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Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. (Oscar Wilde, 1854 -- 1900)

The idea for Dr. Dreimer’s diary came from the excerpts from the diary of Samuel Pepys published daily in the National Post. We thought it would be interesting to write a modern diary using the more formal language of an earlier era – in this case we have attempted an approximation of 18th Century expression. What is perhaps most evident is the capitalisation of nouns, which gives an emphasis, and suggests a cadence entirely missing from current written expression. The language is more cumbersome and formal, and tends to favour the use of parallel structure for rhetorical emphasis.

Style is inseparable from attitude and tone. Dr. Dreimer observes mankind as if from a great height, or from another, more sensible century.



 His judgements are often unflattering, and his scorn and disdain palpable. They may be expressed directly, but are often revealed through an ironic approval of some mindless folly. He may appear to some as a pompous windbag; to others as a curmudgeonly but correct observer.

As it has turned out, the diary is not a conventional diary at all. Apart from the occasional references to the mythical Aunt Myalgia, languishing in the Shady Hollow Psychiatric Facility in downtown Toronto, or to the Lumpenbangen Studios in the inner reaches of Hamilton, or to the Haven of Wind-in-the-Pines at Silver Lake, we gain little insight into the trivia of Dr. Dreimer’s own life.

The diary is, in fact, a commentary on events in the news.





June 26, 2018

The Battle concerning global Warming – and man’s rτle in the Process -- continues.

We are pleased that, amid Claims, Harangues, and Protestations, Others are beginning to seize upon the main Point – one made by Milton Friedman: "The only relevant test of the validity of a hypothesis is comparison of prediction with experience."

If we are to believe the "Climate Models" with respect to their Projections of Temperatures until the End of the Century, we must have Evidence that their past Estimates have proved accurate. Otherwise, we may just as well consult the Teller of Fortunes at the Spring Fair.

This Evidence is, alas – for the Alarmists – missing. From the Forecasts of James Hansen, in 1988, about the Flooding of New York’s West Side Highway in Thirty Years’ Time, to the Predictions of Warming commensurate with the Rise in Greenhouse Gasses in the early years of this Century, the Models have revealed that not enough is known about Warming to enable accurate Predictions. The only reasonable Conclusion to be drawn is that the Theory is flawed and insufficient.

We happened to see, the other Day, a Speech by Steven F. Hayward concerning anthropogenic global Warming.  One of the interesting Points he made – one which we had not considered – is that – even assuming that the Theory is correct, and Man can control global Temperatures by altering Greenhouse Gasses, the Targets for Reduction are not realizable.

His Argument goes as follows: The current Emissions of Carbon Dioxide in the United States are approximately 6 billion Tons. The proposed Reduction of 80% by 2050 brings us closer to 1 billion Tons. The last Time that the Emissions were that low was in 1910 – when the Population was about 92 Million. That Rate was approximately ten Tons per Person.

The Population in 2050 is expected to be about 420 Million. Divide that into 1 billion Tons, and the Emissions required are only 2.5 Tons per Person – about One-Quarter of the Amount per Person in 1910.

We may expect this to happen shortly after Herds of Unicorns are observed thundering along the New York City West Side Highway, on their Way to attend the Mermaid, Dragon, and Centaur Convention at the Javits Centre.

Another interesting Tidbit of Information was reported Yesterday in Breitbart News: 

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) may be about to remove ‘ climate change’ from its list of core priorities.


According to the New York Times:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is part of the Department of Commerce, operates a constellation of earth-observing satellites. Because of its work on climate science data collection and analysis, it has become one of the most important American agencies for making sense of the warming planet. But that focus may shift, according to a slide presentation at a Department of Commerce meeting by Tim Gallaudet, the acting head of the agency.

In the presentation, which included descriptions of the past and present missions for the agency, the past mission listed three items, starting with "to understand and predict changes in climate, weather, oceans and coasts." In contrast, for the present mission, the word "climate" was gone, and the first line was replaced with "to observe, understand and predict atmospheric and ocean conditions."

The presentation also included a new emphasis: "To protect lives and property, empower the economy, and support homeland and national security." 

Say it is not so!

Perhaps the Reports of Figure-Fiddling have finally caught up with them. They have been accused of lowering historical Temperatures in order to manufacture the "Warming" they wished to discover -- and of artful Dodgery in trying to make the cold Winter of 2017/2018 disappear.

They seem to have abandoned Science in Favour of Stephen Leacock’s humorous Claim:

"When the Facts aren’t good enough, I always exaggerate."

We cannot predict how the current Madness will end. But we have every Expectation that, eventually, it will. Who knows – perhaps our speculative Observation # 611 will be correct:

Bandwagons have no brakes; nor do they explode in a collision with fact. Rather, over a period of time, the enthusiasts leave quietly, one by one, until the seats are mostly empty. Then -- a puff of derision does the trick. The end comes with neither a screech nor a bang -- but with a whimper of embarrassed acquiescence.




June 18, 2018


Beware those who claim to know the "mind" of "God;" they are deluded or evil, fools or liars." (Observation #225)

There are times when the freedom of the individual to express his devotion to religious fantasies must defer to the freedom of the state to express its devotion to secular values. (Observation # 1361)

We have followed, with Interest, the Battle between Trinity Western University and the Law Societies of some Provinces.

The University had thought a Law School would be an appropriate Addition to its educational Offerings – and wished to have the School accredited, in Advance, by the Law Societies in various Provinces.

The Response was mixed. Some Societies were in Favour; some – in particular, in British Columbia and Ontario –were not.

The Problem encountered by the University arose from the Fact that the it requires Students to sign a Covenant with Respect to sexual Activity. They agree to abstain from such Activity except within a heterosexual Marriage. This Requirement, of course, means that the sexual Desires of those who are not heterosexual can never be fulfilled. Thus the University is taking a religious Stance which is contrary to the Provisions of the legal System, which, currently, allows for non-heterosexual Marriages, and the Right to adopt and raise Children.

In short, there appears to be a Conflict between the religious Stance of the University, and the secular Stance of the legal System. This is of no Consequence unless the University proposes to send Lawyers with a religious Commitment to function in a legal System which has an antithetical secular Commitment.

It is perhaps understandable that the reflexive Response of Many was to trumpet "Freedom of Religion." When it comes to the Conflict between "Freedom of Religion," and the "Freedom from Religion" – the Freedom to engage in religious Practice and Display – in Canada -- always wins. It was our Impression that general Sentiment – as evidenced by the National Post, and Persons of Eminence such as John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, and Mr. Ezra Levant – with whom we usually agree – was in Favour of the Claim of the University.

That Impression is certainly confirmed by other Circumstances in Canada. We have allowed Members of the RCMP to wear Turbans, and Applicants for Citizenship to wear Niqabs during the Ceremony of Acceptance. The Supreme Court refused to rule on the Wearing of Niqabs by those testifying in Court. There was general Outrage – outside Quebec -- when that Province proposed to ban religious Symbols worn by Government Employees during working Hours. Some police Forces have expressed their Desire to have female Officers wearing the Hijab.

We have – typically – been on the other Side of the Argument.

When, in Nova Scotia, Justice Campbell dismissed the Decision of the Law Society there to refuse Accreditation -- while noting that the Law was "discomfiting" – he wrote:

Religions with views that many Canadians find incomprehensible or offensive abound in a liberal and multicultural society...The law protects them and must carve out a place not only where they can exist but flourish.

Our Response was as follows:

While Societies continue to place religious Belief above secular Sense, we do not think the Prospects for Homo Sapiens are in the least enhanced. We see no Force more destructive than that which appeals, not to Reason, but to the mindless Superstitions of primitive Times.

The Belief in Marriage as a "sacred" Institution between a Man and a Woman and the Belief that Allah desires Mankind to live under Sharia Law differ only in Degree -- not in Kind.

While Mr. Levant and the editorial Board of the National Post see this Decision as a great Victory for religious Freedom, we see it as a Measure of the Power of superstitious Folly. We look forward to the Day when Freedom from Religion finds its rightful Place above Freedom of Religion.

You see – we do not believe in "Equality." It is the current Fashion to believe that one Idea about the Conduct of Society is as good as any other. To be seen to be in Favour of "Equality" sounds good, and carries an almost irresistible Aura of Virtue. From the Notion of "Equality" arise the Embrace of Multiculturalism, the Acceptance of Affirmative Action, and the Welcoming of the Politically correct Idea that Feelings must never be hurt.


But it is all Nonsense, of Course.

In particular, the idea that Religious Beliefs should be given special Respect is utterly backwards and perverse.

That is because religious Ideas are based on Traditions. That, in itself, is not a Problem. But those Traditions are based on Speculations and Suppositions made by Societies when far less was known about the World than is known Today. They are not based on Evidence. Their Claims are based on the Notion that some self-proclaimed human Intermediary has determined the "Mind" of "God."

Indeed, the History of Religion shows a constant Retreat in the Face of Facts. It has been discovered that human Sacrifices to the Gods do not, in Fact, ensure a bountiful Harvest. The Sun does not go around the Earth. Man is not a special Hybrid of Beast and Angel: he is an Animal, made of the same genetic building Blocks as all other Creatures. The Notion that "God" has a special and inviolable Plan for human sexual Mores – what an arrogant, anthropocentric Conception! – has given way – in Practice – to Contraception, Divorce, and the Recognition that sexual Orientation has its Roots, not in "Sin" – but in Biology.

