Chaos. The Effort is but a Symbol.
Chaos ultimately reigns, but Mankind seeks Order and Harmony–a World of the Ideal–no matter how brief.
We are pleased to see Helen Thomas make a brief appearance on Limerick Lane.

 June 7, 2010.

At Wind-in-the- Pines on the weekend, to accomplish very little. We are pleased to see Brian Mulroney on Limerick Lane, and a bit of trivia in the Drivel Section.

We are puzzled by the anti-Israel sentiment arising from the attempts to prevent supplies of Arms from reaching Gaza. One suspects that most individuals would take similar measures to protect themselves. There seem to be two Factors at work. The first is that Outrage is only directed at countries which are basically ethical and responsible; there is absolutely no Advantage to be gained in the Attempt to use a moral Lever against a Jurisdiction which is known to be corrupt, devious, and unethical. We have seen little Demonstration in Toronto over the sinking of a South Korean vessel by North Korea.
Secondly, it appears that most Critics could be described as “left-wing.” Left-wingers believe in a world in which all Problems can be solved with an agreeable Chat over afternoon Tea. They also labour under the illusion that Disruptions in the world arise from a lack of Equality. Suicide bombers bomb because they are protesting Poverty and Inequality...the very things that left-wingers find to be so abhorrent. Successful people or countries are to be regarded with Suspicion, because they contravene the (imagined) Universal Law of Equality. Israel is a successful Country surrounded by the Unsuccessful–the inefficient, the corrupt, the stupid, and the devious. The immediate left-wing response to Inequality is to blame the Successful, and support the Unsuccessful. In this Sense, they are archetypically Anti-Darwinian.
June 2, 2010

Much pleased to see Sarah Ferguson unable to resist the Lure of Oprah, and the Delights of wallowing in Celebrity Sin. We predicted a Competition of sorts during the Tiger Woods intrigue in February, and it is encouraging to see Sarah’s Entry. In February, we speculated, idly, whether Celebrity Sin, and the Publick Celebrations of it will become recognized as an Entertainment Form, with its own FIDO annual Awards. As a result of her extraordinary Performance, Sarah makes another appearance on Limerick Lane.

Cont’d...To Canadian Tire at last to purchase three Emerald Green Cedars priced at $19.95. To our Surprise and Delight these Items had been reduced to $11.95. Were we of a superstitious Nature, we would believe that the chance Postponement of our Purchase with such a happy Result shewed the Hand of Providence. We have had occasion to contact Providence, (1-800- PROVIDENCE) and It has assured us that it gives not a whit whether we save $24.00, or not, whether we go bankrupt when it is discovered that San Gold is a scam, or whether we are run over by a Providential Bus.

In the Evening to Longevity Racquets where Speed scored a 3-0 Victory over Craft. While Craft readily admits that Speed will shew unquestioned Superiority at some Point in Time, he is unwilling to cede that that Moment is evidenced by the Result. Citing a Variety of ill-defined Factors, such as “unlucky breaks,” an “aberrant serve pattern” and “general malaise,” he awaits a more propitious Occasion.

June 1.2010.

Succumbed to Compulsive Comparative Price Shopper Syndrome (CCPSS). This troublesome Syndrome, a subset of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, inhibits the Shopper from making any Purchase without extensive Price Comparison. The objects of our Desires were three Emerald Green Cedars to continue an existing Hedge of Five. We discovered suitable Candidates at the much hated Canadian Tire Corporation – at their lot on Upper James Street. The price was $19.95. Unfortunately, our stage III CCPSS mandated that no immediate Purchase could be made. A comparison with Home Depot showed inferior Specimens at $25.95. But the previous weekend, we were informed, they had desirable six foot Specimens at only $10.00. This tantalizing Information led to another Home Depot (just in case). At this Juncture, the Search took on an irresistible Life its own: not until Wal-mart, and Lowes had been consulted could a Decision be made.

We concluded reluctantly, that Canadian Tire offered the best value, but by this time the pernicious effects of CCPSS had taken their toll: we were weary and glassy-eyed; the garden Centres, with displays of horticultural Exotica, had suggested additional Contributions to the Garden Project; our purpose had been blunted and confused. We returned home, empty-handed.

In the evening to Longevity Racquets, for one Victory, and one depressing Rout.
 May 31, 2010.

Disappointed that last Week there was no News on Drilling from San Gold. If San Gold be a watched Pot, it is only because it is the only Pot in our Portfolio that has been heating, albeit irregularly with occasional Power Outages.

Much interested in the latest issue of Maclean’s which shows the Tribalism in the Medical Profession. Sufferers from Multiple Sclerosis who wish to try a suggested vascular Procedure are unable to get Referrals from their Neurologists, who have staked claims and territorial Rights to the Disease. It’s really just Afghan warlordism brought up to Date.

More generally with respect to the Medical Profession we have noted a Problem to which there appears no Solution. On the one hand Patients want to be assured that medical Knowledge is complete, unassailable, and approved by the Government. No Quacks or Snake Oil Salesmen need apply. On the other hand, even complete and unassailable Government-approved Knowledge may turn out to be incomplete and significantly assailable. Today’s Quack may be tomorrow’s Guru. Patients are not considered to be sufficiently knowledgeable to make their own Choices.
As an example –while it is remotely possible that we are wrong-- we have concluded that the Cholesterol Theory of Heart Disease is in Error. But no regular Doctor could possibly assent to this Conclusion. The Medical Profession would disown him; the Government would remove his License; the Pharmaceutical Companies would cease funding his trips to Hawaii for Conferences on Cholesterol Lowering. The doctors who have come to this conclusion are often Professors and Authors who have managed, one way or another, to defy the Restrictions of the Tribe.

Tribalism and what “everybody” thinks is more important than honest Enquiry. This is probably an enduring Trait of human Nature.
May 30th. 2010.

To the Garden to fiddle with Pavers and Plants. One thinks of Gardeners as kindly, gentle folk, communers with Nature and lovers of Beauty. The Reality is that Gardeners must be as ruthless and as cruel as players of Squash. Weeds, of course, are eliminated without a second of compunctive reflection. But even “desirable” encroaching and expanding Plants must be savagely curtailed. Some megalomaniacal shrubs must now be deemed unsuitable, and be extirpated completely for the Harmony of the Whole. We will refrain from drawing Parallels with Humankind.
The approaching Summit in Toronto has made an appearance on Limerick Lane.
May 28, 2010. To the environs of Toronto, and to Mississauga. Unlike the residents of Toronto–a place around which the sun, moon and stars all revolve, making suitable bows and curtsies at regular intervals specified by the Mayor–Hamiltonians accept the fact that forays to distant Centres are normal and to be expected. Our trip to Mississauga was to purchase a goodly number of Bottles of Pomegranate Juice at $2.99 each. This is real, “Not from Concentrate” Pomegranate Juice which is sold at the Health Food Store for $10.00. It is not available at Food Basics–which peddles some ersatz, “concentrate” Varieties. We will not elaborate on a very large Topick, but simply say that some Studies have shown the Juice to have significant Health Benefits, and in this Case we are a Believer rather than a Skeptic. We recall making the Recommendation to a friend living in Toronto that she make the trip to Mississauga to make a large bulk Purchase. The innocent Suggestion was met with Gasps of Horror and Incomprehension, lapsing into a stunned Silence. It was rumoured, subsequently, that my friend lay abed for more than a Week in Recovery. The word “Mississauga” has been curiously erased–an interesting example of post-traumatic Stress Syndrome-- from her active working Memory.
Our second Visit was to an Art Gallery, which recently framed a large Grant Hillman Watercolour with admirable Results. We presented our last two inexpensive Purchases from the Pelham Art Show in the Hopes that a similar Magical Alteration might be effected. In art, as in life, Context transforms Circumstance.
 May 26, 2010. On the Weekend at Wind-in-the Pines, we took the first Swim of the Year. The water was as warm as it is during the Summer. This is one of the Advantages of a small Lake–which warms quickly in the Spring. We have vivid memories of early encounters in Georgian Bay which involved a gradual freezing of the feet, calves, and upper legs to achieve the necessary Degree of Numbness required for Immersion.

To Longevity Racquets in the Evening for another in a series of Encounters between Craft and Speed. Craft attacked first with the Observation concerning his recent Ominous Birthday, and the gratuitous Suggestion that too robust an Encounter might result in a fatal Seizure. Speed, while aware of the Devious Ploy being used, was undoubtedly affected. The final score of one Game played was 16-14 for Craft. It is widely rumoured that Speed (a) has played little recently (b) was tired from a previous match, ( c ) was simply too gentlemanly to unleash his full powers and crush his elderly and egotistical opponent. These Rumours are, of course, completely false.
These two recent events have engendered a wonderful sense of Euphoria and a renewed interest in living forever. We are seriously considering making Application to the relevant Bureaucracy.
We would hasten to add that we are not entirely foolish: our Application will be conditional on an exclusionary Struldbrugg clause. (Anyone unfamiliar with the Struldbruggs should try Google.)
 May 21, 2010.

The Stock market Swoon continues, and, in spite of our sale of 5,000 GTE yesterday, we were $1,800 under-margined; alarmingly, the Market was down well over 200 Points near the Opening. Our Sixth Sense told us that this Drop was excessive, and that Panic should be avoided.

During the day, we made some surprising Decisions. We sold 15,000 GTE at about $5.15 for a loss of nearly $9,000, bringing our Total Loss on this Security to approximately $12,500. At the Close GTE was $5.19. We also purchased 5000 SGR. We had hoped to buy in the $3.80 range, but found it necessary to pay $4.08. It closed at $4.20. Our Hope is that SGR will get significant News before GTE recovers. It will also soon become marginable, giving us the option of the repurchasing of GTE or making a further investment in KGN, if this appears appropriate. At the moment, we favour gold over oil.

We have made our first Foray into the Subject of the Apostrophe in the Grammar Section. We broached the subject with Apprehension, and were well armed with a Ball of String. We proceeded a short Distance only, and struck an easy Blow. We must proceed much further into the labyrinth to achieve Victory.

We plan to spend the long Weekend at Wind-in-the-Pines to recover from this Excess of Excitement.
May 19, 2010

We are now prepared to upgrade the Classification of our Preoccupation with the Ugliness of Motor Vehicles to the “Obsession” category. On the Drive back from Wind-in-the-Pines, we found ourselves assessing each Vehicle on the Basis of the Slant of the side Window Line. We have concluded that the greater the forward, downward slant, the uglier the Vehicle. It has long been our Contention that the most logical, harmonious and pleasing Design of vehicles is that which suggests a parallel relationship with the Horizon. This is the way Buildings–with the possible exception of a monstrous crystalline Edifice in Toronto–are constructed. Most people that we see, while not parallel to the ground, do look odd if they are not reasonably perpendicular to it. A stance which suggests a determination to plow head first into the ground would seem bizarre.

It has been suggested that the dart Delve, the hunchback Hump, the raised Rear are peculiarities driven by the Advice of Men in white Coats who conduct wind Tunnel Experiments. If this is indeed the case–it represents the triumph of Aerodynamics over Sanity and Elegance. Given that Choice, we will take Sanity over men in white Coats every Time.
Automobile Design doubtless affords an instructive Insight into Fad, Fashion, and the moronic Malleability of Mankind. It is our understanding that the Design of the 1934 Chrysler Airflow was considered too radical a Change, and Sales suffered. Manufacturers ever since have been more comfortable in the Herd than leading it. The radical 1947 Studebaker, we note, may be an exception–although it occasioned many jokes at the Time, it actually did seem to alter the earlier, usual “fastback” design to a “bustle back” configuration.

We suspect that the unstable and ungainly look of Vehicles will be around for some time. Eventually, however, we think that the current crop will be regarded with amused Disdain –the quaint Relics of an Era when automobile Designers went, collectively, temporarily, mad.

May 20, 2010. The Stock markets in a Swoon, predicting the End of the World as it is currently known. We have been here before, and we have no Doubt that one fine Day, the End of the World will begin; we hope to be elsewhere at the Time. For now, we remain unconvinced. However, we were forced to sell to protect our Margin Account, and we decided on 5,000 shares of GTE at about $5.05. We took a Loss of about $3,500. We could have sold some SGR at a considerable Profit, but we may have fallen Prey to one of the cardinal Errors of Investing: falling in Love with a Stock. On the other Hand, Time may well prove us to be astute, perspicacious, and prescient. Both Stocks should do well, but we anticipate SGR will announce Drilling News next Week, and we are hopeful of a TSX Listing in the next few Weeks.

A minor further Note on our latest Obsession: the Design of Automobiles. Why do so many Manufacturers choose such arbitrary Configuration of tail Lights–and, indeed-- trunk lids: there seems to be neither Rhyme nor Reason to the odd angles achieved. Further: why do so many lenses so loudly announce: we are big; we are bulbous; we are plastic; we look really cheap? It is always been our contention that good design is not, in fact, expensive; we can only assume the Manufacturers deliberately make their less expensive Models look cheap to induce Purchasers to buy the more expensive Models...which often also look cheap, but less revoltingly so.
Finally, we note with Interest the creation of “artificial” life. We had concluded from our Reading of The Sixth Extinction, and other works, that Life on earth has been wiped out and regenerated on more than one Occasion, suggesting that Life has a kind of Inevitability if certain Conditions obtain. The news of artificial creation reinforces the View that Life, while extraordinary and wonderful, does not require a Godly intervention, but is simply part of an extraordinary and wonderful Universe. We see human Beings somewhat anomalistic in their Intelligence, and note that Earth, with all its species, has produced only one Homo Sapiens.
The Statisticians argue otherwise, but we are not hugely confident of soon receiving Radio Waves from dozens of alien Life Forms.
 May 18, 2010. At Wind-in-the-Pines on the Weekend, we had thought to investigate the possibility of Internet Access and improved Television Reception. At the moment, we are able to gather, free, from the Air, CTV, Global, and CHCH. On many occasions there seem only available a Mindless Entertainment program, a Drama based on Supernormal Powers, or a Bad Film.

The art of existing without multi-channel Television-- now being on a par with the art of existing without Indoor Plumbing-- we telephoned Bell Canada for Information on Televison Rescue Packages. To no Avail. The Difficulty–on two separate Occasions–was that the Location of Wind-in-the-Pines was not discernible by Bell Canada, and hence no Determination could be made about the Availability of a Rescue package.

It is true that Wind-in-the Pines is served by a small local Telephone Company, and that it is on a tiny Track of Roadway –Tootles Track--boasting a grand Total of Two Municipal Addresses–yet we find it strange in this Era of Technology that it should be unfindable by a Giant Corporation.

As we were leaving, we could not help but notice the House of our Neighbour–the only other House on Tootles Track–graced with a BELL Satellite Dish.
 May 14, 2010.
One of the unsung Advantages of living in Hamilton is the Ease with which some of the mundane Necessities of life are accomplished. We were dallying mindlessly in the Financial Establishment at about Noon, and suddenly became aware of an ominous Birthday looming tomorrow .The birthday is ominous not merely because of the impossibly large Number of Years of Existence represented, but because, as is customary, our Vehicle Licenses had not been renewed. An added cause for Alarm was the fact that the Serviceable Six required a Test of its Emissions. In Toronto, this set of circumstances would have undoubtedly led to despair, and a longing Contemplation of the now forbidden easy Exit from the Bloor Viaduct. In Hamilton, it was simply a Matter of arranging for an immediate Scrutiny of the Vaporous Emanations of the Six at the nearest Centre–a matter of perhaps forty five minutes from phone call to Completion. (Cost $36.00.) Thence to the Motor Vehicle License Bureau, where there was a line-up of two People–both of whom were called to their Rewards as we entered. There was yet another vacant Booth–so we had no waiting Time at all.
At 11:55 p.m. we waited quietly, with a slight undercurrent of unease. We are pleased to report an uneventful survival. We shall now rehearse our responses–complete with trembling gesticulations and a suitable array of verbal quavers–to the question: “And how, Dr. Dreimer, do you account for your longevity?”

It is our Intention to spend a few Days at Wind-in-the-Pines.
May 13, 2010.

On occasion we are tempted to conclude that the main Function of the Stock Market is to show the Folly of attempting to predict the Future. We had sold 7,000 shares of San Gold at about $4.00, thinking to astound with our Cleverness at buying them back at $3.75. Instead, there was a rapid Surge to $5.00, at which time we felt that the Stock Market Gods had spoken, and were suggesting that astounding Developments were imminent. We were so injudicious to opine that the downside Risk was limited. Instead, the San Gold Elephant strained to produce the Mouse of an indifferent earnings Report, and the Stock has now retreated to $4.38.

We have bought, sold, but managed to hold a significant position in this Stock since 2007; we still cling to the illusion that it will turn out to be similar to Goldcorp, whose property is some eighty Kilometers to the East. Visions of $10.00–as gold rises and fiat currencies fall–still entice. We will, of course, sell in increasing volumes as the price rises. If the price falls, you will likely not learn of that Eventuality in these Pages.
We decided to sell 20,000 ALE at .48–about the same as our purchase price, largely, we admit, because of a notable lack of Enthusiasm by Jamie Horvath of Sprott Asset Management. In typically cautions and sober Fashion, we have switched the proceeds into SDX, (.405) a security in which we already have more shares than would be considered prudent. If SDX were to be marketed by Loblaws, it would be presented as a spicy Egyptian dish called “Memories of Centurion.”

We added a quotation to the www.chrisbeach.co.uk site. Such are the marvels of Google, that today, a googling of “Dr. Idel Dreimer” gives an immediate reference to the quotation. One wonders whether the world will, one day, sink to oblivion from the sheer weight of irrelevant information which Google seems determined to collect.
 May 12, 2010.