Thus, those who like to see religious Convictions as invariably "equal" or "superior" to other Ideas about the Conduct of Society are claiming that Superstition is as good as Science – that baseless Supposition should be given the same Weight as Evidence.

We do not see how any Society can long remain half-committed to Superstition, and half-committed to Science. One or the other must be given Precedence.

We are pleased to learn that the Supreme Court of Canada in two Rulings (7-2) has found that it is "proportionate and reasonable" to limit religious Rights in order to ensure open Access for LGBT students.

The Reasoning of the majority Ruling is not the one we would give. According to the CBC (June 15):

The majority judgment said the covenant would deter LGBT students from attending the proposed law school, and those who did attend would be at risk of significant harm.

It found the public interest of the law profession gives it the right to promote equality by ensuring equal access, support diversity within the bar and prevent harm to LGBT students.

We think it is the correct Decision, which tip-toes around what we think is the real Issue.

It is obviously reasonable to accept Lawyers who profess different Faiths. But when there is a Commitment made in Writing to a religious Dogma directly in Conflict with the secular Stance of the legal System, it suggests a continuing Difficulty with no Prospect of Solution. We are not dealing with the Opinions of "The Society for a Good Life." We are dealing with an Institution which claims to know the "Mind" of "God." The Implication is that current Legislation is not merely "wrong" – but that "God" disapproves of it.

Such religious Convictions, having arisen from Speculation, cannot be overturned by Evidence. A public Proclamation of Adherence to a non-negotiable Position antithetical to that of the current legal System – not on a Triviality such as the Speed Limit in School Zones – but on Matters concerning sexual Orientation -- does not bode well for the legal System.

Perhaps the Reader – already weary at this Point – will allow a Speculation which illustrates the Difference between the secular and religious Approaches to Problems in the real World.

Let us imagine, in 2038, an extensive, carefully adjusted Study is conducted with Respect to the Fate of Children raised in gay Households.

The Study shows significantly increased rates of Suicide, Depression, and Addiction. Success in Education and subsequent Earnings are inferior. Crime and Difficulty with social Interactions are elevated.

The Secularist, reviewing such Evidence, would conclude that the social Experiment had failed: the raising of Children in gay Households should be discontinued.

Now let us imagine that the Study found no appreciable Difference between Outcomes for such Children and their Peers.

What would be the Response of a committed Graduate of Trinity Western University – the religious Traditionalist? Would the Response be: "I have changed my Mind on the Basis of the Evidence?" Or would it be: "The Study is irrelevant. God still disapproves of gay Relationships, and Everything that flows from them?"

The "real issue," then, is the Conflict between the religious and secular Views of the World.  Unusually, by allowing Law Societies to reject Applicants with a determined religious Bias, the Supreme Court has ruled in Favour of Secularism.


See also Diary, January 30, 2015, and March 19, 2015





June 14, 2018

When excellence plays second fiddle to diversity, the tune will stink. (Observation #1130)

A refusal to face reality allows it to stab you in the back. (Observation #706)


We live in the era of fine-sounding buzzwords. "Equality," "Multiculturalism," "Tolerance, "Inclusivity," and "Diversity"– these are the shiny Baubles for which practical Realities must be sacrificed. The self-proclaimed Virtuous will readily approve of all these Notions – not because they represent Virtue – but because they sound as if they do.

Mr. Thomas Sowell observed this Phenomenon when he noted: "Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good."

We have had, evidently, an attractively hop-onable Bandwagon with the resident Band playing virtuous and soothing Melodies. The Danger is that the Melodies are a Fuel insufficient: the Engine will grind to a Halt, and the Wagon will be stuck in the muddied muddle of impractical Theories.

To proceed to the Case in Point: we have learned that the publishing Company, Penguin Random House has announced that Authors will no longer be chosen because of their literary Merit. (Breitbart News, June 13)

We suspect that the term "Merit" may be unfamiliar to the modern Reader. It refers to an ancient Concept now gone the Way of the Dodo, the Dinosaur, and the Ironing Board. It makes the novel Assumption that some Things are better than Others. We will pause for a Minute to let that outlandish Notion simmer a little in the Brain of the earnestly virtuous modern Reader.


We will now proceed.

In the Brave New World in which "Merit" has been replaced with "Equality," Penguin Random House has decided that Authors will be chosen according to a System of Quotas, which will reflect the proper Amounts of "ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social mobility and disability."



Beyond that, Lionel Shriver, a [female] Judge for the Mslexia Short Story Prize, has been relived of her Duties for daring to criticize the new Policy. She has said of the emailed Announcement in a Column in the Spectator:

Drunk on virtue, Penguin Random House no longer regards the company’s raison d’κtre as the acquisition and dissemination of good books. Rather, the organisation aims to mirror the percentages of minorities in the UK population with statistical precision. Thus from now until 2025, literary excellence will be secondary to ticking all those ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual preference and crap-education boxes. We can safely infer from that email that if an agent submits a manuscript written by a gay transgender Caribbean who dropped out of school at seven and powers around town on a mobility scooter, it will be published, whether or not said manuscript is an incoherent, tedious, meandering and insensible pile of mixed-paper recycling. Good luck with that business model. Publishers may eschew standards, but readers will still have some.


We should note, by the way, that the worship of Diversity, is, in Fact, simply the Adoration of Equality by another Name. The Praise of "Diversity" is based on the Notion of "Inclusivity." And "Inclusivity" arises when Everyone is considered equal. It is when some Things are considered better than Others that Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equality are seen as Gods flawed and Idols unworthy.

We understand the terrible Unfairness of Life – and how People wish for Equality, Inclusivity, and Diversity. And while it seems reasonable to reduce that terrible Unfairness, we should avoid aiming for the Impossible. The Fact is that some Things ARE better than others. If it were not so, there could be no Progress.

As we are fond – perhaps over-fond – of pointing out – Inequality and Competition have enabled single-celled Organisms to become what we are today. To desire Equality is to despise the necessary Ladder of Achievement.

The Essence of Life is the Struggle for unequal Outcomes.

Penguin Random House will likely discover the Truth of that Insight.



June 5, 2018

We see that Ms. Wynne has admitted that she will not win the Ontario Election.

There is much debate about the Wisdom of such an unconventional Recognition of Reality.

It is customary to maintain an Optimistic Stance – regardless of Facts – even when leading the Troops into the Abyss. There is a certain Nobility, in such Cases, in a Defiance of Reality. For is that not, indeed, the Spirit which sometimes rescues Victory from the almost certain Jaws of Defeat? Is it not reflective of the indomitable Spirit of Mankind?

It is also argued that a Leader predicting Defeat betrays the Commitment of dutiful Followers. Their Devotion to a lost Cause seems to require a collegial, communal Reciprocation from the Leader. The Leader who predicts Defeat must certainly have a deflationary Effect on the Bubble of Optimism and Party Fervour.

It has been argued that, Ms. Wynne, well aware of her astounding Unpopularity, should have stepped aside earlier, rather than leaving the symbolic Act to the last few Days of the Campaign.

Of course, we suspect that Ms. Wynne, being no Fool, has some Method in her apparent Madness. It has been suggested that the Liberals may elect so few Members that they will not retain the Status of an official Party.* By symbolically removing herself, Ms. Wynne hopes to throw Attention on more acceptable individual Candidates. By suggesting the Possibility of Librageddon, she may hope to rouse Liberal Voters to heroic Efforts to save their beloved Party from Oblivion. Ms. Wynne herself has said she hopes these Voters to act, not in Hope of Victory, but in Hope of avoiding the Terrors of an NDP or Conservative Majority.

With Respect to such Terrors, we agree that any NDP Victory is likely to be disastrous. Socialists see only one side of the social Equation. They are focussed on how Money should best be spent to alleviate the many Troubles of the human Condition. They have not the least Idea – nor do they care – how the Wealth is to be created to fund their Compassion. They believe that Wealth is created by Magic, and it is of no practical Use to delve into its Mysteries.

On the other Hand, we are not particularly impressed with Mr. Ford. It has been pointed out that he would have more Credibility if he were to recognize the Difficulties in extricating the Province from its Mess. Fifteen Years of Mismanagement is not overcome with the Waving of a Wand of simple Frugality. We are heartened, however, by Suggestions that Mr. Ford might attempt some Privatization of the Health Care System. It is a socialist Scheme, which – like all socialist Schemes -- is both inefficient and dictatorial. It reduces Patients from Customers – who have Power – into Supplicants – who have none. The Fact is that the Market System is the best yet devised for the Creation and Distribution of Goods and Services. That System is not a fair System – but it works. To make it more fair – another, socialist System has its Place – just as there are, in civilized Societies, Schemes to assist the Poor, the Elderly, the Disabled, and the Incompetent.

The second heartening Matter is that Mr. Ford – we have been led to believe – is heretical with Respect to the current environmental Religion – the Folly of Belief in anthropogenic Global Warming. This Theory still awaits Proof. The Gasses have gone up, the Temperature has not responded -- as predicted -- proportionately. There is some Hope that heretical Scientists are gradually becoming free to discuss Climate without Fear, and that Faith will be required to defer – as it should – to Facts.



A few Words about Ms. Wynne, who, as we have observed, is no Fool. We have seen her recently on Television, accepting the Fact of her massive Unpopularity, but serene in her Belief that her Government has done good -- but insufficiently appreciated – Things.

We think she is an admirable Example of those who, convinced of their own Virtue, lack a certain necessary Perspective. Our immediate emotional Response to her Self-righteousness is to list three Things, in order of their Importance:

1. Hydro Bills
2. Hydro Bills
3. Hydro Bills

We have heard Ms. Wynne express her trembling Tremulousness at the Thought of a Ford Heresy in the Matter of climate Change. She implied that Departure from Dogma would result in an immediate Apocalypse.

What utter Nonsense. Mr. McGuinty, an ordinary Man aspiring to extraordinary Sagacity and Foresight, concocted the Kool-Aid of a Green Energy Plan. The Ingredients consisted of a large Measure of Gullibility, heaping Spoonfuls of Stupidity, a Tumbler of Vanity, and a Pitcher-full of Ambition.

No, we haven’t forgotten the self-destructive Poison. That comes from the Mixture itself.

When the Poison did him in, he passed the Punch Bowl to Ms. Wynne, and she drank it – eagerly – in. Leaving aside the Validity of the Theory of anthropogenic Global Warming – Canada’s – and therefore Ontario’s -- Contributions to World Greenhouse Gas Emissions are tiny.** Devotion to Principle so divorced from the practical eventually has its Cost.

From this "virtuous" Devotion, we think, flow many of the other Evils of her Government: the Loss of manufacturing Jobs, the massive Deficits, the Disdain for those who – including the Auditor-General and the Financial Accountability Office – have had the Temerity to criticize government Figures and government Ethics.

The great Art of Governing, it seem to us, lies in the Ability to determine when Government should intervene, and when it should step out of the Way.

Ms. Wynne has been an ineffective Meddler. 


* Being of a cruel and vindictive Nature, we would have Difficulty in concealing our Satisfaction if that Event were to occur. The only good Liberal, in our View, is a Liberal without Power – condemned forever to making hopeful progressive Suggestions from a dank and miserable Abyss – and being completely ignored by those functioning in the real World above.

**Estimated at 1.6% of world Total.





June 4, 2018

"They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind." (Old Testament)

The current Wind appears as a soft and attractive Breeze, caressing each delightful Rose in the pleasant, welcoming Garden of Equality.

It has been determined, by those who herd Unicorns on the Slopes of the Big Rock Candy Mountain, that Every Idea about the Conduct of Society is as good as any Other. Making Distinctions – maintaining Judgments that some Ideas are better than others -- has become seen as an Affront to harmonious Equality; the Possibility of hurt Feelings has become more important than the Attempt to maintain either Freedom or Justice.

The Truth of this Conclusion may be seen in the Fact that Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned, with the Order that that reprehensible Fact should not be mentioned in the Press.

That Order has, quite obviously, now been rescinded, or we would not be aware of it.

Mr. Robinson’s chief Crime is that he is critical of Islam.

Such Criticism runs counter to the cherished Belief that Islam is a perfectly admirable Religion, and the even more cherished Delusion that it must never be criticized.

The trouble with such official Desires and Delusions is that they are vulnerable to contrary Facts, and need to be supported with increasingly draconian Measures. In Canada, we have already seen the Passage of Motion M - 103, the Chief Target of which appears to be "Islamophobia." The Suggestion is that Criticism of Islam will not be countenanced – that the arrogant Demand of the Religion that no one – not even Non-Adherents – must criticize it – should be submissively observed.

In Britain, the Failure of the Police to act against Gangs of Afghani and Pakistani Rapists in Rotherham was found, in an official Report, to be the Result of "misplaced political correctness." (Geert Wilders, Breitbart News, June 3)


Mr. Robinson was arrested for broadcasting Details of the Trial of a similar Gang on Social Media, a Trial which was subject to reporting Restrictions.

Is it not interesting that such a Trial would be subject to such Restrictions? It suggests that the Truth is too sensitive a Matter – too destructive of cherished Illusions to be allowed Exposure.

We understand that it is true that Mr. Robinson was guilty of "Contempt of Court" -- but the Circumstances suggest an unseemly Desire for Vengeance was at Work.

As Mr. Wilders points out, Mr. Robinson

... was arrested, brought before a judge, and sentenced within five hours. The judge ordered a media ban on his arrest and imprisonment, even forcing British publications to delete their articles about the case.

Such measures are common practice in North Korea and Saudi Arabia. It is sad to see how Britain, the cradle of Western democracy and the rule of law, is fast descending into tyranny.

This, then, is the Whirlwind reaped by the those who sow the Wind of Harmony at any Cost.

Those who have decided that all Cultures are equal, have come to the logical Conclusion that their own Traditions of Freedom and Justice are no longer worth defending. They have decided that the cultural and religious Values of those from other Countries are more important than their own. The terrible Irony is that the Traditions which they are rejecting are the very ones which have created Societies that others have, heretofore, wished to join.

We can think of no better Way to end than with Mr. Wilder’s Summation:

Tommy Robinson is a working-class man, who can no longer stand how the original population of England is oppressed by Islam. The latter enjoys the protection from the multiculturalist politically-correct Islamophile ruling class. Tommy Robinson wants to break the taboos this class imposes on society, and he was punished for it.

But Tommy embodies the hope of many, whose voices are not heard. That is why I stand with him. Tommy is a hero. It is a disgrace that he is still in jail. I have been invited to a major protest demonstration in London next week, and I will be coming. Free Tommy now!





May 4, 2018

Nutty Universities

We see that Sir Wilfrid Laurier University is, once again, in the News.

That Institution of higher Learning is notable for having distinguished itself in the Lindsay Shepherd Affair. Ms. Shepherd is the Teaching Assistant who had the unmitigated Temerity to expose to her vulnerable Students, unfortified by any experience of the real World, to a shocking Display of Dr. Jordan Peterson, expressing Views on the Matter of Gender Identity – without first indicating that those Views were of a Nature entirely at Odds with the University Culture – and – as an inevitable Consequence – a Manifestation of unadulterated Evil.

Ms. Shepherd was subjected to a Session of virtuous Intimidation by three University Functionaries, who likened Dr. Peterson to Hitler, and suggested that Ms Shepherd’s Actions were illegal.*

Ms. Shepherd – possibly anticipating the Nuttiness of her professorial Accusers, had the Wit to record the Trial. When the Recording was made public, the University was roundly condemned my most Observers – indeed, by all those not afflicted by the Insanity of Political Correctness.

But while the University made some token Gestures of Remorse, it should be understood that those who believe themselves to be on the Side of the Angels are reluctant to accept the Possibility of Error.

We have little Doubt that the University is no Exception to this general Rule.

Indeed, the latest News may be taken as Proof.

Ms. Shepherd, it appears, formed the Laurier Society for Open Enquiry – whose Function is to bring Speakers and Events to the Campus which might be considered controversial. One of those controversial Speakers was to be Dr. Frances Widdowson, who has been critical of the "Aboriginal Industry" – claiming that Consultants and Lawyers in that "Industry" are a Hindrance to Progress in aboriginal Affairs.


The University, upon learning of the proposed Event, indicated that a Fee of $5, 473 would be required for Security.

In Response, David Haskell, a Member of the University’s Task Force on Free Expression, has resigned. He has claimed:

The policy is clearly prejudicial to clubs, faculty and associations that want to bring right-leaning speakers on campus. Now there’s a fee, but it’s not a fee left-leaning groups will ever pay. (National Post, May 4)

So ingrained is the Devotion to "progressive" politically correct Ideas at the University – that – of the 23 Faculty Members nominated for the Task Force – only three were avowedly Advocates for free Speech. David Haskell was the only one who won – and the only one who expressed Support for Ms. Shepherd.

Indeed – when we consider the extraordinary and frequent Examples of the Nuttiness of University Culture – we must conclude that the "Light" from Universities is not life-enhancing – but toxic to Freedom and common Sense. The Universities represent, in fact, visible "Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy."**

That larger Lunacy arises from a religious Determination to create a crystal Palace of Perfection in which Equality of Result is finally achieved. All the transformed crystal People will bask in an Equality of Self-Esteem, every perfect Group will find proportional Representation in equally respected Areas of Endeavour and Employment. Naturally, the Necessity of Struggle, the Inevitability of Failure, the Invidiousness of Success -- the Fact that some Things are better than Others – all these Suggestions of underlying Inequality at the Heart of Existence -- will be, providentially, banished. The first Step in the Journey, it appears, is to avoid the Truth, and to silence the Heretics and Unbelievers.


*Our full Account of this Matter may be seen in our Diary Entry of December 3, 2017

** Title of 1915 Stephen Leacock Publication.




 April 19, 2018

The Struggle between seeing the World as it "should" be – and as it actually is – is an important Marker of our present Age.