An excellent article in the national Post by Lorne Gunter, concerning the decision of Comedy Central and Viacom to censor depictions and references to Muhammad in the program South Park after the receipt of Death Threats from a radical Muslim Group. He makes the valid Argument that such Threats represent the basic human Propensity to bully, and that the “typical response of many Western authorities when Muslims take offence is to mollify, to urge the altering or cessation of whatever Western behaviour it is that has given offence.” This, of course, is precisely the wrong Approach to bullying–a fact to which anyone with Schoolyard Experience will attest. As Mr. Gunter notes: “This approach will be as successful as giving the schoolyard thug your lunch money. Tomorrow he’ll be back for your lunch money and bus fare, too.”

While we admit to considerable personal Cowardice, it is our Armchair Position that all Religions deserve Criticism for being based on Illusion, but that radical Islam should be mocked and criticized with such vigour and repetitive determination, that its Proponents become wearied with the constant need to respond, that their emotional intensity flags, and that they accept the simple Fact that the World contains Opinions quite different from their own. As Mr. Gunter notes: “If Muslims want to enjoy the benefits of Western culture, they have to learn to accept the affronts to their faith that will arise from Western traditions of openness and experimentation, and especially from our traditions of humour.”
As we have often noted, we find the Problem of Religious Belief a most troubling one. On the one hand, it is obvious that such Beliefs are completely without a Shred of credible Evidence. On the other, we are prepared to accept Lionel Tiger’s contention that irrational Belief is a product of Evolution, a soothing construct of the Brain. We also concur with the main point of Joseph Conrad’s brilliant Novel Heart of Darkness,–that mankind can glimpse the Truth about Existence only briefly–but must support the kinds of illusions which are inherently and inextricably a part of the Fabric of human Civilization. (It is often not understood–certainly not by the makers of Apocalypse Now –that this Necessity of Illusion constitutes, according to Conrad, the Darkness at the Heart of the Human Condition.)

The best Resolution of the Problem would be that all Religions become simply soothing Pacifiers for their happy, gurgling, and blessedly toothless adherents. In a word: more pacific Christianity, Buddhism, and Baha'i: less militant Islam.
May 11, 2010

Pleased to see San Gold closing at $4.79, on no News. It has now risen strongly over the past several Days. True, the Price of Gold has been rising as the Creation of ever more Debt suggests the inflationary Flaw in Fiat Currencies, but to our cynical Mind the Rise suggests that Developments are taking place of which the General Publick is unaware. On Market Call Tonight, Jamie Horvath, of Sprott Asset management, said that he had added to his Position recently–which would suggest no lower than $4.00. He also spoke of the sinking of a new Shaft, which, we assume, would only be necessary if Continuity of some disparate Gold Deposits were well established. We suspect that it may turn out that San Gold has many more Ounces of Reserves than the three Millions already established in the recent 43-101 Report. We are reluctant to sell at this Level at least until the next Publication of Drill results and the TSX Listing. While the Price of Gold continues to Rise, we think the downside Risk is limited.
News that the Toronto Police are to be equipped with Microphones to record interactions with the Publick has brought forth predictable concerns from Civil Liberty Advocates. Micheal Vonn of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association is quoted in the National Post (May 11):

“We’re all for police accountability mechanisms, but where there is no citizen control, it’s very hard to envision that actually happening... You’d better have some kind of justification for what constitutes an absolutely new division of surveillance that completely impacts people’s rights.”

We would characterize this as Knee-jerk Claptrapism. It has been seen before in Concern over surveillance Cameras. Our View is that when one is in a Public place, one gives up the Privacy one might expect to have in one’s own Domicile. Whether one is seen by a Passer-by or a Camera is irrelevant. We note that such Publick Recordings have been useful in identifying Perpetrators of Crime. In similar Fashion, we do not see why anyone would object to having an Interaction with the Police being recorded. Indeed, as long as the possibility of deceptive Manipulation of the Recording is removed, we would think it to be of great Advantage, and a Protection for both Parties in any Dispute.
May 10, 2010.

Having just completed the stone Tablet Inscription recording our semi-final Win in the Lowest Level of the Squash House League, we must now report the News of our Loss in the Finals (3-1). Considering the cost of Stone Tablets, and the very high labour rates charged by inscribing stone Masons, we have come-- reluctantly-- to the Conclusion that we will be unable to inform Posterity of the Event in a Manner which we would prefer. You may be assured that we will make full note of the Circumstance on the Back of the Envelope which contained our Hydro Bill. It is unlikely, but there is a remote Possibility that this Diary Entry, which seems to be taking up an inordinate Amount of Space, may have to be deleted in Favour of more current Material.

We would like to note, in passing, that the Squash Gods are singularly inflexible: they reward speed, cunning and ruthlessness. They are singularly unreceptive to pleas for special Dispensation because of Age, Infirmity, or mental Lapse. The idea of Equality is, to Them, a Concept completely foreign and patently absurd. In some ways, the lack of hypocrisy is refreshing. In a wider World which often seeks to avoid hurt Feelings, Blows to Self Esteem, and an illusory Equality of Outcome, the World of Squash is unrepentantly Darwinian.
We remember some years ago, a typically left-wing CBC announcer lamenting the fact that some unfortunate “alternatively abled” child could not be given a device or advantage to allow her to compete with “regularly abled” children in a particular sport, and we remember thinking that the announcer had become completely lost in the CBC World of Left Wing Fantasy. Yes, dear Reader, You and I, were we to re-order the world, would have the Fox and the Hen spending enjoyable evenings together playing Scrabble, the Lion and the Gazelle, watching Re-runs of Murder, She Wrote, and the Hyena and the Vulture engaging in animated conversations about the correct methods of Cultivation of their common Sustenance, baby Carrots and Swiss Chard.

But this is not the real world. Within the Confines of certain gentlemanly Rules, the World of Squash more accurately reflects the true Nature of Existence.
May 9, 2010

In the afternoon, another attempt at Videotaping, and further Proofs of the Validity of Murphy’s Law. The small black Moustache, a key ingredient in the Youtube Persona of Dr. Dreimer, was nowhere to be found. It is assumed that, being placed on a table with the Adhesive side up, it had been, willy nilly, inadvertently touched and transported to an unknown Location. In addition, one exceptional Scene in which His Majesty appears, sits on the piano Bench, listens to the piano, looks balefully at the Camera, and then hurries off –something which could never be planned or repeated–was inadvertently deleted.
In the Case of the Civil Marriage Commissioner in Regina, who refused to perform a same-sex marriage Ceremony on grounds of Religion, our View is Predictable. The Commissioner has appealed to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission on the Grounds that to perform the Ceremony would be contrary to his religious Beliefs. Leaving aside, for the moment, our dim view of Human Rights Commissions in general, we feel that Religious Beliefs, being entirely without logical justification, being entirely an understandable but illusory refuge from reality, should not interfere with the provision of Government Services. It is the same Principle by which we object to the wearing of Turbans by members of the R.C.M.P. Religious Beliefs and Symbols are a private and personal Matter, and have no place in the workings of governments in a Secular Society.
 May 8, 2010.

To the Spectacle Emporium to have an Adjustment to the new Eyeglasses, which Adjustment seems, thus far, to be satisfactory.

Thence to Canadian Tire, with much Misgiving because of our recent Encounter with the Repair centre in Vaughan. On reflection, we should have gone to Wal-mart first. However, we thought to purchase new Wipers for the Geezermobile Eight, and our reflexive Response was to visit this questionable Retailer. We will place this Reminder on the Refrigerator: “Thinking of Canadian Tire? Think Wal-Mart first.”
We have composed, perhaps too hurriedly, some Advice for puzzled Citizens wishing to acquire the socially acceptable Amount of Political Correctness. As insufficient as our Efforts may be, we have some Confidence that we have started our great Country on to a Path of unaccustomed Harmony and Goodwill. See the Drivel section.
May 7, 2010.

In the evening to the Pelham Art Festival, an annual Event on Mother’s Day Weekend. Proceeding south on #24, we kept a sharp Lookout for the left hand turn at #20, and managed to miss it for the first Time in several Years of Attendance. We still claim that the Number –20--which we sought was not marked, which is entirely the Fault of the Ontario Department of Highways. Why we ignored the sign for “Fonthill” is not immediately clear; we suspect it was significantly misspelled-- also the Fault of the Ontario Department of Highways.

Indeed, we think we can make an excellent case for the Proposition that we have never erred, strayed or become lost in the Province, but that it was the Fault of Maps, human On Board Navigators, or the Department of Highways.
We made a modest Purchase at the Festival, despite the fact that both Wind-in-the-Pines and the Lumpenbangen Studios are replete and bulging with Original Art, purchased initially to avoid the Stigma of Prints from Zellers, and latterly to flatter our misguided Sense that we are able to select good Art in the same Manner in which can select good Stocks.

The great and significant Advantage in picking Art, is that, as long as one never sells, one’s illusions may remain intact; the Stock Market, regrettably, provides a daily and often withering Assessment of one’s Judgement.
 May 6, 2010.

It would appear that, once again, the End of the World is nigh. Fearful of Greek Debt Contagion, and an obvious Breakdown of the Trading System, the Stock Markets plummeted and then recovered. The Trading System Breakdown is indeed worrying; it appears that so much Trading is done by automatic systems, that there is no opportunity for Reason or Common Sense to have any play. When a Stock can go from dollars to one cent for no fundamental Cause, the whole Logick of Investing is called into Question.

It is interesting to see that Gold is rallying strongly. This makes perfect Sense. As the likelihood of the Printing of fiat Currency increases as an inflationary Means of reducing Debt, the Price of Gold must appreciate. It cannot be printed at the whim of Governments.

Much gold trade is in “Paper Gold” –merely documents claiming to represent an amount of physical gold--and many are convinced that this is a Sham–and that the represented physical Gold is not there. As Purchasers increasingly demand physical Gold, rather than pieces of Paper, the Manipulation of this Market may come to an End.
To longevity Racquets in the evening for a surprising Victory in the hotly contested and widely advertised Lowest Level of the Club House League Semi-Finals. We are having Stone Tablets suitably inscribed.

From thence to Home Depot, where we parked close to the Garden Section Entrance in order to facilitate our Purchase of 100 stone Pavers, peat moss, soil, and annual Plants. By the time we had collected two Carts of Materials, the Seasonal Department Cashier had locked the Gates, and vacated the Premises, leaving us to trundle our two heavy carts several Miles to the regular Cashiers, and an Entrance far from the location of the Serviceable Six.

We briefly considered abandoning the carts, or throwing pavers at the expensive Appliances displayed on our journey to the Regular Cashiers. In the end, we contented ourselves with many snide Remarks to the innocent Cashier about Policies and Procedures in the Seasonal Department, and much Promotion of the Notion of our Victim Status.
 May 5, 2010

On the Road around the Lake at Wind-in-the-Pines, there is a covered Bulletin Board on which the local Real Estate Agents–Royal LePage– post tempting Representations of overpriced Cottages, and a few times each year provide a Booklet of their current Offerings. Last Weekend a new edition of “Cottage Country” was made available, and, always in the Hope that Wind-in-the-Pines will some day be of greater Value than the Line of Credit against it, we eagerly perused the Contents.

It appears from looking at the Comparables, that Wind-in-the-Pines has regained its former value–something which we do not expect to persist when Interest Rates rise.
But we were also struck with the sloppiness of the Property Descriptions. Typographical Errors abounded: one Property has a “bright kithcne;” another has “eash boat access to north bay of Honey Harbour;” yet another has a “large screen porch”–doubtless it is a suitable venue for a large screen TV. Never mind the comma splices and the use of “it’s” instead of “its” – shouldn’t there be at least one Real Estate Agent in each Office blessed with a High School Education–one who knows how to spell “kitchen?”

(Perhaps the point is that Decisions to purchase overpriced Cottages are not influenced by sloppily presented Advertisements.)
 May 4, 2010.

To the Opticians to pick up the new Spectacles, and pleased to discover the computer Screen has an unexpected Clarity. We have long noted that Errors of Kinds both sundry and various are wont to disappear in the Screen, while being plainly visible in Print Out. We still believe that Technology is a hiding Place for subversive Gremlins, but are willing to admit that our own failing Eyesight may deserve some of the Blame.
Pleased to see San Gold pushed down in panicky dips, but recovering strongly each Time. This suggests that there are Many who have a significant Faith in the Company, and think that the Stock will go higher. We are always tempted to believe that those unseen Forces have a Knowledge far superior to our own. Thus we feel a warm and comfortable Glow in the Contemplation of our significant Position, and eagerly look forward to being able to upgrade our Diet from dried lentils and expired Broccoli to more regular Supermarket Fare.



 May 3, 2010.

A warm but somewhat rainy weekend at Wind-in-the-Pines yet allowed us to plant some of the Annuals which have just appeared at the Garden Centres.

A review of the Youtube video Efforts suggests that more work needs to be done in order to bring the Material to the amateur Status to which we aspire.

Proof that one can have no Certainty of the Future is shown by the behaviour of San Gold, which, after a sale of some Holdings around $4.00, has traded as high as $4.49. We had anticipated a Pull-back to around $3.75.

Michael Ignatieff has been sighted on Limerick Lane, a result of his suggestion that the recycling of the Governor General should be delayed. This would seem to be an attempt to gain popularity at the expense of political wisdom, and may possibly hasten Mr. Ignatieff’s own circular trajectory arch.
April 29, 2010.

Part of the day spent making a preliminary Attempt at the proposed Youtube video. Dr. Dreimer, in full regalia of Wig, novelty store Nose and Glasses, and trying to affect a southern Accent–to reflect his experience acquiring his Degree in Musicology at the Nigerian University of Musicology in Mississippi-- answers questions about the Inspiration for his Melodies, his musical Education, and the sometimes controversial opinions expressed in his “Observations.”

We plan to review the Results this Weekend at Wind-in-the Pines.
Circumstance doth ever prove us fallible: we recently decided to abandon our “Hold on like grim Death” Stock Market Philosophy, and sell 7,000 shares in San Gold at about $4.00, thinking to impress with our Astuteness by buying back as it retreated from a recent precipitous Rise. Instead, the price is now (noon of April 30) $4.26. Our deep sense of Humiliation is somewhat tempered by the Fact we have retained a significant Holding, and the higher price enables us to contemplate the possibility of adding the occasional small plastic container of Blueberries to our regular Diet of thin Gruel and remaindered Bread. (We reveal this Fact only to show the triumph of Vanity over the Circumspection of Modesty.)
 April 28, 2010.

It has come to our Attention that there is significant Unrest throughout our Land: our Citizens are distracted; Brows of Passers-by are furrowed; in the streets, strips of Sackcloth, traces of Ash. There is Anguish in Breasts, Doubt in the Mind, Darkness in the Soul. The chief Question, spoken, conceived, or trembling on the Lips: Has the world gone mad?

It is our privilege and distinct pleasure to be allowed to dissipate the worry, alleviate the uncertainty, and dispel the doubt: It has.

Gone mad, that is.

See the Drivel Section for our Commentary.
Purchased 5,500 SKP to bring our holdings to a grand Total which will not reveal at this Time. If we lose our Investment, the Amount of our Loss will forever remain secret. If SKP rises significantly, we will not rule out the Possibility of large Billboards, or hired Skywriting Airplanes calling Notice to our Prescience and Perspicacity.

In the Evening to Longevity Racquets. After a humiliating start, we recovered our Sang Froid in amounts sufficient to obtain two Victories.

Thus the Universe seems to unfold as it should.

April 26, 2010 (cont’d)

To the accounts, and the sale of 10,000 CVI.A at $4.01 (purchased Dec. ‘09 at $2.52). Before the Crash, we had owned about 60,000, but were forced to sell all in Crisis of Desperation. We still think there are great Prospects, but, being Prey to the seductive Idea of faster, sooner Rewards, we purchased 20,000 more PMI at .59 and .58. We also added to our holdings of SKP in the amount of 20,000 at .43. The success of San Gold is such that we think the adjacent SKP is a wonderful Gamble.

We also sold 5,000 more San Gold at $4.03. The most recent purchase of 22,000 was at approximately $3.13 in March. We have not lost faith in any way. But we know that after so great a Rise, there is an inevitable Fall. The TSX listing has been applied for, but will not come into Effect for at least Thirty Days. More drilling News is not expected until the latter part of May. In the meantime, we suspect the stock will drift, and we will repurchase at a modestly lower Price.
Overall, we must confess that our Weakness for buying large quantities of high Risk, high Reward stocks, has not, in this Recovery, been advantageous. Of all –MAA, NHC, NIB, NCG, SKP, SDX, NGG, SGR–only SGR has been significantly profitable. We would have done better to buy Dozens of other Securities which have performed better. Indeed, our stable income-producing Stocks have done far better.

The Game, of course, is not yet over. We will wait and see.
April 26, 2010

A most extraordinary Column published in the National Post by John Zucchi, Chair of the Department of History at McGill University, entitled, Why I am (still) a Catholic.

He gives two reasons: "First, I believe in Reason itself, and second, I desire a place where my humanity is enhanced."

He then says that he acknowledges that there are some things that Reason cannot answer. We would certainly agree with that: the human Mind, constrained by its need to see causal Relationships, has much great Difficulty with the concept of the Existence of even the slightest Speck of Matter. Either it has always existed--in which case the human Mind rebels, and says: that does not answer the question--it must have a FIRST CAUSE, but that "FIRST CAUSE" must also have come from something Else--and so on. The other possibility is that there was NOTHING, and then SOMETHING suddenly arose. But, by the very meanings of the words "Something" and "Nothing," --by the restrictions of our Terminology--that is not possible, or not comprehensible. In other words, the human Mind, tied to a Language appropriate to, and derived in a World of causal Linking, is incapable of explaining the Origin of the Existence of anything.

It is at this point that Mr. Zucchi engages in what we must call a prime Example of begging the question--assuming the Truth of the matter in dispute. The area not amenable to reason is Mystery, and Mr. Zucchi says that "the Catholic Church affirms that the Mystery became Flesh and is still present among us in that blemished institution called the Church...." This seems to us such egregious Nonsense that we are left gasping. The Catholic Church can "affirm" anything it pleases. We can affirm that the Mystery is a piece of green Cheese. The affirmation of Anything by Anyone is meaningless and irrelevant unless it is TRUE. Mr. Zucchi simply assumes that the affirmation of the Catholic Church is true. Or perhaps, for him, it doesn't have to be. But the Truth of that affirmation is the Question which the Agnostic must attempt to determine.


Not to do so is to give up Reason at the first Hint of Difficulty. The significant problem with deciding a point at which to give up Reason is--once the decision is made not to seek and consider Evidence--there is no End to the Depths of Absurdity one can sink. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Man once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind." The Dangers are manifest: the Gate is opened not merely for Nonsense, but for Destructive Nonsense --such as the Belief that God wants you to blow up the Unbelievers.

In the end, Mr. Zucchi's real Argument is that he finds a reaffirmation of his Humanity in the individuals and a group of friends in the Church. He says that in that Community he experiences a "merciful gaze upon me." That is fyne, or even dandy. But it is a personal Perception, a personal "Truth" -- but is not helpful in determining the real Nature of our mysterious Existence on Earth.

By referring to his position as a "professor and department chair at McGill University," Mr. Zucchi implies that he should not be thought irrational, or a Believer in Nonsense, but, to be fair, he does not actually claim Validity for his Views. He simply explains why he believes. It may well be, that for the Majority of Mankind, belief in Nonsense is almost necessary. Perhaps the best we can hope for is a Reduction in the Amount of it.


 April 23. 2010.

San Gold caused us significant Surprise. After playing its usual Trick of falling after good news–it hit $3.77–it rebounded in an unprecedented Manner to $4.07. Although we hope the Stock will go significantly higher, we sold a further 1,000 shares at $4.05, bringing our average sale price for 2000 shares to $3.98. This represents a profit of about $1,700, our cost on the recent 22,000 share purchase being $3.13.

The company holds out the Possibility that some of the many different gold Zones may be more linked than separated. With the possible exception of Centurion Energy, we have never owned a significant Position in a Company which has risen to many multiples of our purchase Price. We are hopeful that San Gold, being on the same Trend of geological Structure as Goldcorp, may turn out to be another rewarding Exception. The hope is, as usual, tempered with a certain stoical Skepticism.
We have added to our Position in SKP, which holds an adjacent Property; our Gambling Instinct is to increase our Position yet further, on the Expectation that current Drilling on that Property will reveal similar Result.
April 22, 2010.

Some work done in the “perennial” Enemy, the Garden. Losing battles are somewhat dispiriting.

Pleased to see some excellent drilling news from San Gold. Management felt that it was sufficiently important to call a Halt in Trading. The Stock went up 29 cents to $3.80, justifying our recent purchase at $3.13. In fairness, we should point out that our tax-free Account trade, in which we exchanged San Gold at $3.26 for SDX at 49 cents, does not show evidence of Astuteness; SDX is now closer to 44 cents. It’s not over, of course until the adipose Lady vocalizes.

It is not unusual for the holders of any Security to apprehend, whether correctly or not, that the Stock for which they have significant Hopes and Dreams, is unfairly valued by the Market. We find it hard to repress the Notion that, were San Gold in the Red Lake or Timmins Districts, rather than in Manitoba, which is not renowned for its Gold Mines, the Stock would be considerably higher.
In accordance with our Policy to take some Profits in order to fund and maintain our customary Diet of thin Gruel and remaindered Bread, we have sold 1000 shares at 3.89. (April 23). We had hoped to get $3.98, and the pre-opening bids seemed to support that Notion, but when trading began the Stock fell as low as $3.81, then recovered to $3.90.

We were much struck with three Letters to the Editor (National Post) all of which seemed to be against Euthanasia and in favour of Suffering. We comment on this Peculiarity in the Drivel Section.
 April 23. 2010.

San Gold caused us significant Surprise. After playing its usual Trick of falling after good news–it hit $3.77–it rebounded in an unprecedented Manner to $4.07. Although we hope the Stock will go significantly higher, we sold a further 1,000 shares at $4.05, bringing our average sale price for 2000 shares to $3.98. This represents a profit of about $1,700, our cost on the recent 22,000 share purchase being $3.13.

The company holds out the Possibility that some of the many different gold Zones may be more linked than separated. With the possible exception of Centurion Energy, we have never owned a significant Position in a Company which has risen to many multiples of our purchase Price. We are hopeful that San Gold, being on the same Trend of geological Structure as Goldcorp, may turn out to be another rewarding Exception. The hope is, as usual, tempered with a certain stoical Skepticism.
We have added to our Position in SKP, which holds an adjacent Property; our Gambling Instinct is to increase our Position yet further, on the Expectation that current Drilling on that Property will reveal similar Result.
April 22, 2010.

Some work done in the “perennial” Enemy, the Garden. Losing battles are somewhat dispiriting.

Pleased to see some excellent drilling news from San Gold. Management felt that it was sufficiently important to call a Halt in Trading. The Stock went up 29 cents to $3.80, justifying our recent purchase at $3.13. In fairness, we should point out that our tax-free Account trade, in which we exchanged San Gold at $3.26 for SDX at 49 cents, does not show evidence of Astuteness; SDX is now closer to 44 cents. It’s not over, of course until the adipose Lady vocalizes.

It is not unusual for the holders of any Security to apprehend, whether correctly or not, that the Stock for which they have significant Hopes and Dreams, is unfairly valued by the Market. We find it hard to repress the Notion that, were San Gold in the Red Lake or Timmins Districts, rather than in Manitoba, which is not renowned for its Gold Mines, the Stock would be considerably higher.
In accordance with our Policy to take some Profits in order to fund and maintain our customary Diet of thin Gruel and remaindered Bread, we have sold 1000 shares at 3.89. (April 23). We had hoped to get $3.98, and the pre-opening bids seemed to support that Notion, but when trading began the Stock fell as low as $3.81, then recovered to $3.90.

We were much struck with three Letters to the Editor (National Post) all of which seemed to be against Euthanasia and in favour of Suffering. We comment on this Peculiarity in the Drivel Section.
April 21, 2010.

Armed with new Prescription for Eyeglasses, went seeking new frames and Lenses. With very little Research (we have decided that the less Research, the more easily a Conclusion is reached), we have concluded that, whether the Firm offers regular pricing, two Pair for the price of One, or three Pair for the price of One, the cost is approximately the same: high.

Different promotional deals may have advantage in different Circumstance: if you already have Frames you wish to reuse, then the Scheme which offers free extra Frames may be of little Benefit. We ended getting a “Two for One” Deal. The price was high.
In the evening to Longevity Racquets, where we played with unexpected effectiveness.

The Catholic Church Scandal has prompted another article on the Messiness Principle in the Drivel section.
April 20, 2010.

In the evening watched Jane Goodall on The Agenda. Her study of the Chimpanzee has shown her that Animals are not that different from human Beings–something that most who share their Lives with a Dog or Cat would agree with. There is generally an increased Awareness of our genetic Links to other living forms, which marks a Contrast to earlier Days, when Religion was in the ascendant.
Then, it was easier to claim special status for Man in the Chain of Being, and see him as much separated from other creatures and in unique Possession of Reason and a Soul. This Argument is today impossible, in our view, to maintain, and is a deadly Blow to the idea of an Afterlife: if Man has an Afterlife, then why not a dog, a cricket, or a virus?
In a recent column, Robert Fulford notes that Belief may be a selected Element in our Being, and thus, regardless of Veracity, a bedrock of human Character.

In the coming days we hope to deal, in the Drivel section, with Conrad’s Heart of Darkness which touches on a similar theme: the Necessity of Illusion in human Existence.
 April 19, 2010.

Back from Wind-in-the Pines. On Saturday, completed Income Tax Calculations in preparation for handing over to Accountant. In years past, when our financial Circumstance was complex, we thought it prudent to leave this important Dealing with the Government to those with some Knowledge of the Labyrinths of the Income Tax Act. Now that our Affairs are more simple, we have been so long in a State of Dependence, that we still lack Confidence in our Ability to manage the Task. We admit, also, to a certain amount of Superstition: why agitate the vessel? Best not to disturb the sleeping Income Tax Gods: let the Vast Government Machinery rumble on; let no change, no matter how small, alert the Overseers, trigger the Investigation, expose the Dreimer Accounts, pitiful as they are, to hostile Scrutiny.

We write off the Cost of the Accountant as Business Expense.

We have still not received a Reply from the Eye Clinic. This fact simply reinforces our Conclusion about their view of Patients: to be managed and processed like cattle, and ignored as much as possible.
April 15, 2010.

Up betimes to take the Geezermobile 8 for its Change of Oil. It was fortunate that this Procedure resulted in the Discovery of a small leak in a Water Coolant Hose Two Hoses were replaced and, in an unexpected rush of Mechanical Solicitude, the entire cooling System was flushed, and the Coolant replaced. The Geezermobile shows no evidence of Gratitude or even Awareness of this extraordinary Benefit conferred on it. Indeed, we cannot ever recall having a cooling System flushed, that type of Procedure seeming to be in the realm of a Pedicure or cosmetic Mud Bath. We suspect that our generous Indulgence is unlikely to be repeated.

In the Evening, to the Income Tax Accounts, a wearisome business for which we notably lack Aptitude. The Accounting for Return of Capital for Income Trusts sold during the year always involves a nightmare of Research into bygone years in order to determine the Adjusted Cost Base. It is on such occasions that our Loathing and Hatred for the evil Mr. Flaherty, whose ill-considered Approach to the Destruction of Income Trusts resulted in much personal financial Loss, is mitigated–by only a hair’s breadth, it is true–by the thought that after this year, the Adjusted Cost Base Burden will be lifted.

We have not yet received a reply to our letter to the Eye Clinic. It is unusual that a traditional “FO” letter has not yet been received. For a discussion of “FO” letters, see the Drivel Section.

To Wind-in-the-Pines for an unpromising weekend. Ideal Weather for Income Taxes.
 April 14, 2010

To the Mechanic’s with the Serviceable Six for a Change in Oil. He was much regaled with our Account of expensive Canadian Tire Adventures noted in the Diary on February 19. His charge for a Change of Oil is too low to be recounted here; sometimes the Truth can entirely destroy one’s Credibility.
In the afternoon, the trusty Wal-Mart Economica lawnmower was brought forth from the Garage. It started as though it had been used just yesterday, once the dried and hardened grass had been removed from the undercarriage, where it impeded the motion of the Blades. It was not always thus: in previous Springtime attempts, it has been resistant, requiring a certain amount of Earnest Imprecation, and–oddly enough–a period of warming in the sun to coax it into Function. We conclude that the Economica, unlike the Serviceable Six and Geezermobile Eight, is possessed of a certain degree of Capriciousness and Whimsicality. For that reason, we think that, in the unlikely circumstance of Reincarnation in Machine form, an Economica would be at the top of our List.

In the evening to the Longevity Racquets Club, where a series of generally successful encounters was recorded.
 April 13, 2010.

Today and yesterday made the first tentative Forays into the Garden. The ugly tarpaulins protecting the stone topped Table, and the sturdy Swinging Seat-- both foolish purchases whose Weight and complexity of Disassemblage suggest that their present locations will remain, unchanged, until the next Flood-- have been removed, folded, and stored in the garage.

The desiccated ghosts of last year’s planter box Annuals have been removed and thrown onto the Heap of last Year’s Leaves.

The term”perennial garden” suggests the happy Homeowner sipping mint juleps watching
obliging Blooms replenishing themselves with mechanical Regularity, requiring little more than an occasional Squirt of Lubrication, and the minor Interventions of verbal Encouragement or admonitory Supplications.
In Truth, many Perennials leave Forests of ugly brown Stalks which call out for Cutting and Removal. Grass, the perennial Perennial seems, mysteriously, under cover of snow, to have taken over swaths of planting-bed Soil.

In the early Days of Spring, we will doubtless attack these Problems with some Vigour. At a certain Point, we will Surrender, and postpone Victory to the following Year.

In the great Youtube Project, which increasingly seems more the Possibility of Fancy, than a Potential of Reality, we have discovered how to regulate the Volume of the External Microphone Input, and we have recorded three Melodies. On one recording, His Majesty, who is widely thought to be the Originator of many of the Lumpenbangen Melodies, (few give credit to the Dr. Dreimer hypothesis, in view of his inability to determine whether one Note is higher or lower than Another) is seen to jump up on the Bench, listen to the Melody for some brief moments, look to the Camera in disapproval, then hurry away.
 April 12, 2010.

Up betimes and to the accounts. PMI, bought last March 2 at .38 has now reached .73. Those who are sane and sensible, would consider taking the $3,600 Profit, it having been garnered in so short a Period. But we have always been vulnerable to the Allure of a wonderful Story. Some are comparing PMI to BNK in its potential. At one time we owned 10,000 BNK at well under a dollar, had a small Profit and were forced to sell. It now trades for more than $9.00. Thus, instead of taking the profit, we bought a further 10,000 PMI at .73, selling 10,000 FAN at a small profit to obtain the necessary funds. No doubt the past Experience with BNK has led us to respond in an emotional Fashion.

In the evening to Longevity Racquets, and a narrow Victory. We prefer narrow Victories only in Retrospect; during the time of their acquisition, they are worrisome, and threaten the Ego. We prefer a quiet life, and easy success; doubtless this explains much about the Deficiencies in our Character.
April 11, 2010.

 Pleased to see by weekend that, for the Moment, at least, our switch from 15,000 STB to 22,000 SGR is profitable. We have lost approximately $4,000 on the rise in STB from $5.18 to $5.40 plus the lost dividends. The SGR is up 51 cents or about $11,000. We are ahead, on a net basis by $7,000.

It is with such little Victories that we convince ourselves that the Universe is unfolding as it should. Our purchase was made on March 26, and favourable Drilling News was released on March 31. We expect more good News in the near future, so, for the Moment, we will make no Change.

Our latest Limericks on the Guergis/ Jaffer affair also seem prescient: they imply legal Transgression, but were published before the announcement of an R.C.M.P. investigation.

We are considering taking up the Reading of Tea Leaves, Palms, and Chicken Entrails, with appropriate Signage outside the Lumpenbangen Studios.

 April 8, 2010

(The Guergis/Jaffer couple have been sighted, once again, on Limerick Lane.)

Up somewhat tardily, and to the accounts. It had been our thought to purchase some more NGG, upon reading of new drill Results. In 2007 we purchased a large number of NGG shares, at around forty Cents, seeing it as a imminent producer of Gold with huge Prospects in New Guinea. Reality is often an unwelcome Intruder into our Dreams, and the Company was unsuccessful in producing sufficient Gold to cover Expenses. It sank as low as about ten cents, and many Shareholders sold in Frustration and Disgust. NGG still has many Nuggets in the Fire, and we still have Faith that more than One of their Prospects will prove valuable (they have significant amounts of tellurium in one resource; Barrick is in a joint venture with another).

One of our less attractive personality Traits is that we are extremely loathe to admit to Error of any kind; this can often Result in a mindless Tenacity with respect to a Stock, regardless of Evidence, and not to our financial Advantage. Further, we appear to compensate for our Cowardice in ordinary Life with an unseemly Bravado in Investing. We purchased an additional 90,000 shares at 14 Cents.

If the Stock should, one day, reach $2.00, we will be able to afford a Million Dollar Shack in an Alleyway in Toronto. At that price, it will lack indoor Plumbing, Electricity, or a working Furnace, but we will have sufficient Funds left over to remedy these Deficiencies. If the Stock should go to zero, you will learn of that unfortunate Fact in the Fine Print, if at all.

Much intrigued to observe The Agenda in the Evening. It was a discussion of the Crisis in the Catholic Church; the participants were all Catholics.

As an Atheist, we could not but watch in Wonder. Here were the learned, articulate participants-- not aliens from another Planet, undoubtedly the owners of Automobiles, Microwave Ovens and Computers. They probably even send e-mails! They would not meet the Criteria for our usual Classification for Insanity. And yet they were discussing in all Seriousness, Matters which, in their initiating point, exist within the Realm of complete Delusion.

In fact, what they illustrate is the primacy of Emotion and Imagination in Mankind. Reason is but an afterthought, an amenable handmaiden to the primitive Reptilian Brain (the diencephalon). Look at the Imaginative Capacity of Children to become engrossed in “Cowboys and Indians,” or “Dungeons and Dragons.” Who has not lived, for an hour or two, in the wonderful World of Monopoly, tasting the Elation of Victory, or the Sting of Defeat, as if they were real?

It was interesting to watch the participants skate, in some cases, around the awkward issues of Celibacy, and the rôle of women in the Church. These are but arbitrary Rules of the Game, which might be changed in an instant, except for some Damage done to the seductive Forces of Mystery and Antiquity. Regard the Reaction to the Notion that Proper Names might be used in Scrabble: an Apostasy of the most grievous sort! Or, consider the quotation–we thought it from La Rochefoucauld, although it sounds like Voltaire–we have been unable to find the Source–“Rien n’est plus sacré qu’un abus ancien.”