The World is, essentially, competitive – the Essence of Life is a Struggle for unequal Outcomes. If there were no such Struggle, sentient Creatures would not exist – the World would be populated entirely by egalitarian, non-competitive, single-celled Organisms.

That is not to say that Societies are entirely driven by the Law of the Jungle. It has been discovered that individual Outcomes may be enhanced when Individuals band together in Tribes. This banding together – we may call it "Co-operation" -- involves a Modifying of Competition among Individuals – in order to enhance the Well-being of the Tribe. To the Extent that Tribes are in Competition, it may be said that the Aim is to give a competitive Advantage against other Tribes.

Thus, every Society will reflect some Elements of Co-Operation mixed with some Elements of Competition – in order to gain a general Advantage in the Fight for Survival.

Having achieved much Success in that Battle – and now having Time to reflect – it is the Fashion in western Societies to decry Competition, to deplore the Struggle for Survival, and dream of a different World – a World of Equality.

It is this Dream of Equality that underlies Socialism, Multiculturalism, and the new Religion of Political Correctness.

Socialism promises a World of Equality but has never been successful. It is not successful because it assumes that Men are not at all competitive –  they wish to be like Ants – egalitarian Robots programmed to act always in the Interest of the Colony. It is a Procrustean Bed of ideal Order and Conformity into which unequal, competitive human Beings will not – without a great Deal of Coercion – fit.

Multiculturalism, similarly, is based on the ideal Notion that all Cultures are equally worthy. This is not true – but Facts are frequently required to defer to cherished Illusions. The Fact is that some Cultures have provided a higher Standard of Living, greater Longevity, more Opportunities for Self-Fulfilment, and greater Freedom for Citizens than others. Those same superior Cultures have achieved more scientific Advancements and can point to significant, widely-admired, creative Accomplishments.

Despite such Facts – and despite the unfortunate Truth – that cultural Values are sometimes directly antithetical, and hence, absolutely incompatible -- many in the modern Era seem to believe that unequal Cultures can mix happily in the same geographical Location, without Conflict.

Finally, Political Correctness -- the new Religion -- pretends to the same Notion of Equality. Individuals, it is assumed, should have an Equality of Self-Esteem; thus, Feelings must never be hurt – since that would suggest a tragic Inequality of Happiness and Confidence. Similarly, the new Religion divides Society into Groups – in order to determine which Groups are more favoured, and which Groups require a Raising Up -- in order to give them "Equality." Every Group, it is assumed, should be equally represented in every Field of Endeavour. The Fact that Women may not be generally enamoured of corporate Ladder-Climbing – or that Aboriginal Persons often choose to pursue a traditional Lifestyle in a remote Reserve – these Matters are irrelevant: Women should be equally represented in corporate Boardrooms, and Aboriginals should be proportionally represented in the Ranks of Neurosurgeons.

What this Obsession with Equality means, of Course, is that the competitive Striving which has brought us to our present advanced State, must be questioned: Equality and Merit are forever at Odds. If you think Equality is the chief Good, then you will disparage Merit. If you think Merit is the Key to Success, you will be little concerned with Equality.

It is interesting to see some of the practical Effects of the Obsession with Equality – with the Disparagement of Competition and Merit. A recent Article in the National Post pointed out that University Hiring Practices are clearly discriminatory. Certain Groups are rejected, and others are favoured in order to show the desired Group "Equality." It is the great Irony of the modern Era that the Remedy for Injustice is seen as more Injustice. As long as the Injustice creates more "Equality" – according to some pre-conceived Notion of that Concept – then Discrimination is transformed – from "evil and unfair – to a Force for "Sweetness and Light."

A recent Article at Breitbart News shows that the Rejection of Competition and Merit extends to the private Sector. The great corporate Giant, Google, seems to have assumed the Truth of the Proposition that the cultural Values which have led to its Success should now be rejected. They seem to be obsessed with "Diversity" – and see "white/male dominant" Culture as Something which must now be eschewed.

A Document is given to Managers, which is described thus:

The handout cautions managers about "rewarding people when they exhibit values and practices that are part of the dominant, and either punishing or failing to reward people when they exhibit values that are outside the of the dominant cultural norm." (Breitbart News, April 18)

Here is the List of competing Values:

Valued by U.S. White/Male dominant culture

Front of room, persuasive
Arguing, winning
Numbers driven
Growth in number, size
Protecting others from short-term
Avoiding conflict
Giving feedback indirectly (about you,
but without you)
Individual achievement
Seeing us as unique/exceptional
We are objective
Casual, informal, off the cuff

Colorblind racial frame


Commonly invisibilized or devalued by White/male dominant culture

Listening, raising up multiple voices
Identifying multiple viable paths
Everything’s a work in progress
Narrative driven (quotes, qualitative)
Growth in quality
Valuing self-determination, seven generations thinking
Conflict is productive/necessary
Giving feedback directly (with you)

Collective achievements
Seeking connections between contexts
Everything is subjective
Formal, prepared, thought out
Holding systems accountable for equitable outcomes
Noticing race/color and any racial patterns in treatment

It is easy to see the Elements of Political Correctness  which appear in this List. "Winning" – the Essence of Competition – is to defer to "Identifying multiple viable paths " – a co-operative Chit-Chat of – we must assume – equally viable Options.

It is no Surprise, then that "collective achievements’ are valued over "individual achievement," and that "equitable outcomes" are more important than "meritocracy."

Similarly, the Notion that a Culture might be "unique and exceptional" should defer to a more "inclusive’ Notion focussing on "connections between [sic] contexts."

The Objective, must, of course, defer to the Subjective. Political Correctness is noted for its Emphasis on Feelings -- rather than  Facts. Facts must be avoided if they might result in damaged Feelings.

The Suggestion that Race and Colour are necessary Lenses – is perfectly in keeping with the politically correct Notion of dividing Society into Groups in Order to perpetuate an unstoppable and unending Search for "Equality."

What we are witnessing is an extraordinary Period of Self-Loathing. All the competitive Elements which have been shown to work – to be successful – are now to be rejected. New Notions, which have not been shown to be successful – which, in Fact, eschew Success – pretend that Success is somehow inappropriate – are to be tried.

The Problem, of course, is that "Equality" is not in the Blueprint of Nature, and will not be found among living Creatures. Dead Creatures, perhaps. Those who dream of "Equality" dream of Death. For – as we have noted above – the Essence of Life is now – as it always has been – the Struggle for unequal Outcomes.

The World as it "should" be -- is a Fantasy. Wherever the Pursuit of that Fantasy will take us -- it will not be a happy Place.

Equality offers ambrosia in a poisoned chalice -- but Merit has never acquired a taste for suicide. (Observation #527)




April 11, 2018

The Problem of Facebook

It has always been our Observation that Monopolies are highly desirable – for Monopolists. For those who require the Goods or Services of the Monopolist, Expressions of Adulation are, understandably, restrained.

The Monopolist currently in the News is Facebook, which has had the Advantage of being the first Provider. It has become a Kind of global Utility – providing an internet Platform for People to gather in Groups of "Friends."

Unfortunately, Facebook does not just provide a Platform: it has a political Viewpoint.

That Viewpoint is entirely sinister* – since it is leftish and politically correct.

According to Breitbart News:

Facebook has repeatedly punished a fast-growing news website for its conservative views on immigration and other topics–suspending its moderators, censoring content, and threatening to close the site down. (April 9)

Among its Crimes, the Website showed a Photograph of Poles holding a Banner reading: "Mohammed not welcome." It also posted a Book Review of former Czech President Vαclav Klaus which compared the influx of Immigrants to "the barbarian invasions of Europe."

It is well known that Angela Merkel – acting, no Doubt, as a Counter to German Nationalism of the last Century – has allowed high Levels of Immigration – despite being aware that "Multiculturalism doesn’t work."**

Despite her accurate Perception, she is desperate to silence Criticism of Immigration.


In September 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on an open mike asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to help suppress "anti-immigration" postings on the social media site, to which Zuckerberg replied that he was already working on it. (Breitbart News, April 9)

Finally, Facebook has decided to censor Diamond and Silk, two Women who are Supporters of Donald Trump. On April 5, it sent a message to the Site Owners stating:

The Policy team has come to the conclusion that your content and your brand has been determined unsafe to the community.

How reminiscent of the bizarre Notion that Universities require "Safe Spaces" where Students -- confronted by an alien, realistic Ideology -- may pet Puppies, eat Chocolate, and retreat to the colouring-book Haven of their Youth.

We do not know the Solution for this monopolistic Brainwashing. Perhaps the Company could be required to split into two Corporations: Facebook, and Get Real.

Or perhaps it should – as a Kind of Utility – simply not be permitted to become involved in Politics.

As Matters now stand, Facebook is an Influence both ubiquitous and sinister.


**Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed", Chancellor Angela Merkel says. She said the so-called "multikulti" concept -- where people would "live side-by-side" happily -- did not work, and immigrants needed to do more to integrate -- including learning German. BBC News, October 17, 2010.




April 8, 2018

Those who dream of equality would banish both the despair of failure and the triumph of success -- the home team and the visitors would always score the same number of goals. Their dream, in fact, is the dream of death -- for the essence of life is the struggle for unequal outcomes. (Observation # 1309)

We awoke this Morning from a wonderful Dream of Equality.