The imaginative Capacity of Mankind is almost certainly necessary. Of all the animals, we are the only ones who, from an early Age, understand that we must die. This is fact which can be perceived intellectually, but not, we think emotionally. The Elephant in the Room must be reduced to a Mouse in the Corner. Religious belief is one way of achieving this Result. Even for Atheists, some Means of ignoring the ultimate Reality must be found–or else Life is scarcely supportable.
April 6, 2010.

In the afternoon, a foray to Hamilton’s most prestigious Mall, Limeridge, in Search of Red Suspenders. We felt like the Lead in a comic Film, and somewhat furtive, as if seeking Spats, an Ear Trumpet, or a Typewriter Ribbon. Indeed, we were hesitant actually to ask for the Object of our Search by Name, lest a nervous Clerk, observing our un-Limeridgean  shabby Dress, the slightly crazed Glint which appears, unsummoned, occasionally to our eyes, and the obvious Insanity of the Enquiry feel the Need to call for Security Personnel.

A quick tour of The Bay revealed no obscure or antique Items, but as we were passing le Chateau, we spied a small Selection of ties and suspenders hanging from a wall. There was one set of Red Suspenders left. Our distant Memory of Suspenders was that they required Buttons in order them to be fastened to Trousers; we were intrigued to see that modern Technology has advanced to such a State that Suspenders are now provided for Clips which obviate the need for Buttons.

The materials for our Youtube video are now in place.

We have been wrestling, in grand Sumo fashion, with the Queen’s University Student Government’s wonderful Decision to cancel the proposed use of Plastic Sumo Wrestling Suits. We plan to try to make Sense of their Apology, and, additionally, attempt to estimate the Effect that News of this Event will make on Canada’s Reputation in the World of Nations, or even among Civilizations as yet undiscovered.. The Task is daunting, and we are not certain that our already enfeebled Intellect is sufficient to the Task. In the Meantime, we have scribbled a hasty Limerick on the Matter.

 April 5, 2010. Exceptional weather at Wind-in-the-Pines. We tend to be conservative in Matters of dress--wearing Winter Clothes warily and suspiciously as the Weather ameliorates; but this Weekend convinced us that Winter is gone, never to return: both coat and sweater were abandoned in the onslaught of Heat. Some patio Furniture was brought from the winter Hideaway; the Air Conditioning in the Serviceable Six was put to unexpected Use.

As we prepared to leave, we happened to hear a Conversation on the CBC regarding the father in Quebec who is defending the Right of his children to play Street Hockey, in defiance of local Ordinance. With the exception of one taped Clip from a Dissenter, who was not there to elaborate, all the participants, quite unashamedly displayed the Mush which they have allowed to replace their Brains. Street, hockey, they claimed-- lump-throated and, in some cases, audibly weeping -- is what makes Canada the Nirvana which it unquestionably is. All had fond memories of playing street hockey–the beneficial effects could be seen in their wives, children, their automobiles, and their highly regarded positions in the Community. One would have to conclude that without Street Hockey, Canada would be the Haiti of the North, and the participants drugged and drunken ne’er-do-wells rotting in downtown Vancouver.

(Well, as Stephen Leacock famously said: “When the facts aren’t good enough, I always exaggerate.”)
For a number of Years in Toronto we owned a House adjacent to a public Parking Lot, a venue which attracted much noble Youth of the area, whose Engagement in Street Hockey provided much valuable Insight into the Nature of Human Nature. The games were loud, raucous, foul-mouthed, and never-ending. Eventually, signs of Prohibition were posted, and by Dint of much recourse to Police Enforcement, our House was returned to a reasonable State of Livability.

If Canada’s Nature and Existence is so dependent upon the Practice of Street Hockey, then let us fund Parks and Venues where these small Creatures, surrounded by expensive Sound Barriers, may be allowed to have their Way.

We are not sanguine about the Premise concerning the dependence relationship; nor are we positive that Canada would not be a better place were the Young taught that their Desires may not always be fulfilled. In the Battle of Rights, the Father in Quebec is saying that the Right of his Children to make Noise exceeds the Right of Neighbours to quiet enjoyment of the Property which they have earned Money to purchase. We find this to be an argument most dubious. We do not see the Sense of Entitlement conveyed to Children, the Notion that they may defy the Rights of Others with Impunity, to be an Advantage to Society.

The philosophy that Man is a “Noble Savage” –born good and corrupted by Society is, in our view, a Crock of Shit. We note, and rest our Case on the Dearth of Assaults, Attacks, and Shootings in the Schools in an earlier era, when the doctrine of Original Sin was held in greater Regard..
April 1 2010 Up betimes and to the Eye Clinic for an early April Fools appointment. An unpleasant encounter with Bureaucracy, the details of which may be gleaned from our Letter to the Director of the Site, posted in the Drivel Section. One of the Difficulties of a Government-run System is that the Employees owe their loyalty, not to the Patients, who soon become seen as Cattle to be herded, but to the Government which pays their Salaries. They do not need to compete for our Custom with the Eye Clinic in another, nearby Location: they are free to construct a System with Features as Kafka-esque as they please.
Upon attempting to read the apology of the Student Government regarding the sinful Racism involved in the employment of Sumo wrestling Costumes, we were immediately reminded of the human Propensity to engage in fanciful Speculation and inane Absurdities–in an earlier era, the Calculation of the number of Angels which might comfortably dance on the Head of a Pin. In this modern version, of course, one is led to wonder how many Pinheads might conceivably dance on the Point of hypothetical Racism; in Canada, we suspect that the number is not inconsiderable.

We hope to deal with this Matter at Length at a later time. In the meantime, we hope to escape, briefly, from the Contemplation of the Folly of Mankind, in all its varied Magnificence, at Wind-in-the-Pines.
March 31, 2010.
We are pleased to see Helena Guergis make a return Appearance on Limerick Lane.

Upon reviewing the video recordings made recently, which show us reverting from the now customary Burka to our former disguise of Wig and Novelty Store Nose and Glasses, we observed that the Hitlerian moustache affixed to the nose was clearly unconvincing, and tended to flap suspiciously in a manner which would not be possible with a real Moustache.

Despite our complete Inexperience in these Matters, we feel that elevated Standards should not be dismissed as beyond our Aspiration. Accordingly, we proceeded to the Establishment where we purchased the Nose and Glasses to obtain a Moustache which could be more realistically affixed. We are not sure that the elevated Standards require us to replay the Melodies with the new facial Adornment; however, we take some Solace in the Fact that, in future Recordings, our Appearance, while still absurd, will be more slightly more realistically absurd.

Much alarmed by a Publication arriving in the Mail haranguing us on the Evils of Salt and its Function in raising Blood Pressure, and causing all Manner of unwelcome Disease. Because our Blood Pressure Readings are always high at the Doctor’s Office–we are always hugely fearful that they will be found high, and the Doctor will prescribe Medication–we some years ago purchased our own Monitor, so that we could take Refuge in the claim of “White Coat Syndrome.”
Recently, while waiting at a medical testing Laboratory, we had a Conversation with a lady who had been put on a Blood Pressure Lowering Medication for four Years, and had felt unwell throughout this Period. At her insistence, she saw a Specialist and determined that, in fact, she did not have High Blood Pressure. We take this as simply an Example of the time Constraints in our Medical system, and the Allure of the quick Drug Remedy.

We do not regularly use our Machine, but the Publication convinced us that, at our advanced Age, we were probably about to expire within the next hour or two, and so, with considerable Trepidation, affixed the machine in Place. We have noted that the First Reading is always high– we attribute this to the Fact that we are nervous about it being high.

After about three Readings, we were comforted to see 119/67; it’s simply a matter of thinking soothing thoughts. The alarmist Magazine is now resting comfortably–in the Blue Box.
March 30, 2010.
Shortly after yesterday’s entry we were pleased to see Mr. Murray Geiger-Adams make an important Appearance on Limerick Lane. We note that the Hearing into Ms. Pardy’s complaint is proceeding. She claims “to have suffered injury to her ‘dignity, feelings, and self-respect.’” (National Post, March 30.) One witness has testified that the lesbian couple had said, of Mr. Earle: “she should have aborted you when she had the chance....your mother is a sh—y mother.”

This Matter appears to have been an unconsidered Confrontation on both sides, a verbal barroom Brawl. Only in Canada would one of the parties complain to a Government Agency about hurt Feelings. Only in Canada would people believe that their Feelings should be protected from hurt. Only in Canada would a government body listen to the complaint. Only in Canada does Desire for Utopia so readily overcome the small Voice of Common Sense.

We note also Ms. Pardy’s girlfriend has testified that after the incident, Ms. Pardy has “changed,” “has had trouble sleeping,” and has become “isolated and moody.” This is a Circumstance most strange and curious! Ever since we have become aware of the Egregious Stupidity of Human Rights Commissions, we have experienced these identical Symptoms; we eagerly anticipate the Finding of a generous Cash Award as a Precursor to our own Complaint.


It is interesting  that a number of Commentators feel that any Move to “ban the niqab”–even in the limited Sphere of Transactions between Citizen and Government-- is unwarranted and intrusive.

In an idle moment, we have wondered what Reaction would be forthcoming, were a new Wave of Immigration to our Shores take place, from the wonderful Land of Absurdia, in which place it is the Custom for all Males to wear a niqab, the women being free to show their Faces. Would the Commentators regard masked Males on the Streets with the same Equanimity which they evidently feel with respect to masked Females?

The afternoon was occupied with recording three melodies using the new Canon Vixia HF200 Camcorder. We hope to be able to add additional introductory material soon, but have significant Trepidation about the editing process.

 March 29, 2010.

Note with some satisfaction that SGR closed at 3.30, up from our purchase price on Friday of 3.13. Bought 1,900 more at 3.25 in order to round out our holdings into the even thousands.

Once again the Human Rights Commissions are in the headlines. On this Occasion two Lesbian Hecklers are complaining of “hate speech” remarks made by a Comedian in his attempts to Silence them during a Performance. The Comedian will not appear, and says the Matter has already cost him $20,000.

As is usual with well-intentioned Government Programs, no one took a Moment to consider how the System might be abused. What could be easier to smite thine Enemy than to make a Human Rights Commission Complaint? Regardless of the Justice of your Claim, you will ensure that your Victim is penalized. How does the Government protect those who are falsely accused?

We wonder what would happen if those in Receipt of Complaint simply refused to show up? It is the rare Citizen willing to go to Prison for Principle, but we live in Hope.

Oliver Wendell Holmes noted the limitation of Free Speech: one cannot falsely shout “Fire” in a crowded Theatre. Similarly, if a crowd should gather outside the Lumpenbangen Studios–the Pope, Rex Murphy, and some niqab-wearers, armed with pitchforks and hatchets, shouting “Death to the Atheist,” we think there might be some cause for Complaint. Short of that, we wonder what has become of the old Saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”?

It seems that complaints of Hate Speech are often based on personal Perception, and the Misapprehension that one’s Feelings should never be hurt. Our response is: “get a Life.”

We have sighted the complainant, in this Matter, Lorna Pardy, on Limerick Lane; it would not surprise us if Mr. Geiger-Adams, evidently an admirable Embodiment of Rights Commissions Arrogance, should soon make an appearance in the same Place.
 March 28, 2010

Much interested in the niqab Debate. In Quebec, Mr. Charest plans to require those receiving Government Services to do so unveiled. Clayton Ruby, a defence Lawyer in Toronto thinks such a Move will not survive a Charter challenge, and is quoted as saying “It’s hard to justify it. It’s a blow at what somebody else conceives their religion to be.” (National Post, March 26.)

This statement neatly points to a major Flaw in the Matter of putting Religion above all else: if it is merely personal Perception of what constitutes Religious Requirement that is paramount, then there is no End of Absurdity which may be called into Play. If we claim that our Personal Religion requires us to carry a loaded Machine Gun to all Government Offices, will that, indeed, be permitted?

While respecting the right of Citizens to wear peculiar Costume in Publick, we feel that the wearing of the niqab should be discouraged. It is an affront to the reasonable desire and the cultural Custom of our Society to communicate with Others in a manner that faces may be identified, and facial Expressions be observed. It is, in a powerful Symbolic Manner, a Rejection of the Values of the Society in which the niqab wearer has chosen to live, and raises the Question of the Extent and Depth of that Rejection. We do not think there can be any Accommodation between those who believe in the Separation of Religion and State, and those who believe that Religion should control the State. You either believe in Separation, or you do not.
We applaud this move as a clear Symbol, which while not prohibiting the wearing of the niqab, does suggest the Primacy of the State and of the Culture which has made our Societies, by Comparison with others, desirable ones in which to live.

We note that the Editorial in the Post is opposed to this Quebec Bill 94, and expresses the hope that the use of the niqab will be extinguished voluntarily. The matter of dress is fraught with Symbolism. While there are strong cultural Forces at work in discouraging Swimsuits in Supermarkets, bare Feet in Restaurants, sequined red Dresses at funerals, the government does not generally intervene, except in the matter of Publick Nakedness.

Recognizing that our View may be rare, we find the niqab extremely offensive, only one small step down from Publick Nakedness. Thus we have no Objection to the Government’s symbolic step in placing a small Limitation on its use in the Matter of dealing with Government Offices.
March 26, 2010.

Up betimes and to the accounts, they having been sluggish and uninteresting of late. San Gold having declined from a high of about $4.13 to a price of $3.10, it struck us that with a TSX listing and marginability at hand, increasing Production, further drill Results, and target prices in excess of $5, it would not be unreasonable to expect the old Highs to be exceeded within the Year, or even a fifty cent Rise in the next month or two. Unwilling to increase debt, and attracted by the Siren Song of fast, easy Money, we sold 15,000 STB at $5.18 (our purchase price was $3.50), and bought 20,000 SGR at about $3.12.

The STB provides us with a monthly Income; the San Gold does not. We cannot account for this extraordinary Switch. On many levels, we display great personal Cowardice. We would never, for example, call out “take it off” to a niqab-wearing entity, fearing perhaps, compliance, and confronting the putative Bank Robber beneath. Yet, in financial Matters, we find Risk always more attractive than Boredom.

San Gold closed at $3.20. Oddly, after the close of Markets, San Gold produced its annual Report for 2009. There seemed nothing unexpected in the Report; however, perhaps this event marks a turning Point, and our risky Gamble will be rewarded. In this case, we will forever mark this day as providing an example of mysterious Prescience.

We tinkered with the Wording of our latest Limericks concerning the estimable François Houle and the redoubtable Rex Murphy; Too often, we rush to publish in Excitement, and repent in Error.
March 25, 2010.

In the evening to Longevity Racquets, feeling unusually spry and recording 2 Wins and a Loss. Recently started taking “Vital Greens,” and it is tempting to believe that this peppermint-tasting Liquid is indeed having a revitalizing Effect. While we reject the particular Illusion of Religion, we are more than ready to embrace, with limited Discrimination, a Myriad of Others. It is our belief that Illusions are essential to our well-being–but that we should attempt to choose those which seem to offer the maximum Benefit for the least Cost.
In lieu of a Commentary on the University of Ottawa-Ann Coulter affair, we have posted two Limericks concerning the admirably correct Mr. François Houle. See Limerick Lane.

We have also made a sighting of the eminent Rex Murphy in the same place.

 March 24, 2010.
Attempting to catch up with recent news –Rex Murphy’s blustery vent in Saturday’s National Post, the matter of the Failure of Universities to remain unbiased in current political Debates, the laudable Steps being made to reject the Demands made by Cultures clearly less desirable than our own to accommodate their religious Peculiarities.

Yes, the last Element in the previous Statement was intentional; we have long held that multiracialism is entirely possible, but that multiculturalism is nonsense.

Thus far we have only managed to consider Mr. Murphy’s tirade in the Drivel section.
In the evening to Toronto, to attend the Symphony. The Great City, formerly our place of Residence, seems now a Megalopolis both wonderful and yet, strangely vulnerable. The Publick Transit system is much less well-kept. Traffic can cause Delays, which, to the non-resident, seem interminable. How can anyone afford a Residence in Toronto? It does not, perhaps quite inspire the “fascination of the abomination,” but one does not leave without a certain Sense of Relief.
March 22, 2010 A pleasant weekend at Wind-in-the-Pines. The Camcorder Manual of many Pages proved less fearsome than its Bulk would suggest. We would heartily recommend the Manufacturer state clearly on the Cover: Two thirds of this Manual is in French and Spanish; of the remaining third, one-half concerns Videotaping, the other Portion deals with the Single Shot Camera Function.

By ignoring those Features of the Camera which promised to wash Dishes, vacuum the Floors, and provide a religious Epiphany, we were able to charge the Battery, set the Date, plug in the external Microphone, make simple Recordings, and then delete them.
We need still to learn the “fade” function; the Intricacies of Editing are still a distant Alp. We have heard that the Software provided by the Manufacturer is the Model and Epitome of Uselessness. Yet, the Camera remains intact, and our own State of Mind is returning, albeit slowly, to its wonted Equilibrium. We have modelled the Wig, Nose and Glasses to be used in our Recordings; it is our Conclusion that, for these Occasions, the full Burka will not be required.

To Longevity Racquets in the Evening, and a surprising 3-2 Victory.
 March 18, 2010. To the Burlington Mall to purchase, after much Deliberation, the Camcorder for the proposed Youtube Video. We regard the multi-paged Manual with Emotions of Despair. Having mastered the Art of dialing the Telephone, we feel we have accommodated as much as is necessary to the modern Era of Technology. We are doubtful that we will reach a nirvanic state sufficient to allow us to operate this redoubtable Machine; however, we propose to take the Camera and Manual to Wind-in-the-Pines this Weekend. It is our hope that, in the tranquility of that Place, the Camera may, with sufficient Cursing and loud Imprecation, be made to function.
To Longevity Racquets in the Evening, to record one Victory and one hard-fought Loss.

Consult the Drivel section for our Thoughts on the mysterious Ways of the Internet Giant Google.
March 17, 2010.

A day of exceptionally warm weather led us to consider the unwashed state of the Geezermobile 8, and to proceed remove the topmost layer of Hamilton Grime. The Geezermobile will doubtless never attain its pristine Magnificence, but from a distance, it is still an impressive Sight, having a stately and dignified Presence unattainable in those small modern vehicles, whose lines always seem to suggest a Penchant for driving nose-first into the Ground.

We have made a resolution that we will buy no Vehicle which does not suggest a parallel relationship with the Horizon, the hunched-over, tail-raised configuration so apparently popular, seeming both foolish and undignified. One would think that the designers of automobiles would be influenced by the inherently pleasing notion of level, and balance; however, it appears that they are not, and have managed to lure millions to associate themselves with ugly and off-kilter machines. The vagaries of fashion are instructive in showing the true Nature of Mankind.

We would applaud the step taken by the Insurance Board in Quebec, which has decided not to accommodate the Requests of Niqab or Burka wearing women asking that they be photographed by a Woman. It is regrettable that the Insurance Board made this Decision only after the Human Rights Commission declared that “requiring a veiled woman to briefly expose her face to a male employee is not a significant breach of her rights.” (National Post, March 17)

We are increasingly convinced that Human Rights Commissions too well illustrate Lord Acton’s famous Dictum that “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Unelected, and not bound by Restrictions inherent in the legal system, these Commissions make decisions which can only be justified on the Grounds that their megalomaniacal perceptions and prescriptions of “equality” are, in fact, correct. The most recent egregious Example is the Marise Myrand case, in which the Quebec Commission has set itself up as capable of altering the Distribution of Parking Spots on the Basis of its Perception of degrees of Inequality. The logical and absurd Extension of the Principle illustrated is that Human Rights Commissions should interfere in the Minutiae of our Existence, and allocate Rewards and Punishments based on perceived Degrees of “Victimhood.” In this Instance, the Commission was also able to determine the “Values” of our Society, and punish those it perceived did not share those Values.

Canada well deserves to be the Laughing Stock of Civilized Nations; the Maple Leaf should be replaced with a Banana.


P.S.: We have made our first Foray into the Topick of Punctuation in the Grammar and Usage section.

March 15, 2010. Dalton McGuinty, our esteemed Premier, has always struck us as a “gentleman on whom [one could build] an absolute trust.” He has given no Cause for disappointment. On Friday, we were brought news of “an agreement signed between the Liberals and the Canada Revenue Agency [which] will see the provincial tax workers become employees of the federal government, but not before receiving severance payouts for the ‘loss’ of their Ontario jobs.” (National Post, March 12.) The amounts could be as much as $45,000 for each Worker. Mr. McGuinty has been quick to reject the Notion that Legislation might be introduced to amend this Situation, noting that this would amount to a Revocation of a signed Agreement: “ ...when we give you our word, our word is our word.”

These words sound vaguely reminiscent of those of another of our Heroes, Jean Chretien, whose Definition of a “proof” was as incantatory as it was meaningless. But no Matter. We are pleased that Mr. McGuinty has re-established his Reputation for Ethics, not, of course, that such a Re-establishment was in the least necessary.
We are also pleased to note that Mr. McGuinty has made a welcome Appearance on Limerick Lane, after an Absence of several months’ Duration.

We are wondering whether a “Thane of Cawdor” Day might be a worthy Addition to our list of celebratory Ontario Holidays.

For the vast Majority of our Readers, who are, quite naturally, occasional Visitors to this Site, we would note the Addition of another Melody to the Musick Page, Earth, Sea, and Stars.
 March 14, 2010. Up betimes, and made preliminary Efforts to tidy a Closet, the disparate Contents of which revealed an Intention to spill forth, and blocked the Closing of the Door. A trip to the Supermarket was marred by the fact that an enterprising would-be Thief opened the side door of the Serviceable Six–a seldom-used door which we had assumed was locked. There being little of Value in the Serviceable Six, it appears that, although some Contents were disturbed, nothing was taken. What on Earth could have attracted the Attention of the Thief is beyond our limited Comprehension: The Serviceable Six is Nine Years old, and has not been washed this long Winter. Perhaps it was our Appearance– a figure dress’d in old Jeans and shabby Jacket that suggested, to the hallucinatory Thief, a Treasure Trove of Rubies and Diamonds secreted in the Storage Bin.
Reflections on the Niqab” is our latest contribution to the Drivel Section.
March 13, 2010. Both the National Post and Maclean’s have had recent articles on Lionel Tiger’s God’s Brain, which gives Consideration to the reason for religious Belief, which is persistent and widespread, despite the lack of Evidence. The Book appears to argue that the Brain does not, essentially, operate on the Basis of “hard evidence;” it longs for answers which only irrational Belief can provide: “The brain is simply more comfortable believing than doubting, just as the body is more comfortable lying in a hammock than hanging from a chin-up bar.”

We have little doubt that this is the case. Hammocks, or comfortable TV-oriented Couches hold a particular Appeal for us. Similarly, we suspect that much of our “Thinking” is little more than an attempt to ascribe Reason and Logic to what is actually a visceral, emotional Response.

Even with this Admission, it seems that always to give in to the lure of Couches, or to live entirely by emotional Response, is unlikely to provide the most desirable Outcomes. It has, for some time, been our feeling that Religion, for a large number of People, can be helpful and comforting, despite the fact that it is entirely a Construct of the Imagination. The Problem is: how can Religion be “kept in its place” – and not be allowed to interfere with the Requirements of the “Real World..” The essential Difficulty is that, once one makes the “Leap of Faith,” there is no Absurdity that will not fall under that conveniently opened Umbrella. As Thomas Jefferson observed: “Man once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind.”

The results of taking Religion “too seriously” are the Inquisition, the Crusades, suicide Bombings, and the state of Iran.

Thus we feel that every Effort, in the secular State, should be made to compress Religion into a strictly private Sphere. Schools should examine Religion as the peculiar Construct of the Imagination which it is. There should be no funding of Schools built on a religious Belief. Wearing of Turbans, Kirpans, Niquabs, Yarmulkes, Crosses, or any other religious Symbols should not be allowed to take precedence over established, reasonable secular Customs on the Grounds of catering to “religious freedom.”

Responding to the accusation of the atheists that “religious believers are deluded, if not outright morons,” Lionel Tiger is quoted as saying: “You can’t have a viable society in which 80% of adults are morons.” He means, of course, that acting on the brain’s essential Impulses is not being “moronic.”

We would argue that Believers are indeed deluded, but that a viable society consisting of 80% “Morons” may be possible, providing that the Moronicity is kept within a strictly private Sphere.

What remains is the question of the rôle of Religion in frightening the young into adopting certain ethical Behaviours, which, once incorporated into their way of Being, can be set free of the original false Arguments. It would be interesting to see whether the Standard by which Behaviour could be judged is: is this Action consistent with the noblest Ideas of what it is to be a Human Being. All would fall short, as they fall short of religious Ideals, but, we suspect, the Approach would be practically as efficacious.
 March 12, 2010. Observed another Climate Change Discussion on The Agenda. The Topick concerned various attempts to alter the progress of Climate Change, including Carbon Capture and Alteration of the Atmosphere. The three contributing Individuals all seemed to believe that Warming is real, dangerous, and caused by Man. In the Discussion, however, it was recognized that Predictions of the future are based on computer models. In our view the accuracy of Prediction must require accuracy of input and a completely Correct understanding of interactions. Secondly, it was noted that a small experiment with the atmosphere is ineffective; a major experiment may have unintended Consequences. The Question arises: who has the Right to make a potentially dangerous Decision, one which may affect different Countries in different Ways. Indeed, the whole idea of Nations agreeing on any Matter strikes us as extraordinary and fantastical. We are in no position to judge whether Climate Warming is beyond the normal Fluctuation experienced heretofore, or, indeed, whether increased Activity of Mankind is Responsible. In Light of the unethical Behaviour of Scientists involved in these Studies, we tend to be skeptical. Even if the Alarmists should be correct, we see no Possibility of Agreement on significant Reduction of Emissions or of Fantastical Schemes to alter how the Atmosphere works. Present needs will always trump future Dangers.

We have always held to the rather cheerful Notion, that just as each Individual carries within the Seeds of his Destruction, it does not seem unlikely that Civilizations, and Man himself may be similarly doomed. Assuming we escape an errant Meteorite, we are not convinced that Man’s lust for Power will not result in nuclear Destruction, nor that his increase in Population can be restrained, or that his Economy can function at a static or declining Level. Is it in the Nature of Man to aspire, expand, and triumph to the point of his own Extinction, or Decimation?
 March 11, 2010. Composed Limericks for Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis. Just as we think that perhaps Limerick Topicks have been exhausted, new and irresistible Targets appear. When we started Limerick Lane, we thought that devoting a whole page to Limericks (or close Approximations) was somewhat ambitious, and that the very act of creating the Page would ensure that Topicks, and the Inspiration to address them would vanish as dreams of Avarice are wont to melt in the harsh Reality of the Stock Market.

It is clear now, of course, that the Folly of Mankind is in inexhaustible supply; the only remaining Question is our Capacity to comment on that Folly in Limerick form. We have added one further verse on Elizabeth May, who manages to sail on in her greenboat dreamboat, refusing to accept that serious Questions have been raised about the Validity of the Arguments of Man-made Climate Warming Enthusiasts. A recent debate on TVO’s The Agenda surprised us with the Agreement between two Scientists supposedly on opposite Sides of the Debate. There was much we did not understand of the Discussion, but we were left with the Notion that Climate Matters are extremely Complex, and that any Conclusion at this Time is premature.
In the Evening to Longevity Racquets, where we derived the comforting Notion that we are not dead yet, and capable of surprising our Opponents.


 March 10, 2010. To Toronto for Appointment with the Dentist. An occasional visit to Robert Lowrey’s is always pleasant, as it allows for basking in Dreams never to be fulfilled. On this Occasion, we were able to imagine the Purchase of a Schimmel Concert Grand Piano. The required $93,000 plus tax could be paid in Canadian Tire Money, with the addition of Funds from the sale of SDX, once it has reached $10.00.

In the afternoon to Longevity Racquets, where a 3-0 victory was obtained, in part through the use of a rather elderly, slow Ball. Craft benefits from such Sluggishness, which allows for a slower reaction Time, and more precipitous Drop, when the Ball is accurately placed just above the Tin.

We do not question the various Factors which converge to a Victory; we are content with the Notion that the Universe is unfolding as it should.

We have added limericks on Jahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis to the Limerick Lane page.

March 9, 2010.
On Monday, played an Important Match at the Longevity Racquets Club. Unfortunately, Craft was defeated by Speed 3 games to one. This result, is perhaps, not unexpected; Craft may trump Speed which lacks a critical Degree of Competence, but as the Gap of Competence is narrowed, Speed will come into its Own.

On Tuesday, to the Accounts, and seeing SDX move up on positive News, we became fearful that it would soar before we could acquire our desired Position. Thus, we sold 5000 SGR in a tax-free Account at the low Price of $3.26, in order to buy 32,000 SDX at 49cents. This Move was over-hasty; SDX closed at 47 cents, and we might well have waited for a more propitious time to sell the SGR.
The one Certainty in the Stock Market is that every Decision, viewed through a certain Prism–the Prism of the Ideal-- may be seen as erroneous. Our hope is that in two years’ Time, the exchange will be seen to be profitable. But, of course, it may well not.
March 8, 2010.
Returned from Wind-in-the Pines. Intrigued to see Quebec may restrict the wearing of the Niquab, arising from a recent incident in which a Student was expelled from a Course at a Montreal College because of her Dress. She has, naturally, filed a Human Rights complaint on the grounds of Freedom of Religion. We must confess to having a violent Prejudice against the Niquab, since it defies a perfectly reasonable cultural norm: that Citizens be identifiable. In our present Culture, those who wear masks are signaling their intention to commit a Crime, and make good their Escape by means of a Disguise. If not that, it may be merely an annual Ritual of Hallowe’en, or a related private Party.

Another Argument that may be adduced for requiring that, in ordinary human interaction, the Face be visible, is that the Face is a Book wherein there are many clues to the inward Thought, Attitude, and Intention. Sometimes, it may be true that “There’s no art/ To find the mind’s construction in the face”–but this is by no means universally the Case.

As to the argument of religious Freedom, we feel much too much is made of this Issue. In our View, Religion is like Sex, Booze, Cocaine, and Late Night Movies: helpful, perhaps, in dealing with an unaccommodating Reality, but to be avoided as an Obsession, and deemed a Dependency-- not a Virtue-- which should be neither flaunted nor exposed in Publick.
It seems too facile to create a “Religion” --and then claim Exemption from some cultural Norm or legal Requirement on the Grounds of Religious Imperative.

It may be instructive to examine some thoughts of Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. Constitution, who argued strongly for the separation of Church and State, and considered religion “a matter which lies solely between man and his God:” “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government.” (Dec. 16, 1813)

Freedom of Religion is freedom to practise Religion privately, but not to impose its Absurdities on reasonable and established cultural Traditions.



March 7, 2010

A pleasant weekend at Wind-in-the-Pines. The weather most Spring-like, and excellent for walking. Composed several Limericks which are posted to Limerick Lane. Readers may feel that we are obsessed with Canadian Tire Corporation, but our sense of Betrayal seems to require a long Period of smouldering and vituperative Recuperation. As a general Matter, we think that the Advantages of Obsessions to be significantly underrated.

March 4, 2010. To the Eye Clinic in the Morning. The weather-- sunny and relatively mild has a lifting Effect on our Spirits. It is largely a matter of Contrast, of course, but we question whether the Misery of a long and dark Winter is an appropriate Price to pay for the sense of Amelioration at the Prospect of Spring.

We note that Amazon.com is given to the ingenious Ploy of sending e-mails on the Appearance of Books related in Subject Matter to our previous Purchases. Today, we were provided notice of a new Volume by Dr. Duane Graveline: Statin Damage Crisis. Dr. Graveline is author of Lipitor: Thief of Memory–so the Topick of this new Volume brings no Surprise. Of particular interest are the Reviews of this Book, by those who have suffered ill Effects from Statin Drugs.

Five years ago, we experienced peripheral Neuropathy from Ingestion of Lipitor, and we know of two Others who have stopp’d or reduced their Dosages because of unwanted Side Effects.
No Doctor, of course, pays any Attention to such Matters. Doctors, in addition to being cognizant of the Advantages of tribal Thinking, are weighed down by such Millstones as the Standard of Care: once the Standard of Care has been established, its Validity is irrelevant; Deviation would constitute professional Suicide. The Standard of Care is, we believe, unduly influenced by the large Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, who stand to benefit from the Sale of Drugs included in the Standard of Care.

It is a general Perception that Human Beings think tribally, rather than individually. Bad Ideas often gain great Currency, for reasons quite apart from Truth or Appropriateness. It is our intention to deal with some of the more popular Myths and Misconceptions in future days.

In the meantime, we would direct readers to the Paean on Lipitor in the Drivel Section.

March 3, 2010. Up betimes to a consideration of the Accounts. We decided to buy 20,000 more SDX at .46. Our rational for this purchase is that the President, Said Arrata, was President of Centurion Energy. We accumulated 20,000 shares of Centurion Energy a few years ago, on the recommendation of Joseph Schacter, at a cost of $3.00 - $4.00. The company was taken over in the $12.00 range. Mr. Arrata is familiar with Egypt, and we are inclined to place our Bets on those who have already shown capability of Success.
We note that our purchase of KGN yesterday was timely; indeed, we had an odd sense of urgency on that Occasion. We are pleased to see our 25,000 shares advance by forty-one cents today. Quite possibly our unconscious Faculties have a mysterious Sense of Future Events; we can only regret the Sense seems deficient in Consistency.
 March 2, 2010.

Up betimes to a consideration of the Accounts. The sale yesterday of 10,000 SGR and 5,000 EME netted buying power of $46,000. We deployed these funds to 5,000 KGN at $5.90, and 10,000 SDX at .48. In addition, we purchased 10,000 PMI at .38. This last purchase was entirely whimsical, and based largely on the fact that PMI shares directors with Gran Tierra. We have confessed before that our Approach to the Stock Market is singularly lacking in Common Sense. We are always enamoured of the unlikely Narrative: the Stock that is purchased for fifty cents, and proceeds to fifty Dollars. Doubtless such Narratives have unfolded-- with about the same Frequency that Santa Claus makes his way down a Chimney. We have certainly never experienced such Unfolding, but that seems not to deter us from happy Expectation. To justify this last Purchase, we must make the rather convoluted Argument that the funds being deployed are those gained in our two-week venture with EME.

If we must deem our Decisions with respect to the Stock Market as “romantic”, we must note that many Actions of Government may be classified in the same Fashion. Government, it appears, is always identifying a class of Victims who must be aided and protected. Of necessity, this Decision also classifies others as Oppressors. Thus, we have Human Rights Commissions and Tenant Protection Acts. The results of these brave Ventures are not always as intended. In the February 22nd edition of the National Post, Karen Selick recounts the Case of the Male who applied to join a Health Club for Women, on the Grounds that he was planning to have a Sex Change Operation. When the owner, John Fulton, was hesitant, the Applicant made a Complaint with the Human Rights Commission. At the Mediation process the Complainant offered to drop the Complaint in consideration of a large Payment. It appears that the “going rate” for such Payments is $20,000 -$25,000–an attractive amount in relation to potential legal Costs.
Ultimately, the Complainant withdrew the Complaint, leaving Mr. Fulton saddled with legal Bills of $150,000, which are not recoverable.