The Government had achieved its stated Aim – to find, amid its Ranks of Employees, a Number of Women, the Disabled, Aboriginals, and visible Minorities proportional to their Occurrence in the general Population. Even invisible Minorities – though it was slightly more difficult to tell – were properly represented.

But this was not just a Dream of government employment Equality. All Society had been transformed, as if by a Wand of marvellous Magic.

In every Boardroom of the Nation, Women – having acquired a Taste for corporate Ladder-Climbing sat in cosseted equal Splendour.

Aboriginal Persons, having wisely left their remote and uneconomic Reserves, were to be counted among Lawyers and Neurosurgeons in exactly those Proportions expected.

The Disabled, having been appropriately transformed, were arriving at the finish Lines of marathon Races, at exactly the same Time as Everyone else.


In Fact – not surprisingly -- the Results of all Races and Competition were exactly the same for all Entrants. No one suffered from the Despair of Defeat, or enjoyed the Triumph of Success. They were all equally unemotional. When the Home Team played the Visitors, the Score was even – no invidious Failure could be recorded, and no rewarding Victory could be claimed.

The transgendered – long seeking egalitarian Words of Reference -- luxuriated in their Pronouns – each having (we were going to say "his" and "her" own – before we realized the Absurdity) a Pronoun which was exactly the same as the Pronoun used by Everybody else.

As well, the multicultural Dream had been realized – Cultures thrived, Side by Side throughout our fair Land – each One having exactly the same Qualities, Thoughts, Customs and Characteristics as the other.

The Aims of Political Correctness, too, had finally been achieved. No one had hurt Feelings; Everyone enjoyed an unvarying Level of joyous Self-Confidence. The Self-Esteem Quotient for Everyone was exactly the same.

But our Dream was strangely troubling. All the Images seemed paused, stopped as if in a Photograph. On the Faces of equal Citizens, there was no Joy, Anxiety, Fear, or Determination -- there was neither suffusing Light nor tenebrous Shade.

As then, as our Dream shifted, dissolved, and transformed, the Images appearing and re-appearing a strange Quality emerged. We were observing a Circularity of Sameness -- not a Journey in Time.

Although Equality had been achieved – all the People in that wonderful, transformed Land -- were dead.




March 14, 2018

We have long been suspicious of Climate Alarmism: both the dire Predictions of Disaster, and the computer Model Projections of continual Warming linked to rising Gas Emissions have – quite simply -- failed.

The inexorable Reality is this: if your Theory does not enable accurate Predictions, it is flawed and insufficient.

In Addition, the Alarmists have acted like slick Evangelists desperate to frighten their Audience of rural Rubes into dramatic Conversion and continuing financial Contribution to the Lord’s holy Work. They have proclaimed the Certainty of "settled Science" – a sure Sign that the Distinction between Science and religious Conviction is one they have failed to make.

Recently, we have seen little Signs of Heresy. Some Scientists have recanted; others have admitted that their Predictions have been "overheated." President Trump has scandalized the World by rejecting the Paris Accord.

The latest bit of Apostasy comes from the Scientific American. An Article by John Horgan, the director of the Center for Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology, analyzes Reports by Steven Pinker and Will Boisvert.

Neither disputes the Warming – the Amount of which we think is, thus far, unproven – but are more sanguine about its Effects than the average Politician – who has seen the Sky, knows it to be falling, and, continuously, squawks the Alarm.

Professor Pinker argues that we can solve the Problems brought by Climate Change; he also cites the overwhelming Benefits of Industrialization – which Alarmists tend to see as dangerous. (Breitbart News, March 12)

Will Boisvert, described as a "left-wing environmental expert," argues that Climate Change will lead to the mitigating Factor of the Availability of more Food by 2050.



While such Opinions do not strike at the Heart of the Issue – what are the Factors which determine global Temperatures? – they do strike a Blow at Alarmism. If Climageddon is not, in fact, just around the next Corner, perhaps there will be fewer Calls for immediate Repentance, diminished Pleas for human Sacrifice, and a Sense that it might be possible to leave the hectic Arena of evangelical Haste, and return to a less frantic, more measured Study of Science.

We have every Confidence that the Determination of how the Climate actually works – and a considered View of our Options – will lead to fewer headless Chickens propounding unproven Hypotheses about the Relationship between Gravity and the Sky.

We suspect that – in a few Years – we will look back at Climate Alarmism, and see it as simply another in the long List of "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds."*

Our human Tendency to be overcome by such popular Madness is, we suspect – a Result of our instinctive Tribalism. Tribalism is the Cause of our human Success – it has enabled us to reap the manifold Benefits of Co-operation. But every Benefit has its Cost. Tribalism requires few Leaders and many enthusiastic Followers. We are programmed – not to think as Individuals – which is isolating and uncomfortable – but to roar, satisfyingly, with the Herd. The Herd is undoubtedly vulnerable to many different Types of Narrative – but the religious Notion that a great Disaster – the Result of our Sin – is about to be unleashed – seems to have a timeless Appeal.

It is the Narrative of Good and Evil.

For our Sins, we will be punished; but Repentance, Virtue, and Reward are still possible: we must first, believe, and then – on Faith – we must make our human Sacrifices. The Climate Scientists, appeased, will lead us to Green Pastures, and ensure that Goodness and Mercy will follow us, with gasless Benevolence, to the End of our Days.



*Charles Mackay, 1841





March 10, 2018

O brave new world,
That has such people in ’t!
- The Tempest

We happened – by Chance --to tune in to a Discussion of Political Correctness on Vision TV recently.

We were shocked, indeed: we had thought that any Discussion of the new Religion would be considered Blasphemy. The Government has recently indicated its extreme Displeasure at the Idea that Islam be subject to Criticism. In such an Environment, we assumed that all Religions would be considered Topics forbidden.

But such, apparently, is not the Case. Perhaps because Political Correctness has not yet been officially designated a Religion, the Government, in its extreme Benevolence, will allow some Discussion of the Matter.

We note that Jordan Peterson was on the Panel, and the toxic "Special Pronoun" Issue was discussed. Mr. Peterson is the Professor who has caused great Scandal by stating his Objection to the enforced Usage of special Pronouns requested by those who claim Recognition of their Perceptions of Gender Anomalies.

This Matter has been the Subject of recent Legislation. Last June, the Senate passed Bill C-16, which adds "gender identity or expression" to Grounds for Discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. The new Crime is "refusing to refer to a trans person by their chosen name and a personal pronoun that matches their gender identity." (National Post, June 19, 2017)

This Refusal will be considered Discrimination in Matters of Employment, Housing, and Education.

The Magnitude of this Intrusion seems little appreciated. We were intrigued that a Panellist in Favour of such compelled Usage argued not merely that it was reasonable, but that a Refusal to use special Pronouns was tantamount to Approval of Murder. Since transgendered Persons are regularly murdered -- according to the Panellist -- any Disrespect of their Pronoun Wishes may be seen as a contributory Cause.

We did not think that we would live to see such a Descent into Madness.

It is hard to know where to begin. Perhaps, first of all, there is great Difficulty in making a personal Perception – a Feeling – more important than an objective Fact. When Someone claims to be of a Gender different than is objectively obvious, the Question must arise as to the Legitimacy of the Claim. People claim – in all good Faith – to be Queen Victoria, or the King of Siam. Their Requests to be addressed as "Your Majesty" are seldom compelled by Law. They are considered to be sincere, but insane.

We are not suggesting that those who feel transgendered are insane – or even insincere. But we do not think that Error and Insincerity can always be ruled out. The Principle of accepting a Claim based on personal Perception alone is an awkward one. While it is a popular Idea that typical "Victims" should be believed on the Basis of their Victim Status, we think this to be a dubious Principle. The Requirement of Evidence cannot waived based on the Nature of the Complaint,  the Status of the Complainant, or on a personal Perception. We should never discount the Possibility that a Victim may make a Claim with mischievous Intent. That Possibility is increased – we would note -- when a Claimant has been granted exceptional Powers of enforcement -- leading to the possibility of harassment.

Giving some Citizens exceptional Powers over others – in Matters where there is extreme Bias, and widespread Pre-conception seems unwise. For Example, it is worth noting that, in Pakistan, where there are Laws with severe Penalties for Blasphemy, and a Tendency to believe Accusations rather than Denials, the Claim of Blasphemy is used to settle personal Scores in unrelated Matters.

But let us imagine that the Problem of Evidence is solved. A clever Scientist discovers a Blood Test which gives an objective Basis for a Claim of Gender Difference. We do not need to fear mischievous Claims. We can be assured that when Someone claims a gender Difference, it has been verified as a Fact.


Even so, Problems remain.

While it might be reasonable and kind to accede to the Request by a transgendered Person to use a particular Pronoun, should a Failure to do so result in legal Penalty?

The Answer is "No."

Just as the Government would be oppressive if it were to legislate against Islamophobia – to forbid Criticism and curtail Freedom of Speech – it is even more oppressive to compel certain Kinds of Speech.