It would be indeed instructive to discover how the Government would argue that Mr. Fulton’s Rights have been protected. They have not, of course, because he has, by reason of the Complaint, been classified as an Oppressor. In the romantic View of the Government, there are only Victims, and Oppressors. “Victims” are always angelic; “Oppressors” always evil.

When Governments are about to embark on their Romantic Crusades, it might be Salutary for them to reflect on the Nature of Human Nature. “Victims,” being human, are no less capable of Evil than “Oppressors.” A Consideration of how “Victims” might take advantage of Romantic Legislation should be mandatory, and high on the List. Were this the case, we would find significantly less Government Oppression of its Citizens.
March 1, 2010.

At last, SGR has produced its long awaited 43-101 Resource Report. It appears to bring the total ounces to about 3 Million, and paves the way to a Listing on the Toronto Exchange. The stock was at $3.64, initially, unchanged. We sold 10,000 at $3.60, and it closed at $3.51. We also sold 5000 EME at $3.90, having purchased at $3.10 on February 17, $4,000 profit in two weeks being too difficult to resist. It closed at $3.85.

It may well be that each of these stocks will go higher. The SGR is not marginable until the TSX listing, and so the funds might be better deployed in KGN, which is already listed.
In the process of consigning some recent Flyers to the Trash, we noticed one from a local “Auto Center.” From the spelling, it would appear to be run by Americans, or those so enamoured of all things American, that they have adopted the foreign spelling. Possibly the advertisement was first written on a Computer infected by an American spell-checker. Our own Computer is so infected, and no Imprecation or Rite of Exorcism (we have tried a Variety of Ceremony performed at Midnight under the full Moon) seems efficacious in casting out the American Propensities.

The Flyer is notable for more than its spelling: the cost of Computer Diagnostics is listed at $39.95, and the Labour Rate is $39.99 per hour. Our recent Experience at the Canadian Tire Corporation revealed a Charge of $94 for Computer check and a $94 hourly Labour Rate. Doubtless the Canadian Tire Computers are plated in Gold, and pleasingly encrusted with Rubies and Emeralds. It would not be unreasonable to assume that Canadian Tire Employees work 2.35 times as quickly, and are doubtless more pleasant and amiable as a result of their higher Standard of Living.
February 27, 2010.

Completed the Dissertation on deceptive sales pitches–posted in the Drivel section. This piece is, perhaps, likely to inspire neither Palpitations of Excitement nor Paroxysms of Delight, but we hope we may claim that the serious Business of this Site –the Improvement of Mankind–has been somewhat advanced. Posted also a new Limerick on the “Green Jacket Winner” in Limerick Lane.
Finally, we note that in the Drivel section on February 1, we expressed our Intention to add further Melodies to our collection available for Download. Unlike the management of San Gold, who have been promising to produce their 43-101 Report on multiple occasions for well over a year, and have been notably deficient in this Regard, we endeavour to follow through on our stated Intentions. Thus, a new Melody is now available from the Music Description/Download Page. It is called, Earth, Sea, and Stars. We would welcome any laudatory Comments. We value negative Comment most highly when it remains unexpressed.
February 25, 2010.

To lunch with Sir Brian Humphries. In a shattering and somewhat disturbing Alteration to our customary choice of Restaurant, we travelled to distant Stoney Creek to the Kings Buffet-- in replacement of Chan’s Buffet in Hamilton. These radical shocks to our System become less and less easily tolerated. That being said, the Kings Buffet is superior in Décor, and offers roast beef even at Lunch time, while still at a moderate Cost. It bustled with Custom, and deservedly so.
We composed the first part of our Examination of “the sales Pitch,” and published it in the Drivel section. We hope to complete Part II today, but hesitate to make promises.
 February 24, 2010.

 In consideration of our Accounts, we are pleased to see that EME closed at $4.05, up nearly one Dollar from our Purchase Price a few Days ago. We must hasten to add that of all Braggarts, the Stock Market Braggart is the most worthy of Suspicion. It is only human Nature to draw attention to one’s Successes, and remain modestly quiet about one’s Failures. Lest we seem to fall into that despised Category, we feel it only fair to note that our Investment in KGN is down significantly from $7.22 to $5.45; that in GTE down a few cents from the purchase price of $5.73. Our huge investment in NGG is at levels which would lead the Ordinary Investor to Suicide, or even worse, the Sale of the Security. In all of these cases, it is our Hope, as ever, that Patience will be rewarded, and that if it is not, the Forgetfulness of Old Age will soothe the sharp goadings of Misjudgment.

We have added a Tiger Woods contribution to Limerick Lane.

Our recent encounter with the Canadian Tire Corporation –see the February 19th entry--leads us to consider a nostalgic Account of other Adventures with “The Sales Pitch.” This trip down Memory Lane will appear in the Drivel section.
 February 23, 2010.

A pleasant weekend at Wind-in-the-Pines allowed the Leisure to compose five Limericks, (on the eminently worthy Topick of Human Rights Commissions) and also a Commentary on the new Performance Genre possibilities inspired by the ubiquitous Tiger Woods Apology. Monday was uneventful: we were able to return before the onset of Snow. That evening, we received a Curious Automated call from the Maple Canadian Tire Facility, asking for any Comments on the recently completed Service (to the Serviceable Six). We are known to be most diligently responsive to such automated Calls, and hence today we telephoned and left a message for the Manager, composed an Account of our Adventures with Canadian Tire Corporation, posted it on the Drivel page, and, as is our wont, sent a Copy to the President of Canadian Tire. We have found that such Practice generally inspires a Reply, although we seriously doubt Presidents ever read our thundering Complaints. On the other Hand, when we deal with Customer Service or Public Relations People, their intellectual Deficits become immediately obvious, and we find it necessary to send a Letter to the President on that Account as well.

We wish to be the first to inform you that the End of the World is Nigh. If you are a Climate Warming Enthusiast, a Religious Fundamentalist, or a Canadian Tire Apologist, you may wish to board up your Windows, cancel your Mail Delivery, and store a significant Supply of Food. This will have the beneficial Effect of keeping your irrelevant Reflexes in working Condition, if nothing else.
However, in this Instance, We speak merely symbolically: Jennifer Sygo, a Nutritionist who writes frequently in the National Post, reports on an Analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which showed that intake of saturated Fat was not associated with Heart Disease or stroke. Yes, that is NOT, as in N-O-T. Now, this is old News indeed to an insignificant Element of the Population–the Thinking Portion who have bothered to do a minimal Amount of Reading on the Subject. We, the Cognoscenti, have long been convinced that the Saturated Fat Myth arose from a 1950's study by Ancel Keyes, who deliberately selected Data which would prove his pre-conceived Hypothesis. The subsequent History of the Myth is but another Chapter in the long Saga of Ideas which Gain Credence and Popularity despite lack of Evidence.

That such a Study should have been done, published, and reported on in a National Newspaper might almost suggest that there is some Hope for Mankind. Alas, we wish we could have such Confidence. Indeed, we think it almost worthwhile holding, as an operating Principle, that if an Idea is widespread, and hugely popular, it is almost certainly in Error.

We have now seen Climate Armageddon, the Saturated Fat Myth, and the Tooth Fairy receive significant skeptical Attention. We suspect that Criticism of the Myths surrounding Cholesterol, Statin Drugs, and Santa Claus is close at Hand.
February 19, 2010

 On the way to Wind-in-the-Pines, the Serviceable Six Cargo Van seemed suddenly unstable; our first Thought was that a Tyre was deflating, and thus we pulled off the Highway and onto Rutherford Road. At that point we noticed the “Service Engine Soon” light was showing. Imagine our Delight and Surprise to see, within a short Distance, the familiar “Canadian Tire” Sign and logo. The Serviceable Six still running, albeit with reduced Power, we pulled in to the Parking Lot.

We feel at this Point in our Narrative, we should make full disclosure of our past Experience with the Iconic Canadian Retailer. At various times in the past, we have relied on this Organization, almost exclusively, to repair our Automobiles. Latterly, in Toronto, we discovered a “Neighbourhood Mechanic” whose efficiency and reliability attracted our Custom, and subsequently, in Hamilton a similar small Shop was notable for its reasonable Costs. The high Point of our Experience with the Canadian Tire Corporation occurred in Tillsonburg, where a predecessor of the Geezermobile 8 unaccountably lost its Footing on black ice, and swerved into a Snowbank, from whence it emerged with a persistent Vibration. The next day, the predecessor Geezermobile was taken to the local Canadian Tire Shop, where a mechanic determined that Snow forcefully lodged in the wheels was the cause. The Service Representative remarked that, the cause being so minor and readily ascertainable, it seemed unnecessary to put the Repair through the “System” and suggested Twenty Dollars paid directly to the Mechanic would be appropriate.

The first sign that our Experience would be different this time occurred when we arrived at the Service Desk. The Representative behind the desk, who appeared to be discussing personal Matters with two other Employees, did not immediately deign to acknowledge our Presence.

When he did, he informed us that there would be a $106 (including tax) charge for the Privilege and Pleasure of having the Canadian Tire Computer speak to the Serviceable Six Computer to diagnose the Problem. A short time later, we were informed that the Cover for the Engine–those familiar with Cargo Vans will be aware that the Engine intrudes into the Passenger Compartment, and is covered with a removable element–would have to be removed for further diagnosis at a cost of $47.00.

Now, we confess that we have not actually ever removed this Cover in the Serviceable Six. We have, however, removed the Cover in the predecessor 1985 Serviceable Eight. Possibly the passage of Time has altered the Nature of the Task, but we can confidently state that the Cover of the Eight was easily removable in less than five Minutes. Let us assume that with the advances in Design, improvements in Technology, and the Introduction of Computers, the procedure now takes ten Minutes. That’s still $4.70 per Minute! The total cost of diagnosis, with tax was $153.00

I must look back fondly on those technically backward Sinks of Primitivism–those days when the mechanic would have driven the Serviceable Six around the parking lot, and checked the ignition System for a tiny fraction of this Sum.

The Part required was a Coil, at a cost of $88.89. The total Labour Charge was $235.00 implying a replacement cost for Labour of $82.00--or nearly one Hour–which strikes us as unlikely. The total cost of diagnosing the ignition Problem and replacing the Coil was $365.99.

Some years ago, Canadian Tire Corporation made a foray into the United States Market and was notably unsuccessful–and this experience seems not uncommon for Canadian Retailers. We have not travelled extensively in the United States, but it has been our Impression that American Consumers are significantly more demanding their Canadian Brethren. American Retailers seem to treat their Customers with considerable Respect; Canadian Retailers treat their Customers as good-natured Chumps. We suspect that Macdonald’s has not achieved its World-wide Success because of the Quality of its Hamburgers, but because of the Training of its Staff, and its respect for its customers.

The next time the Serviceable Six is in need of Rescue, we will be seeking out a Wal-Mart. Further, future Purchases from Canadian Tire Stores will never be made without an exhaustive Investigation of the Alternative.
 February 18, 2010. An interesting article in the National Post by Ian Hunter, professor emeritus in the Faculty of Law at the University of Ontario, concerning the Human Rights Commission. He notes that the original Notion behind these Commissions was to promote equality of Opportunity–to prevent Discrimination on the basis of Race or Colour. But such Commissions now attempt to promote equality of Result–even if that involves “affirmative action” policies which are based on the same type of Discrimination that was initially to be discouraged. These Commissions are allowed Powers of Enforcement not entrusted to any other Agency, and beyond those of already established legal Conventions. In our View, these Commissions simply represent the Desire for an unattainable Utopia. The notion of Equality is attractive, and seductive, but not achievable in the Human Circumstance. There is no dearth of Idealists who delight in attempting to manage the Affairs of others in accord with their view of Utopia. The great Danger is in the Moral Certitude with which they pursue their ends: was not such Certitude the Justification for the Inquisition?

In the evening to Longevity Racquets club, with the result of one defeat and one victory. The Circumstance less pleasing on Reflection that the Victory was obtained not so much from our own Skill, as from the moderating Influence of Pity on the part of our Opponent.

To Wind-in the-Pines this weekend, to embark on preliminary Income Tax Calculation Labours. The quiet and Solitude of the Pines’ location is seemingly Ideal for so wrenching and unpleasant a Task.
February 17, 2010. Up betimes and to my accounts, with the purchase of 5000 EME at $3.10. This Purchase made with the due Diligence and exhaustive Analysis generally accorded to such matters: It was recommended by Jennifer Stevenson on the previous Evening on Market Call, and, apparently, is of a significant Weighting in her Portfolio. Who are we to disdain such Recommendation? Who are we to get out our Calculator, download Material from the Company Website, and consult with our Financial Advisor? Who are we to consult the Oracle, kill the prandial Chicken and examine its Entrails? No. It is our Policy to buy what our Emotions dictate, on those Occasions that Emotions deem propitious, providing that the Funds are available. On this last Point, we do confess that we had made solemn Promise to the Market Gods not to buy Anything Further except on the sale of SGR. And, indeed, it is true, our Emotions have deemed that the Occasion for that sale, while nigh at Hand, is not yet upon us. Yet the Buying Power in our Margin Account is there, seductive, beckoning, irresistible. Would the Market Gods be displeased, if we took Funds, in advance of the sale of SGR, to purchase EME? As soon as the Sale of SGR is complete, we would, of course, direct them to cover the Loan created by the Purchase. This Solution seemed eminently reasonable, and the Market Gods, when consulted, thundered their Divine Response: “This Move may result in Changes to your Total Portfolio Evaluation.”

 Sometimes, the Market Gods require Interpretation, a little Teasing Out of Meaning. We assumed it to mean “Go Ahead.”

The Price of EME is now $3.38. Of course, it’s not over until the adipose Female vocalizes.

 February 16, 2010.

A day filled to the Brim with Mundanity and insignificance. An e-mail to a Columnist upon a familiar Hobby-Horse–the unlikelihood of Cholesterol levels having anything to do with Heart Disease. A Visit to the Eye Doctor. The Purchase of some new Running Shoes for Squash. Proper Squash Shoes are, almost certainly, not attainable in Hamilton, the only squash club, the Thistle Club having disappeared some years ago-- another Marker of the general Decline of Civilization and Gentility in the City.
Instructively, there are two Squash Clubs in Burlington, a Centre of one-third the size. Sometimes, one is overcome by apostatic Thoughts: would Hamilton be better off were the Steel Companies to be towed to the middle of Lake Ontario, and from thence be allowed to search out a more suitable Lakebed Location? The Lakefront Land thus vacated could be given over to fabulous Condominiums which would attract wealthy Torontonians. But we digress into dangerous Territory. Already the Hamilton Garbage Police eye our Weekly Tribute with Suspicion; and our wearing of the full Burka–in an attempt to thwart an ultimate Googlization of our person–seems to be causing some comment among the neighbours.
 February 13, 2010.

Up betimes and to XS Cargo to purchase a printing Calculator for Ten Dollars. It is hoped that this Device will ease the task of Income Tax Preparation; the use of a regular calculator in adding many Figures has a great Drawback, in that there is no Means of checking the accuracy of Entries in the Sum. We also make the Assumption that this Expenditure will be Tax Deductible, as a necessary Adjunct to our Stock Market Investments.

In Friday’s National Post, Lorne Gunter deals with the strange case of the morbidly obese Woman in Quebec, who requested that her Condo Association compel her Neighbour to relinquish a convenient parking spot. The Association suggested she approach the Neighbour, who refused. The Quebec Human Rights Commission, in its infinite Wisdom, ordered the Association to compel the Neighbour, and levied a $10,000 Award to the Woman, payable by the Association. It is most gratifying to see the Operation of Meddlesome Wisdom by Government Agency brought to such a high Level. Can the Nirvana of 1984 be far behind?

We would suggest that the Neighbour, who has an injured Shoulder, now make immediate Application the this same August Commission, that they may determine whether her Injury might allow her to regain the lost Position, or whether, at the least, she should be vouchsafed the Second-Best spot in the Parking Lot. We then have every Expectation the Commission will determine the allocation of all parking Spots, based on the current Degrees of Disability claimed by all the Residents.

This absurd Situation leads us to reflect on two Matters, the first of which is the natural Human tendency to seek Triumph wherever possible. Increasingly in Canadian Society we are establishing the Circumstance under which the Triumph is awarded to the Victim: the greater the Victim, the greater the Triumph. It is not, therefore, surprising that Citizens examine carefully, not how they may succeed or prosper through their natural Merits and Advantages, but on what Grounds they may be considered Victims, and how they may be compensated for their Deficiencies. This tendency does not bode well for Success in the Real World.

The second matter is the natural human tendency to seek Utopia. Equality of Circumstance, never found in Nature, must be pursued at all cost. It is hard to disapprove of attempts to mitigate the natural Law of the Survival of the Fittest; it is a Question of how far it is prudent to go. This Question of Prudence is not always addressed: there are always Human Beings who Delight in meddling to effect Equality: no Foolishness, no High-Handedness, no Injury to the Body Politic is too severe when measured by the light of Good Intentions, and the Blessings of the Angels.
 February 12. 2010.
Another Foray into the Camcorder Market leads one to Wonder by what Method the Manufacturers arrive at the Designations of their Products. The prospective customer is treated to a jumble of Numbers and Letters which, in most cases seem both meaningless and unmemorable. We have, for instance, the romantic charm of the Panasonic HDC-TM300; is the charm matched or trumped by that of the Panasonic HDC-HS300? Or one might consider the wild allure of the Sony VPC-HD2000, the siren strains of the Sony HDR-CX500V. We can only imagine the hours of deliberation that went into the HD2000 designation–the impassioned oratory in favour of HD2000 rather than HD200. The HD 20 must have been a clear loser–not enough zeros; the HD 20,000 rejected as being a numerical Tsunami. Sony and Panasonic are not the only victims of the Malady of designative Confusion. Would you prefer the JVC GZ-HM200, the JVC Everio GZ-MG670, or the Sanyo VPC-HD2000? Does the one with the most zeros impress, or does the “Everio” remind you of a schoolmate at the Oldenstone Academy?
The ‘HD’ (high definition) and ‘SD’ (standard definition) Descriptions seem justifiable; all else betokens imaginative Failure. We assume the Jumble is designed to suggest Complexity, and the Expertise of the Scientist. We are not impressed, merely confused. It would be of some interest to observe the bold, bald emotional Approach of the Vehicle Manufacturer: who could resist the Appeal of the Sony Seabreeze, the Panasonic Phantom, or the Canon Boom!–all in versions of Complexity designated by 1, 2, or 3?
February 10, 2010.
Rose in the morning, to clear off the snow from the front sidewalk, a task not seen as too burdensome, since we have been little cursed with Snow this Winter. The snow itself was largely Slush created both by the mild Temperature, and the salt spray from Vehicles on the Roadway. The most reasonable procedure seemed to be merely to push the Slush onto the Roadway, which Operation was almost nearly complete, when a passing Vehicle, travelling unnecessarily close to the Kerb, showered us with salty Wetness. This gave Reflection as to the Wisdom of creating an Aura of Illegality and moral Trespass in the matter of possessing Firearms. Had I been appropriately armed–a Bazooka or Machine Gun would have been my Preference, both the Vehicle and Driver would have been significantly reduced in the Matters of Shape, Consistency, and Scope of Operation. I have sometime supported the Notion that Crime might be reduced, were Criminals to be mindful that their Victims could be armed; on the other Hand, how many more Shootings might occur from the hasty Expression of Anger?
A brief foray made to consider an appropriate Camcorder for the planned Youtube performance.
Decisions have never come easily to us, especially when they involve Expenditures exceeding Twenty Dollars, and in this Matter there seem to be many confusing and inhibiting Variables.

Readers are directed to a stroll down Limerick Lane, for an Adam Giambrone addition.
February 9, 2010. Up betimes and to my accounts. Sold a further 3,000 AEN at $1.25, and purchased 1500 RIG.UN at 3.68; This rounds out the Holdings to 12,000, a more agreeable and more easily remembered, more easily multiplied number than 10,500. We do not defend this on the Basis of Sound Investment Philosophy; but admit to being held in Thrall to the Magick of Numbers, some being more aesthetically pleasing, more satisfying to a primitive sense of Completeness. A Purchase of 500 shares would have brought us to 11,000, but how can that be compared with the wonderful divisibility of 12,000? Are there not twelve eggs in a dozen, twelve inches in a foot? And what of the twelve Apostles, or the twelve days of Christmas? No, the Rationality of man is a Chimera, -- a fact we would do well to remember.
 February 8, 2010 . The weekend at Wind-in-the-Pines was bright, but cold and brisk. A two-scarf Bundling and “hot-paw” Gloves enabled a walk on Saturday to the bottom of the Big Hill, and on Sunday to within Metres of our customary Turning Point, the Little Bridge. The Interior was kept admirably warm and comfortable with the Napoleon Wood Stove.

After a thorough Search of the Library, we were unable to locate our copy of Conrad’s Victory, which is needed to ascertain the Pedigree of a Quotation suggested for the “Weekly Quotation” Section. The books at the Wind-in-the-Pines Library are located on two different Floors, and are filed according to the (nearly) Random Principle, which necessitates a shelf-by-shelf search for any particular item. We have concluded, therefore, that the book is at the Lumpenbangen Offices in Hamilton, where Volumes are filed according to the Completely Random Principle, which will necessitate the same Manner of painstaking Search.
An entry was made in the “Drivel” section regarding a most alarming Development: the completely unexpected Discovery of our Name by Google.

To the Longevity Racquets Club in the Evening, where a modest Victory was obtained.
 February 4, 2010.

Much surprised to see Buying Power in Margin Account approximately five times the Figure of the previous Day, with stocks generally lower. A call to the Broker was unsuccessful in revealing the Cause. We suspect an Egregious Error, or the Broker, in his Infinite Wisdom, has seen fit to increase lending on GTE and KGN. If so, the Timing could not be more fortunate. With Greece slipping (and sliding) into Ruin, Europe teetering, the Chinese pulling back, and the United States foundering, the outlook for the Stock Market is Bleak to Miserable. If this increase in buying Power is a result of policy Change, it may just save us until SGR is listed, and hence marginable.
We would be tempted to believe the hand of the Almighty is at work, were it not such a huge Contradiction to our Principles.
Composed two limericks on the wonderful Victory of Julian Fantino in our System of Justice–it being a Reinforcement of our View of the human Circumstance. Readers are advised to stroll down Limerick Lane for numerous recent Additions.

In the Evening to Longevity Racquets, where two Losses were recorded. We refuse to see these as in the least significant, and, to maintain our Dignity and Sense of Self-Worth, must attribute the Circumstance to a temporary and minor Aberration in the Unfolding of the Universe.

To Wind-In-the-Pines this weekend. Diary entries will likely return next Tuesday.
 February 2, 2010. Completed two Limericks for Limerick Lane, and posted what will probably be our final “atheist quote” at the www.chrisbeach.co.uk website. We consider the fight against Religion merely one of many important uphill Battles that should be fought. We do not think it possible that Man’s yearning for an infinite and imaginary World ever be extinguished-- indeed, we feel that Existence imposes upon us the Necessity of living in a kind of Wilful Ignorance of our true Condition. The practical Concern is that Religion be relegated to a primarily private Matter the Influence of which on Social Policy and Hostility among various groups is minimized. Discrimination against Homosexuals and the blowing up of Unbelievers, while differing in Degree, represent the same Kind of Belief, which is religious and irrational.

The Pursuit of a Health Care in the United States by Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams has brought the subject of Canada’s Single Payer System under Discussion once again. We have a number of Objections to our present System.

1. The driving Force behind it would seem to be a Thirst for Equality. This is, alas, an admirable but unachievable Goal. Prime Ministers, Hockey Players, University Presidents, Chief Oncologists, News Anchors, Prominent Novelists, will, we contend–though we have no evidence–always gain Preference under our supposedly equal System. What Doctor, or Hospital would risk the adverse Publicity should it be shown that a Favourite Son, a Pooh-Bah, a Leading Light was not treated with all the Promptness and Efficiency of our System at its best? And, of course, the wealthy, like Danny Williams, have the option of purchasing Care wherever they wish. Thus, Equality in our system is far more theoretical than real.

2. It is our Contention that Governments, lacking the Element of Competition in their Workings, are unlikely to run anything particularly well. In particular, the Chance for Innovation is significantly reduced. Governments wish to pay as little and change as little as possible. The Rich will pay as much as they can afford, and they can afford to pay for new Approaches; thus Innovation is more likely to occur in a Darwinian, rather than an Egalitarian System.
3. Under a Government run System, Doctors are paid by the Government, not the Patient. There is a natural human Tendency to please the Benefactor before the Beneficiary. The busy Cardiologist, caught in a System, not of his own Making, wherein he has but Fifteen minutes to spend with a Patient, will not feel the same Necessity to answer the Patient’s Questions, with the same Amplitude, that he would employ if he knew the Patient was the one who would be paying him at the Conclusion of the Consultation.

4. The Standardization which is easily achieved in a Government System is both a Blessing and a Curse. On one Hand, we yearn for Certainty and Uniformity–the government mandated “Standard of Care.” And this is indeed, a “Good Thing.” Yet common Sense would suggest that the “Standard of Care” cannot be infallible. Twenty years ago, every Doctor knew the Cause of Ulcers was Stress and Acidic Foods. Only Barry Marshall thought it was Helicobacter Pylori. Barry Marshall turned out to be right. In a Government-controlled System, there is no Room for “Alternative” medicine–such that which might be practised by Dr. Julian Whitaker or Dr. David Williams in the United States–or, indeed traditional Chinese Medicine. We lack the Space to discuss the Issues and Challenges in this Matter, but we do see some Benefit to alternatives to Government Fiat.

5. In conclusion, we feel that Citizens should have the Option of purchasing Health Insurance. Would this create the dreaded “Two Tier” System. Undoubtedly. Would this be a Blow to the Notion of the Best Care for Everyone, Everywhere, at Anytime? Yes. But that Notion, is invalid even now, and in the light of increased Costs of Medications and Procedures, and an Aging Population, its Flaws will become only more evident as time goes on.
February 1, 2010.

A welcome Rebound in the stock markets. The buying Power in our Margin Account was becoming as thin as a Runway Model; in particular, our recent Purchases of GTE and KGN embarrassingly in a Negative Circumstance. SGR continues to languish without a Resource Report, and bright Spots, such as NHC muted and dispersed in a Landscape of Gloom.

The Climate-change Debate is of enduring interest. While the National Post continues to provide Evidence of the Corruption and Misdeeds of the Climate Terrorists, the Hamilton Spectator continues to publish letters from the Ignorati harping on the Fact that it has rained in January, or that “eight of the 10 warmest years occurred in the last 12.” One of them claims that letters from Climate-change Deniers should be refused publication–a fascinating insight into the Fanaticism of the Suzukiists, which seems not dissimilar to the Certitude of Religious Belief – and hence, just as deserving of Skepticism. Many seem unaware that, even if the Climate is warming, it is not certain that Man is responsible, and that even if he is responsible, the cost of Prevention may exceed the cost of Adaptation.
In the Evening to Longevity Racquets, where a satisfying Victory proved that Craft may occasionally triumph over Speed. We regard the Result as merely a “Rear-Guard” Action–a temporary Delay of the Inevitable, but no the less worthy of Savouring on that Account. Indeed, one might regard the events of Life itself as no more than a Series of temporary Reprieves.



January 31, 2010. Had intended to go to Wind-in-the Pines, but was deterred by cold Weather. Wrote trial Script for YouTube performance, and made significant additions to Drivel, Limerick Lane.

January 29, 2010.  Stock market still in Doldrums and offers little Cheer.

We have received two Suggestions for inclusion in the weekly quotation section, and while one of them is easily found in the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, the other, from Joseph Conrad’s Victory is unfamiliar to us. It is, perhaps, a little known fact that the Lumpenbangen Institute employs a considerable Cadre of highly trained (some arrive on the 8:17 from Burlington, others on the 7:13 from Toronto) and degree-bearing (most clock in at 98.6) Linguists, Philologists, Googlists, Etymologists, and Entomologists (for computer bugs)–but we have so far been unable to determine with Certainty the Accuracy of this Quotation: “... all action is bound to be harmful. It is devilish. That is why this world is evil upon the whole."
Our personal copy of Victory is currently ensconced at Wind-in the-Pines, and thus we are temporarily at a Standstill in ascertaining the Pedigree of the Quotation. Our reputation for Accuracy is something we cherish most highly, and we would rank it only as slightly below –in degrees of cherishment–our reputation for Warmth, Kindness, and Generosity of Spirit.

We have been similarly hesitant to publish one of our own favourite Quotations–which we had thought attributable to La Rochefoucauld–although it sounds more like Voltaire–“Rien n’est plus sacré qu’un abus ancien–because we have been unable to confirm it with a reliable Source.

(We confess that in a world of harrowing Confusion, Complexity, and Uncertainty, we find a Degree of welcome Relief in the Consideration of matters arcane, abstruse, and irrelevant.)
 January 27, 2010. Up betimes to create a new Website Page, Limerick Lane, to be used as a Strolling Place for those who find the Limerick a more agreeable form of Expression than some of the other Drivel which seems to flow, almost unbidden, from our Pen. We have included all Limericks produced since December 3, 2009, and added four concerning the most recent appropriate subject, Andrew Weaver, a significant Figure in the Climate Change Debate.

We would be pleased to consider inclusion of other Limericks of a satiric and topical Nature from any of the three relatives and close friends who profess to be Readers of this Site.

A reflection on the recent Purchase of a “Welcome” mat for Wind-in-the-Pines, and the subsequent procurement of a plain mat for the Dreimer Ave. Lumpenbangen Offices in Hamilton, has led us to question the Wisdom of the Purchase of a mat spelling out the Word “Welcome.” Considering the parlous Times in which we have the Misfortune to live, we think that such a blanket and unguarded Invitation is more than somewhat injudicious. Possibly a Mat with lettering on the reverse side reading “Keep Out” would be more useful, allowing alteration appropriate to the changing Moods or Circumstance of the Resident. Best of all, we suspect, and not far-fetched in this Age of the Computer, would be a programmable Mat. The Resident, observing an approaching Visitor, might display a variety of messages: “Welcome,” or “Please have Credentials Ready,” or an arrow and the text: “Full Body Scan at Side Entrance; Remove all Metals.”
An extension of this Principle we have long thought appropriate for Automobiles. A programmable flashing roof-mounted Sign (preferably in Red) through which one might express various forms of Displeasure with the Manners and Driving Skills of other Vehicle Operators would appear to have significant Benefits. It would allow for immediate Expression of Anger which might otherwise remain contained, to the detriment of health, or be inappropriately expressed in Aggressive Speed or other Recklessness. It would also, perhaps, serve to educate those Operators whose Performance falls far below the Standard to which we ourselves invariably adhere.
 January 25, 2010. Some slight recovery in the Market, and in some of our Stocks. In particular, San Gold has produced more encouraging drill Results, and it would not be surprising that the Company eventually discovers many Millions of Ounces, and the share price reaches $10. Nor would it surprise if that does not happen. To allow oneself to be surprised by anything that happens in the Stock Market is a pointless waste of Emotion.

Our quarrel is not with the Prospects of the Company, but rather the self-destructive behaviour of Management, which constantly misleads Investors as to the Timing of the Resource Report.
In a random fit of Googling, we have discovered a website, www.chrisbeach.co.uk. which lists many thousands of “atheist quotes,” and allows for additions from readers. Since our backlog list of unpublished “Observations” contains a number of what we deem to be relevant Comments, we have decided to publish them over the next few days, both in the “Observations” section here, and on the chrisbeach site at roughly the same time.

In the evening to Longevity Racquets Club, and a close but losing match. In a match between Craft and Speed, we must give the odds to Speed, unless it is completely misdirected.
 January 23, 2010. What would life be without days of petty Frustration! The Printer decided to be in Need of a toner Cartridge, but sent mixed Messages: Cartridge and paper Jam.
In the end, when the Printer resumed function, it decided in its Technological Wisdom, to print all of the failed previous requests. It was only with considerable Effort – a confrontation between the technologically Incompetent and the inscrutably Complex that the key to Cancellation of such requests was discovered.

A foray to Factory Direct to attempt to return (the unused) one of two recently purchased Compact Flash Cards, the first having been defective, and arousing Suspicions of the Manufacturer, was disallowed on the Grounds that the attempted return was beyond the Term of the ten day Return Policy. Factory Direct is, of course, entitled to its Policy, just as I am entitled never to patronize their Establishment again.
Another foray to XS Cargo to purchase a “Welcome" Mat (our previous attempts at finding a “Keep Out" Mat having been significantly without success) similar to the one recently purchased for Wind-In-the Pines revealed that the Mats, priced at a reasonable $6.99, had been sold out.

A foray to the customary Hair-Cutting Facility, occasioned by spontaneous offers of small amounts of Cash by Passers-by on the streets of downtown Hamilton, who evidently mistook me for one of the bedraggled Homeless, suggested that the Wait would be excessive, and the civilizing Operation might best be postponed to a Weekday.
 January 22. 2010. Occupied in the morning with Website details, including the composition of another Limerick, which appears in the “Drivel” section.. We are giving some thought to consigning the Limericks to a separate page, entitled “Limerick Lane,” with an invitation to contributors.
Afterwards fell into a lethargy, and nothing further of note was accomplished.
January 21, 2010
Up betimes to look at Pianos; the Piano in possession of Another is always superior to one’s own. This is an unalterable law of human Nature, and the cause of much Dissatisfaction in the World. (One can take some, but little Solace in the Fact that without Dissatisfaction, there would be no Satisfaction.)

Much intrigued by the Revelations that recent dire Predictions about the Melting of Icecaps has been based on the same kind of faulty Evidence, and Unconscionable Manipulation and Deception as have been exposed in the matter of Climate Change generally. Where personal Advancement and Reputation of a Scientist are at stake, we would do well to consider his Statements with the same Caution we would employ in assessing the Veracity of a Used Car Salesman.
In the evening, to Longevity Racquets Club, where two rather surprising Victories were obtained. We have found, as a general Rule, that the wearing of two knee bandages, the adoption of a slight hobble, and the pre-game disclaimer of incompetence, have a wonderful Effect on much younger Players, who allow their proper Darwinian Instincts to be subverted by an ill-advised Sense of Pity.
January 20, 2010. A down day for the Markets. We resign ourselves to the fact that it may take some time for our Holdings to appreciate; this may be the Time to eschew the Excitement of Purchase and Sale, and await the Results of our overly strong positions in Gold and in Oil.