Further, not only is this an egregious Misuse of Government Power against Citizens – but it gives a dangerous Weapon to those who have their Wishes and Desires backed by Governmental Power.

Power, as Lord Acton has noted, corrupts. Giving one Class of Citizens the Opportunity to wield extraordinary Power over everyone else, is extremely dangerous. It is, alas, in the Nature of human Nature to use Power to Advantage – regardless of ethical Considerations. One can imagine a transgendered Person claiming that a Pronoun was used with insufficient Clarity and Frequency. It might be claimed that, by using a Person’s Name, the Offender was clearly avoiding Government mandated Speech. Two transgendered Persons could conspire to make false Claim against innocent Citizens whom they wished to control or punish. A "Slip of the Tongue" or Error could be forgiven – or not – depending upon the Mood of the Offended One.

Additionally, such Weapons of arbitrary Injustice, may prove attractive to Others. Mr. Peterson, in the Discussion, pointed out that Weapons of War do not remain with one Side in a Battle. When the enormous Power of transgendered Persons to compel Speech becomes established – other Groups of Citizens would likely seek a similar Advantage.

You see, we understand the Use of special Pronouns for transgendered Persons as a particular Example of a general Principle: passive Measures towards some noble Aim, are never enough. When the noble Aim is Equality – the simple removal of Barriers for the Disadvantaged – is never enough; active Compensation must be given in order to achieve "Equality." This is the Principle behind "Affirmative Action." "Bad" Discrimination is fought with "good Discrimination – a Compensation -- an active Favouring of the Disadvantaged.

Being transgendered represents -- in the real World -- a considerable Awkwardness. One's actual Gender is a Refutation of One's Perceptions. It is an "Affliction" which confers "minority Status," and allows a Claim of Victimhood.

Just as Hiring Quotas and Affirmative Action Policies represent Compensation – so transgendered Persons seek special Pronouns – and the Power to enforce their Use – as Compensation for their Distress and Minority Status.

But the Principle of Compensation for Minority Status has a general Attractiveness: why would not other Minority and Victim Groups seek similar Redress?

It would be entirely reasonable for Muslims, concerned about "Islamophobia" to seek Compensation. Not only would Criticism of the Religion be forbidden, but a special complimentary Form of Address would be required when addressing any Muslim.

The same could be said for Aboriginals seeking Compensation for past Wrongs -- or any "Visible Minority," or Group. Ninety-seven Pound Weaklings, the Elderly, the cosmetically or cognitively challenged would require special compensating Modes of Address to make them feel better.

Soon – we predict – every Minority Group would clamour for special Recognition and exaggerated Respect. It might even reach the Point that those without special Compensation would become a Minority, and claim an egalitarian Adjustment on that Account.

We will long for the Days when Everyone was just "He," or "She."

The Government – proving, once again, that Governments are not noted for their Wisdom -- does not know what Folly and destructive Power it has unleashed.




February 20, 2018

When equality is the aim, mediocrity is the result; when excellence is the aim, equality will find its true place. (Observation #168)

The Pursuit of an Ideal must often lead to Absurdity – since Ideals, by Definition, are theoretical, abstract Concepts which have a tenuous and uncertain Relationship with the real World.

Ideals, of Course, have one great Advantage over Practicalities: they sound good. Practicalities are always tainted by the Notion of Compromise, by an implied woeful Admission that they fall short of Perfection.

Thus it is that the Idealist always appears to be on a high Ground of moral Superiority: his Devotion is to Perfection; the practical Call to Compromise must always appear to involve some regrettable Degree of moral Failure. It is for this Reason than the Idealist is revered: his Intentions are noble, his Commitment is pure.

But, in the real World, Results count. Reality must eventually have its Revenge. The uncompromising Pursuit of the unattainable Ideal leads to a Loss of Function: in the End, the Dreams founder, and Things collapse. It is seen that imperfect Functioning is better than no Functioning at all.

These Reflections arise from the News Accounts that of Dalhousie University is currently advertising to obtain a Vice-Provost for Student Affairs. They have specified that they intend to consider only "racially visible persons" and "Aboriginal Peoples."

That they have some Perception of their Folly is indicated by their Attempt at Euphemism. All People are "racially visible." What the University means is that some racially visible People will be preferred over Others. We do not think we are leaping to an unjustified Conclusion by suggesting that "racially visible" white People will not be considered.

The University attempts to mask its real Message: White People need not apply.

Such obvious Discrimination based on Race is – in Theory – an Attempt to combat Discrimination based on Race. But it is still Discrimination based on Race, and is logically indefensible.

The best possible Argument for substituting one Type of Discrimination for another – in such a Fashion – is the Benefit of a sudden Jolting of old Prejudices. The Removal of Barriers, it could be argued, results in too slow an Alteration of customary Discriminations. A sudden Requirement to promote the Interests of a certain Group will lead more quickly to a Reversal of Prejudice. This, of course, can only be justified as a temporary Strategy. After some Period of Time, a Return must be made to Hiring on the Basis of Merit.

But such Strategies are never temporary. They become ingrained Discriminations as toxic as those which they are meant to replace.

The Reason that such Strategies are never temporary, and are pursued, essentially, forever, is based on an Ideal.

The ideal is that all Groups – all Races – are, in some magical Fashion, identical. If Green People make up twenty Percent of the Population, then twenty percent of all corporate Directors, Bicycle Mechanics, and Hairdressers should be Green. The Fact that many Green People may live in remote Areas, have inferior educational Accomplishments, or have a cultural Prejudice against Hairdressing is irrelevant.

It is this Notion of Equality – where there is none – which lies behind so many Programs of "Affirmative Action." There must be a constant Meddling by morally superior Beings to bring about the Outcome of Equality, which, they have no Doubt, is the Holy Grail of social Goodness. "Equality" of course, is an Ideal Concept. "Merit" is a practical one.


The blind Pursuit of the Ideal of Equality sounds good; but it is Merit and Competence that are needed for superior Function.

It is interesting to see how far the Egalitarians will go to justify their discriminatory Practices.

In the Case of Dalhousie University, Jasmine Walsh, the assistant Vice-President of Human Resources has said:

From my perspective there isn’t a merit argument that runs counter to this (race-based restrictions on job applicants.) In fact this actually is the way for us to develop the most meritorious faculty and staff population...it is critically important that students who are coming on to campus are able to see themselves reflected. (National Post February 16, 2018)

This is a fascinating Way of redefining "Merit"

The most meritorious Candidate, according to Ms. Walsh, is not the most competent, nor the most skilled at interpersonal Relations; rather it is the Candidate who can make Students – we think she means Students belonging to particular Races – "see themselves reflected."

The University, thus, does not seem to focus on Knowledge, but on some Sort of "feel good" Perception of Students. What is important is that those from particular racial Groups are comforted by the Fact the Notion of proportional Representation – based on the false Notion of "Equality" – is reflected in the Faculty.

The Approach of Dalhousie University does not appear to be an isolated Incident – rather it seems to reflect a Trend in current Thought. There is no such thing as Objectivity in human Affairs. Everything must be seen through the Lens of personal Perception.

Thus, Political Correctness emphasizes the Primacy of Feelings: someone who feels offended must be coddled and compensated; no Effort should be wasted to determine whether the Emotion experienced is reasonable, or justified by the Facts.

According to the Laws of cultural Appropriation, no human Being may write about a Culture different from his own. Taken to its logical Absurdity, a black transgendered double Amputee from Louisiana could not legitimately write a story about a white transgendered double Amputee from Georgia.

In terms of legal Proceedings, a Jury is not able to arrive at a just Verdict if the Races or Backgrounds of its Members differ from that of the Accused. The logical Absurdity, once again, is that only a Jury of white lesbian Mothers brought up in Poverty can adequately judge the Guilt of a white lesbian Mother brought up in Poverty.

The Focus on Feelings is a Rabbit-Hole leading to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

That Party must eventually founder on Absurdity – the Lack of Function. In the End, there must be an objective Reality in which human Particularities can be subsumed.

The University of Dalhousie should stop imagining that the best Faculty is that carefully manipulated to reflect Notions about the Equality of Racial Groups. When Barriers are removed, racial Groups will be reflected according to the Inclinations and Abilities of their Members.

Nor should they believe that making Students feel good because Faculty is "diverse" is more important than enabling Students to acquire Knowledge and function effectively.

In the end, Merit is more important that Equality.

Equality offers ambrosia in a poisoned chalice -- but Merit has never acquired a taste for suicide. (Observation #527)




February 10, 2018


Although Mr. Trudeau is a man of many Deficiencies, we must grant him the Virtue of Reliability. He may be counted on to express Opinions which are politically correct – Opinions which are designed to be studiously inoffensive, and universally acceptable.

Politically correct Opinions, of course, are those which take, as their Bedrock, the Assumption of Equality – the equal Virtue and Worthiness of all human Beings, and the Cultures which they represent.

It is for this Reason that Mr. Trudeau embraces Multiculturalism. In his Mind – such as it is – all Cultures are equally worthy and, when examined through a generous, politically correct Lens, may be seen to have a Commonality of Values. These Values are comfortable, familiar; they are, indeed, in Spirit and Detail, "Canadian Values."

Thus Mr. Trudeau found it offensive – some Years ago -- that Honour Killings should be described as "barbaric." Such a Term suggests a manifest Inequality – a Difference between "civilized" and "primitive." Although Mr. Trudeau never suggested a Replacement for the Term, he would likely approve of "alternatively mandated" – or perhaps "uniquely derived"-- or "traditionally sanctioned."

Similarly, Mr. Trudeau sees all Religions as equally benign. He is noted for speaking at Mosques, and for approving the Wearing of the Niqab at Citizenship Ceremonies. It is his Government which approved Motion M-103, which calls for a Banishment of "Islamophobia"– as if the Government could dictate to Citizens the Emotions which they might, with Legitimacy, experience.

When it came to forming his Cabinet, Mr. Trudeau made much Show of choosing equal Numbers of Men and Women. He was anxious to overlook Merit in order to signal his Virtue, his Belief that Men and Women should have equal Representation – regardless of their different Interests – in all Fields of human Endeavour.

The wonderful thing about Political Correctness is its congenital Blindness. It is incapable of detecting Differences, for Differences suggest Inequalities – the Possibility – the Horror – that some Things might be Superior to Others. Political Correctness – looking on the Landscape of Reality – the Mountain and the Abyss – sees only a benign and level Plain extending as far as Perception may persist.

Mr. Trudeau has come to our Attention recently because at a "Town Hall" Meeting in Edmonton, he interrupted a Woman who used the Word "Mankind."

This Word, which represents a traditional Use of the Word "Man" – as representing our Species – does not meet the Requirements of Political Correctness, since it uses the Word "Man" instead of a Term more "inclusive"– a Word which avoids specifying "Man" as opposed to "Woman."



"Humanity" or "Humankind" would be acceptable, but Mr. Trudeau said: "We like to say ‘peoplekind,’ not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive."

Mr. Trudeau could not resist the Opportunity to signal his Virtue, and correct the Questioner, but in doing so he made a bizarre Choice of Alternative – which drew Attention to the Contortions which are required to meet the Demands of Political Correctness. For this, he has accrued much deserved Ridicule.

But what is more interesting that some have suggested he was joking. Even the National Post has approved this Interpretation, and Mr. Trudeau has subsequently claimed:

"You all know that I don’t necessarily have the best of track records on jokes. I made a dumb joke a few days ago that seems to have gone a little viral. It played well in the room and in context. Out of context, it doesn’t play so well. It’s a little reminder to me that I shouldn’t be making jokes even when I think they’re funny."

This of Course is a Load of Excrementum Tauri.

Such a Joke would have been made by one who was attempting to ridicule the Notion of changing the Language to reflect "Equality" and "Inclusivity." It would have been made by one who deplores the posturing Contortions of Political Correctness, and who was exaggerating them for comic Effect.

Mr. Trudeau is not that Man. His Thought Processes, such as they are, reflect soothing Mantras and happy Platitudes. He is not a critical Thinker. He is not a Thinker. He is, if Anything, a Reflector of the current Mode of Belief in the level, boring, equal Plain – and Plainness – of the Ideal Society.

We have had Occasion to address this Matter, in general Terms, with some Observations on Political Correctness and Laughter:

Laughter arises from a triumphant perception of unexpected differences. The politically correct can never acknowledge differences -- which is why they are so grimly humourless. (Observation # 972)

Political correctness is always serious -- determinedly empathetic, and cautiously apprehensive. Laughter is spontaneous, and doesn't give a damn. The politically correct can never be jolly. (Observation # 973)

No, Mr. Trudeau was not making a Joke. He was signalling his egalitarian Virtues. When that backfired, he pretended that he was making a Joke. He is, in Fact, operating in a Sphere beyond his Level of Competence.






February 6, 2018

It is the Fashion, in the current Age, to seek "Equality Success" when real Success and Accomplishment are elusive.

Any Group which feels slighted – either in the Past or Present – and has not achieved the Success of some other Group, is not limited to the Revenge of Accomplishment – it may seek the Revenge of Victimhood.

Because there is much Concern, in the modern Age, that the God of Equality be seen to reign in human Affairs, it is deemed reasonable and natural that those crying "Victim" be given special Treatment and Consideration. They are deserving and must be compensated – whether they suffer from the Vagaries of Fate or their own Incompetence -- they may demand and receive special Treatment.

We see the Terms "Victimhood" and "Equality Success" as virtually interchangeable. A successful Claim of Victimhood is the Achievement of "Equality Success."

We write today of what we think is an interesting Example.

A Group of Students at the University of Central Florida thought it would be appropriate to establish a "Try a Hijab" Booth on Campus.

We have, of Course, no Objection to such an Enterprise. However, our innate Political Incorrectness requires us to point out that the Hijab is a Symbol of a Religion with many Flaws. The Sharia Law of Islam is incompatible with Democracy, and the Religion itself opposes Freedom of Speech. Countries dominated by Islam have been relatively unsuccessful in the Creation of free, open, prosperous, and creative Societies.

Indeed, we would point out that the dominant Religion in the United States is Christianity, and while we think all Religions to be woefully lacking in Evidence and to be potentially oppressive, we have no Hesitation in stating the obvious: it is, at the present Time, far less oppressive and troubling than Islam.

Thus, while it is quite acceptable -- though, in our View, foolish -- to promote the Wearing and Purchase of Hijabs, we would not be surprised if the "Try a Hijab" Booth in central Florida, was not overwhelmed by Success.

The Article to which we refer – from Breitbart News on February 2*, does not give any Indication of the relative Success of the Booth.

However, there is some Evidence which is suggestive.

A Student, Kathy Zhu, visited the Event, declined to try a Hijab, but took Pictures of the Booth. Her Twitter Comment read:


There’s a "try a hijab on" booth at my college campus." So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?

What followed next is instructive. One of the Students at the Booth replied:

I’m in the back of the first pic (w/o my consent lol) and I invited you to try one on and you said ‘no thank you.’ You didn’t take the time to even ask questions or try to understand what Hijab is. That’s ignorant of you. You literally sprinted after taking the photos. Pathetic.

Not content with that, the offended Student sent an email to the University of Central Florida Office of Student Conduct, and urged her Supporters to contact the Office and call for Zhu’s Expulsion.

The Matter is, of course, absurd. The Campus is a public Place, and Permission is not required to take Photographs. Nor is it mandatory to listen to a Viewpoint which stands already discredited by overwhelming contrary Evidence. The Symbol of a morally troubling Religion cannot be made pleasing by any Amount of Explanation. Though a Hijab may make Claim to be a "fashion accessory," it cannot be divorced from the Religion of Islam, which denies Equality of Opportunity and Treatment for Women.

We admit that our Case is not conclusively proven – but our Interpretation runs thus:

Trying to sell Hijabs – literally and figuratively – is unlikely to meet with Success in central Florida.

The alternative to real Success is "Equality Success." We cannot imagine the Claim for Expulsion being based on Anything but the Perception that it would be favourably perceived. It would be favourably perceived because Ms. Zhu had the Temerity to state the Obvious: the Hijab is associated with the Oppression of Women.

This runs counter to the Notion of "Equality." Islam must not be criticised – because, while it is flawed, Flaws must not be pointed out. It is actually unequal, but "officially" equal – and thereby is deserving of special Protection and Compensation when its lack of Equality is noted. It deserves the "Equality Success" of established Victimhood. Expulsion, then, becomes a reasonable Punishment for Criticism of Islam. A similar Criticism of Christianity, of course, would not be considered the same Way. It does not have "Victim" Status, and will not qualify for "Equality Success."

Sometimes, in Moments of Idleness, we wonder how long Insanity can hide – wrapped in the flimsy Robes of political Correctness, and wearing the worn, poorly contrived Mask of "Equality."

Aristotle: "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal."


*University of Central Florida ‘Try a Hijab’ Event Participant Starts Campaign to Expel Peer for Taking Photos




February 2, 2018

When prejudicial barriers to participation in employment are removed -- liberty is enhanced. But the requirement that a particular group be represented in any type of employment is restrictive. "Equality" purchased at the cost of liberty should be given its true name: oppression. (Observation # 1283)

The Pursuit of impossible Ideals invariably leads to the Abyss – but this Wisdom is not easily absorbed. Such is the Nature of human Aspiration, that Facts are seldom allowed to interfere with Dreams of an ideal State.

It is for this Reason, for Example, that Socialism retains its Allure. Socialism promises the Balm of Equality – and although it has never been successful – always resulting in Coercion and Oppression – the Dream persists. As Mr. Einstein has pointed out, doing the same Thing repeatedly and expecting a different Result, is a good Definition of Insanity.

It is sobering to think that Insanity appears to be a well-established Element in the human Psyche.

We have been alerted to Insanity -- the continuing Pursuit of the Impossible -- by a recent Column by Mr. Ivison in yesterday’s Edition of the National Post.

The Liberal Government has introduced Bill C-25, which requires Corporations to rank their "Diversity Policy" above the Interests of Shareholders. If they fail to do so, they must explain why.