We have relied on the Stock Market to provide Food and Shelter since 1990. She is a fascinating Companion, seducing with the allure of Wealth, then scorning in Slumps of irrational Despair. Her gains seem not material, but Fantasy; an Advance is not to be realized, or spent, but rather, returned to the insatiable Maw, in the hope of an even further Advance. It is a giant Game, such as Monopoly, but with the Excitement that only Real Money can provide. Lucky are those who can marry, and invest; cursed are those unable to resist the Siren Call of the Temptress–the little Discovery in an unstable Jurisdiction, run by those of questionable Ethics, but which promises the Dream of Avarice.
We have hit upon a Plan to circumvent our own vulnerable Psychology: to sell 1000 shares of San Gold each Month, and withdraw the Proceeds from the World of Fantasy to the World of Reality; to sell 10,000 at one time is of no Benefit: at the current price of $3.60 per share there is always an attractive Speculation which holds the Hint of a “Firefly” in the Caribbean, a 1947 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible, or a new Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano.
January 19, 2010. To my accounts and the Sale of a further 10,000 shares of AEN at $1.46 to permit the Purchase of 3000 KGN at $6.99.

We are somewhat surprised to see Letters in the National Post discussing the rôle of God in the Haitian Disaster, and it is quite extraordinary to see someone claim: “I do not believe that things happen by accident–whether it is an earthquake in Haiti or tsunamis in the Pacific–as God brings about these events for His purposes, not ours.”
One must only suppose that such a View is a Device of Psychology, whereby the human Organism can maintain Equanimity in the face of Reality. In fact, Readers of such books as The Sixth Extinction by Richard Leakey cannot but be struck by the rôle of Chance in the History of Life; to believe that Events such as the Extinction of all advanced life forms and entire Species are deliberate Acts of God, would, we suggest, give considerable Pause in the Assessment of God’s true Nature. Perhaps, in fact, he is simply an irresponsible Child playing with his Birthday Gift of a new Chemistry Set. See the 'Drivel' for elaboration.
January 18, 2010.

To Wind-in-the Pines on the weekend, the mild weather being a welcome circumstance, and affording the opportunity for a Walk to the little Bridge under very tolerable Conditions.

 The news from Haiti brings to the Fore the Inequities in Human Life, those Realities which have existed throughout History, but which are made more plain and terrible in the Era of rapid Communication. It is natural, of course, for those so oppressed to turn to God for Relief, and overlook the essentially chaotic Nature of the World – a World for which, under other Circumstance, they might give Him Praise and Thanks.

Some additions have been made to the “Drivel” section of this site; possibly some readers may have the time –we assume any readers of this Diary must be unconscionably idle–to peruse some experiments with Limericks.
Jan. 14, 2010. To my accounts and thought to buy 2000 RIG.UN at $3.30, based on the fact that SDG.UN has moved up smartly in the last week or so. Obtained only 500; the Trading on this Stock is very thin.

A Headline in the Wednesday edition of the National Post reads: “Fatwa cleared way for attack, court hears.” Apparently Shareef Abdelhaleem an accused member of the “Toronto 18" obtained a fatwa from his father, who ran an Islamic education school in Mississauga, to the Effect that a “terrorist attack on Canadian soil would be justifiable.”

It is indeed a wonderful Tribute to our Policies of Tolerance and Multiculturalism that we welcome all Vipers into the nest. Our own Safety is of manifestly less Import than the great Principles of cultural Equality and the innate Goodness of Humankind.
We are further pleased to see that another member of the “Toronto 18," Zakaria Amara, appeared “contrite and even sorrowful as he issued an apology to Canadians yesterday.” May we respectfully suggest that a Trust Fund be established to enable this apologetic young Man-- whose “descent into extremism” has been attributed to “emotional troubles brought on by his parents’ divorce and his rejection from a post-secondary Islamic studies program”-- to continue on his redemptive path? At the same time, it might be appropriate to hold an Inquiry into the Causative Behaviours of his Parents and the Operators of the Islamic studies Program.
 January 13, 2010. To my accounts and the purchase of a further 2000 shares of KGN, it not having risen on Robert Cohen’s recommendation.

Following yesterday’s entry about the Sculpture of Lenin and Mao in Richmond B.C., further Reflection has led us to Consideration of possible General Principles regarding private Presentations in public Spaces. It would seem there are two types of potential Offenses. The first might be considered mere Ugliness. Into this category would fall the McDonald’s Arches and the Royal Ontario Museum Crystal and Weird Decorations with which eccentric Owners are sometimes wont to decorate their residential Properties. On such matters, it may be the best Course to allow such divergence from current aesthetic Norms, although we do note that some Municipalities take action against those who allow Grass on their properties to grow unchecked. It is also true that some Restrictions are placed, in some areas, on Alterations to historic Homes, or on Alteration to the appearance of a Streetscape initially designed to a certain aesthetic standard.

In the case of ugly private Residences, one might take the View that, as the Owners move on, there will be an inevitable return to the Mean of Appearance. In the case of large ugly Buildings, they may possibly serve as a Warning to future generations, and through the Derision which they engender, actually promote a greater Harmony. In the case of private ugly commercial Buildings, they are always subject to the discipline of Consumer Choice.

The more important category of offensive Presentations are those which are not so much ugly in themselves, but in their Symbolic Import. One could argue, of course, that ugliness or Diversion from what is normally considered attractive is in itself symbolic – a sort of raised Finger to conventional attitudes. But leaving aside that kind of Symbolism, there are images which have a Significance which might generally be considered offensive by a majority. The sculptures of Lenin and Mao in Richmond B.C. would seem to fall into this category. One might imagine the public reaction to certain other images. Suppose, instead of Lenin and Mao we had Adolf Hitler? Pol Pot? How would a Muslim population react to a sculpted Depiction of one of the famous Danish Cartoons? The residents of Israel to a statue of Josef Mengele? In these instances, it would seem appropriate to have some public Approval process over what would appear in public spaces.

January 12, 2010.

Up betimes and to the accounts, with a sale of 20,000 AEN at $1.42 and purchase of 5000 GTE at $5.60 and 2000 KGN at $7.02. Pleased to see that Robert Cohen’s 3rd pick on Market Call Tonight is Keegan–and he foresees a potential doubling of the Stock Price.

Interested to read of the Controversy regarding a Sculpture unveiled on December 15th in Richmond B.C., portraying Lenin and a ‘feminized’ Mao Zedong. Some residents are offended at the depiction of “two mass murderers,” while a spokesperson for the exhibitor, Vancouver Biennale claims that “the sculpture is not in any way a statue that memorializes these two figures.”

While we are in favour of free Speech and expression which are accessible, but not imposed, we wonder if there should be limits on the Presentation of Images which are displayed prominently to public View, and are not easily avoidable. The article notes that “images of gargantuan sculptures of babies...were banned from city buses [in Calgary] last fall.” We assume that public portrayal of gargantuan Dildos (unless suitably disguised as Towers) or other sexual Explicitness would not be defended as Art. We have speculated elsewhere that it should be the right of Residents to veto Minarets, McDonald’s Arches, or Royal Ontario Museum Crystals on the grounds of aesthetic Suitability to an existing Cityscape. The Mechanism of such public Veto is not clear; but we question the Right of a small group of self-appointed Experts to determine what must be endured by the general Populace.
Ms. Blume, the Biennale director of marketing states that “Art is much more than pretty. Art is a mode of communication.” The artists have said the work “is a call to help people ‘recall the misery and suffering Communism causes.’” But suppose a Majority would prefer to Soldier on, without such gratuitous Assistance? We are led to speculate on how Residents would react to loud Rock Musick played interminably on the Subway system, or on other Transit Vehicles.
Monday, January 11, 2010

On Friday, much annoyed at the interminable Delays by San Gold in producing their 43-101 (Resource Estimate) Report, decided to Communicate my Exasperation to the company using the usual Electronic Mode. It is, of course a Management Decision to produce a Report or not. There are clear advantages to the current Shareholders in doing so, for it would enable a listing on the TSX to proceed, which, in turn would make the Stock eligible for borrowing, and attract many who, on Principle, will not invest in Companies listed on the Venture Exchange. There may be counter-arguments to this Perception, but the Management has, in its Infinite Wisdom, declined to disclose them. The situation would not be a Matter of such Exasperation, had Management not indicated its Intention to produce a Report on many Occasions for more than a year–at least four times-- each time suggesting, while not actually promising, that the Document was imminent.
Today received a Telephone Message from the Investor Relations Firm, with an offer to discuss the Matter. But Discussions with those who have proven on many Occasions that their Words of Intention are unrelated to subsequent Actions would seem to be a futile and unrewarding Exercise. My Distrust of Management does not yet prompt me to sell my Shares; this Decision may be an Occasion for Regret.

In the Evening to Longevity Racquets, where increasing Incompetence in Squash, tempts the Consideration of the manifold benefits of Lawn Bowls, Croquet, or Crokinole.
January 8, 2010. Up betimes and to my accounts. Sold a further 10,000 AEN at $1.42 to purchase 3000 GTE at $5.81, to bring total holdings to 20,000, and 3,000 KGN at $7.25 and $7.05 to bring holdings to 13,000.

A law under Consideration in France would subject women who wear the Burka in public to a fine of over $1,000. Although we have always disapproved of Sikhs wearing Turbans while employed as Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and have often felt an Impulse to express Displeasure at Women who are masked except for a small Slit in their Headscarves needed for Vision, this Measure does seem somewhat extreme.

We are aware that there is more justification for our disapproval of Turban-clad Mounties than for niquab- wearing females. In the first Instance, our objection is based on the Principle that our Culture and Traditions should not be altered to accommodate the Custom of others. This should be especially so when the argument for a change is based on Religion. Since Religion is essentially irrational, there is no limit to the degree of Accommodation which may be requested in its Name. Your Religion demands that you carry a loaded Machine Gun to the Laundromat? Why of course, sir, we will require the other Patrons to be similarly armed. Your Religion demands that no one shall criticize the great God Brobdingnag, upon pain of Death? We will immediately enact a Law to that Effect. The RCMP has a certain tradition in the matter of Headgear, and that should be repected. Peacefully wearing a turban in private life, while seeming a bit absurd, is probably no more so than wearing red baggy pants and a green toque.

With respect to females masked in black, our visceral Repugnance is, perhaps, less principled. If you want to wear red baggy pants and a green toque, or mask yourself in black, what is the difference? There is certainly a difference if you plan to be photographed for a driver’s License or Health Insurance Card. Apart from that, the matter is largely symbolic. In our Culture, we would object if men went around wearing black Masks. People wear black Masks in order to rob Banks, or in some way prevent themselves from being identified. The implication is that they have something to hide. While masked females are unlikely to have, as their motive, the robbing of Banks–there is still the principle that our Culture and Tradition does not accept people going around in disguises–except at Halloween. Going around in disguise as a matter of course would seem to provide a heightened opportunity for anti-social behaviour. “Who was that woman who ran you over with her bicycle?” “ I dunno–she was wearing a burka.”
Those who persist in doing so are certainly making a Statement about their View of the Culture in which they have chosen to live.

The Symbolism of dress indeed, Appearance generally--is a powerful one. One may not be able to judge a Book by its Cover–but in the real world-- until the Book is opened–the Cover is all we have to go by, and Judgements will be made. In the ideal world, it should not matter how one wishes to dress. But, in fact, there are powerful cultural Prejudices always at work. Not even a Fool would apply for a “business suit” job wearing torn Jeans and old Sneakers. If you have a long grey Pony Tail, a calculated Stubble, or a Skull and Cross-Bones Design worked into your haircut, you are making a Statement.

Generally, our society is less conformist in matters of Dress than it once was. We remember a battle in High Schools over the right of Students to wear long hair–a Battle won by the Students. It is interesting that lately, there has been some movement towards Conformity–a number of schools have adopted Dress Codes. We remember when Teachers would absolutely not allow Students to wear outdoor coats in the classroom–the Symbolism was obvious and insulting.

We may wish to live in a tolerant World, where matters of Dress and Appearance are unimportant. But when there are Those claiming Islam as their religion and their motivation, who wish to destroy us and our way of Life, it is not surprising that the limits to Tolerance should be discussed. Already, in the last few years, we have become accustomed to the notion--it's a matter of symbolism--that there is no freedom to make bomb jokes at airports. The rejection of new Minarets in Switzerland, the banning of Burkas in France are similarly symbolic--and the move to scrutinize young Islamic men from Nigeria more closely than elderly Couples returning from Florida is simply a reminder of the difference between the real World and Utopia.

 Jan. 7, 2010

To my accounts in the morning and completed the sale of 10,000 AEN at $1.42, and the purchase of 7000 GTE, at 5.82, the latter having fallen on an unsatisfactory drill Result–which should have no lasting effect on the overall Prospects.

To the problem of the unsatisfactory Appearance of yesterday’s Labours: returned to the Dollar store, but unable to find white Lettering to apply to the black Piano, settled upon silver Lettering which would normally be rejected because it was not Plain, and did not suggest the solid, sober, honest and meticulous Craftsmanship with which the Lumpenbangen Institute has been associated since its Inception.
Rather, the lettering glittered and sparkled with a glitzy tinselled Surface in a Fashion with which only Liberace could be reasonably at ease. On reflection –sober, not tinselled reflection of course-- it did present a contrast to the black Piano–and Glitz never seemed to be an Impediment to Liberace.

The Result was better than could reasonably have been hoped: the Piano now appears as though it had been manufactured expressly for the Lumpenbangen Institute.
Jan.6, 2010

In the morning, the piano tuned in preparation for the You Tube Video. More importantly, some Deficiencies in the action of the piano were remedied. A damper which fails to fall is an intolerable matter, since the undamped note persists like a smouldering Planet in the Harmony of the Spheres.

Thence to the local plaza, whose Status in Plaza Hierarchy is revealed by the Presence of not one, but two Dollar Stores. I had thought to present the website address on the Piano itself, and to that end purchased a Sheet of white Bristol Board and some black Lettering, in a style close to the Old English Script most usually employed to depict the site: Lumpenbangenpiano.com.
Unfortunately, the net result of these efforts was unsatisfactory: it looked as though someone had purchased a piece of white Bristol Board, applied some black Lettering, and affixed the result to the black Piano, where it had all the mannered insouciance of an albino confronting the members of a Harlem Street Gang.
January 5, 2009. To my accounts and purchased the last 10,000 shares of DNG at .24. Now it is a simple Matter of waiting for a Miracle. San Gold (SGR) which has been promising the 43-101 Report forever has been showing an admirable Consistency in NOT producing it. The Stock has languished, to the Surprise of No One, accordingly. We do not doubt that the company will move much higher in the Future, –on the results of Exploration and Production-- but the Management seems not to have understood the Brobdingnagian difference between under-promising and over-delivering, and over-promising and under-delivering. Managed to purchase Materials for proposed You Tube video. The desired Einstein Wig not currently in stock, and so a Substitution was made. The Substitution Wig and Novelty Store Nose and Glasses would seem to provide an appropriate Disguise for the Project. The remaining Stumbling Block is the actual Filming, and the unfortunate Circumstance that Rufus Allthumbs being on Holiday, it will be necessary to learn and play my own Compositions.

We would advise Readers to avoid any excessive anticipatory Emotions.
Jan 4, 2010.

To my accounts and the purchase of a further 10,000 DNG at .24, with an aim to acquiring a large, magical round Number, which we feel it is not prudent to disclose here. The Investment in DNG is pure Speculation, and may be compared to throwing Darts at a List of Stocks. Being an Atheist is no protection against a belief in Miracles; Humankind needs an outlet for irrational Fantasies, and Speculation about a small gold company at the mercy of the Peruvian Government seems less foolish than speculating about the nature of God, for whom no information is available save the rather frightening Creation attributed to Him.

Interesting article in the Financial Post by Frances Widdowson entitled The Aboriginal healing Boondoggle, a account of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation created in 1998 “to address the legacy of sexual and physical abuse endured at residential schools.” Ms. Widdowson notes that this is a boondoggle involving millions of dollars which supports a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board and “an army of consultants,” with no clear Means of evaluating the Effectiveness of the Program.

The Problem of Aboriginals seems daunting and insoluble. Aboriginals have done a wonderful job of promoting the Image of a culture in which the people sat around protecting the Environment and communicating with our Brothers the Beaver and the Rabbit. Bloodshed and even words spoken in Anger were entirely unknown to them. We lay claim to absolutely no knowledge of the Culture of Aboriginals, but from our knowledge of Human Nature and Human Society we can state with no fear of Contradiction that this Depiction is entirely fanciful and false, as is the Notion that a return to that Golden Era is merely billions of dollars and millions of acres away.
The unfortunate Truth is, that despite Wrongs endured in the Past, the Present is the proper target for aboriginal Concerns. Living in remote Areas with Federal Subsidization but no involvement in the Economic System which enables most to live reasonably comfortable lives is not a sustainable Plan.

With respect to land Claims, we have always wondered what Vision lies behind them. Now that western Civilization has made the land valuable, it is not surprising that Aboriginals would want as much of it given back as possible. We question the Viability of any Scheme in which land is given to perpetuate an Aboriginal Nation within the Canadian Nation or to Aboriginals individually based on their claims of Race and Ancestry.

Assimilation is the ultimate answer, but the Political Will for tackling that matter is nonexistent.
January 2, 2010.

A bitterly cold Day. A brief Foray made to obtain the necessary Materials for a You Tube Video. It was thought that a Video Presentation of the playing of the recent Composition “Carousel” might provide Entertainment amid the depressing Inhospitabilities of Winter. The Foray unsuccessful; a Trip to Toronto and delay seems likely.
Posted Reflections on the unfortunate Focus of Saturday Night Live in Dr. Dreimer’s Drivel.
January 1, 2010.

Have found it curious that, apart from the National Post, there has been very little discussion of Climategate. We have on many occasions expressed our own Reservations about the Theory of man-made Global Warming, and must now express our Surprise that Rex Murphy, of the CBC, (that Bastion of the unthinking Left) has discovered the issue.
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