It is, of course, accepted that Corporations in civilized Societies are restricted in their Pursuit of Profit: the Welfare and Safety of Employees can not be disregarded. On the other Hand, to require Corporations to hire Employees on the Basis of Group Identity, rather than Merit, seems needlessly intrusive. It seeks to make the Organization a Tool of a questionable Pursuit of an Ideal: a Workforce which reflects an "ideal" Representation of government-designated Groups.

Apparently more Intrusion lurks.

Several Senators have complained that the Bill is insufficiently coercive. They wish to add Amendments which would require Policies which would set numerical Goals – and Timetables – for "female, indigenous, disabled, and visible minority board representation." (National Post, February 1)

The Senators cunningly assure that us that the Amendments would not set Quotas. However – deceptively -- they require that Quotas be set.

The Thinking behind the Amendments is highly idealistic. The Assumption is that every Board should have some Number of Females, indigenous Persons, the Disabled, and Representatives of "visible Minorities."

The Notion appears to be that – in a perfect World – since all Groups of People are equally able – any proper Collection of Workers will – naturally -- contain Representatives of any designated Group. People should not be hired on the Basis of their Competence, but rather, on their "representational" Value. It is the Principle of "Representationalism."


We would suggest that the ideal World and the real One are at a considerable Distance. The Fact that Females are found less often in corporate Boardrooms may have to do with their Interests: not as many Females may be enamoured of corporate Ladder-Climbing. Similarly, large Numbers of indigenous Persons live on remote Reserves, and do not pursue advanced Education. Disabled People may face Challenges which prevent them from competing in the Race to the corporate Boardroom. Many from visible Minorities may not have had time to adapt to the Culture of corporate Capitalism, or overcome Barriers of Language.

It is one Thing to remove Barriers to Entry to any Occupation, Profession, or Endeavour. It is quite another to expect – and mandate – that every Occupation, Profession, or Endeavour should contain Representatives of any Group.

The Interference with Corporate Policy is typical of the Coercion that one encounters with Socialism – it is the Oppression that is needed to achieve "Equality."

And the Principle undermines the competitive Reality: Merit and Competence are the Keys to Success. When Success is made secondary to idealistic Dreams, the Result will not be beneficial.* First, Success will – as desired – become elusive. Second – the "Equality" sought will not be achieved; that Fact will require increasingly stringent Oppressions, and further Reductions in Success. In the End, there is neither Success, nor Equality.

"When equality is the aim, mediocrity is the result; when excellence is the aim, equality will find its true place." (Observation 168)

We would also note that those "chosen" – not because of their Competence – but because of their Group Identity will almost certainly find that their "Psychic Income" is significantly impaired. Most People prefer to earn their Rewards – the Prize bestowed in the Absence of commensurate Accomplishment is hollow: it reverberates -- afar -- its Emptiness.

Every Society will reflect the complementary Elements of Co-Operation and Competition. There is a delicate Balance. If Competition is the only Concern, then "Society" as we know it disappears – it is subsumed in the "Law of the Jungle." It may be comforting to think that we are all "co-operatively" equal – but Co-Operation also has its Limits. "Equality" is is a "sound good" Trap: Merit and Competence – determined by Competition – are the Ingredients for Accomplishment and Success.

We think the socialist Senators would be well-advised to give up their Insanity.


*Some may argue that "Diversity" does, in Fact, lead to Success. In that Case, there is no Need to mandate it – it will be driven by its Merits – not because it sounds good.





January 30 2018

More Nutty Professors

There can be no innocence where a feeling is determined to be hurt. (Observation 803)

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? (Matthew, 7:4)

We are beginning to believe that a new Malady, Professoris Nuttiensis, is overtaking our Institutions of higher Learning. We suspect that it begins with an Infection with the Pathogen Correctus Politicus which passes the Blood/ Brain Barrier and insinuates itself into the farthest Reaches of the Cortex, and, over Time, works to turn the whole Structure into Mush.

The latest Example of the Spread of the Disease is an Article entitled Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation, by Shreena Ghandi, a Professor of Religious Studies at Michigan State University, and Lillie Wolff, "a self-described ‘anti-racist white Jewish organizer, facilitator, and healer,’ who has called for ‘decolonizing’ yoga." (Breitbart News, January 30)

We quote from the Article in Breitbart News:

Yoga contributes to our economic system, but never forget this system is one built upon exploitation and commodification of labor, often the labor of black people and people of the global south.

Hmmm. Is this the Principle of Condemnation by Contribution? If Yoga is to be condemned by its Contribution to a System built upon the Exploitation of Black Labour, then surely every contributing Element must be condemned. Wheat? Medicine? What are these People talking about?

Yoga, like so many other colonized systems of practice and knowledge, did not appear in the American spiritual landscape by coincidence; rather, its popularity was a direct consequence of a larger system of cultural appropriation that capitalism engenders and reifies.

Ah, now we are getting the Drift. Yoga is to be condemned because it is Part of a disgraceful Process of capitalistic Cultural Appropriation. Are we to understand that no Culture is to adopt Practices and Knowledge of another? We would assume then, that India should end the disturbing appropriating Practice of Transportation by Railways.

Next we come to a long Paragraph:

This complex socio-political reality of the U.S. is key to understanding how the cultural void of white society is intimately mixed with white supremacy, capitalism, and globalization; and it is within these oppressive structures that cultural appropriation and the yoga industrial complex flourishes. People are grasping for something to belong and connect to outside of the empty and shallow societal anchors of materialism and consumerism, which do not nourish or empower people in any sort of meaningful or sustainable way. People are searching for these things without even understanding why there is a void in the first place. Few white people make the connection between their attraction to yoga and the cultural loss their ancestors and relatives experienced when they bought into white dominant culture in order to access resources. Many Europeans did not fully grasp what they were giving up and what they were investing in, yet many did, and most who arrived on these shores chose to stay here rather than return to their home country. Few white people make the connection between their love of yoga and their desire and ability to access traditions from historically oppressed communities of color.


Now we must condemn Yoga – in the West – because it is loved by the wrong People. These are People who, unaware of a Void created by their Ancestors who, shamefully, "bought into white dominant culture" in the Exploitation of Resources, now seek to fill that unrecognized void with Yoga. We assume that these Resources, virtuously, were to be left alone, and not exploited to create Wealth and Freedom for its exploiting Citizens. Somehow, these foolish People should be making a Connection between their Love of Yoga and the terrible Crime of "accessing" Traditions of "historically oppressed communities of color."

Oh, The Horror! The Horror!

In Part, the Article appears to be about the Sin of Cultural Appropriation – as shown by the Practice of Yoga in the West. There are some People who have shown some Interest in an ancient Indian Practice, but because they are the wrong Sort of People with the wrong Sort of Culture, the Yoga that they Practice is tainted, vile, and to be condemned. Instead of seeing Imitation as the sincerest Form of Flattery, the Authors are bound and determined to see it as a "cultural Appropriation" – an insensitive Insult.

What Remedy, then, would they suggest? That No One in the West should show an Interest in Yoga? That they only Practice Yoga after confessing their Sins – and those of their Ancestors? That their Yoga Practice be directed by a certified Indian Yoga Master – who will constantly remind them of their inferior Culture?

A Search for Insult, of course, conducted with sufficient Diligence, is assured of a successful Result. The Authors, having searched, have found Evidence of the Insult of cultural Appropriation.

Whether the Discovery of that Insult will enhance or detract from the total Sum of human Happiness is in Question. We think Nutty Professors might spend their Time more productively, being less interested in finding Cause for Insult. Often Complaints of cultural Appropriation are seen as compensatory Mechanisms. Successful Cultures accomplish, and are too busy to be concerned about Insults; the less successful, not too busy with Accomplishments, find Time to be constantly offended.

But, it would appear that the Sin of Cultural Appropriation does not represent the main Thrust of the Article. That Sin is used, rather, as a Means to refer to a larger Condemnation of the offending Culture. Conveniently ignoring the Fact that most other Cultures -- including that of  India --are even less egalitarian than the United States, they seek to condemn the appropriating Culture with a Litany of inegalitarian Oppressions. Paradise, disappointingly, has yet to be found. Thus the

modern day trend of cultural appropriation of yoga is a continuation of white supremacy and colonialism, maintaining the pattern of white people consuming the stuff of culture that is convenient and portable, while ignoring the well-being and liberation of Indian people ...We must ask, in what ways are we complicit in a system that harms People of Color, queer and trans people, poor people, people with disabilities, and immigrants? 

Are they saying that somehow, the Practice of Yoga is not possible without some implicit Approval of a Host of Harms to those disadvantaged in Life? It seems a bit of a "Stretch."  Or are they just taking a further opportunistic Stab -- showing their Determination to find Evil in western Culture?

There is more Elasticity. It is interesting to note that earlier Paragraphs mention "white society," "white supremacy" and "white dominant culture." The above Paragraph refers to the "pattern of white people."  These  Phrases suggest that more than "Culture" is criticized. The Problem appears to be racial – a Problem of "white people." So much for the "anti-racist" Lillie Wolff.

We think Shreena Ghandi and Lillie Wolff have entirely too much Time on their Hands. They are determined to criticize Western Culture by seeing the Practice of Yoga as a symbol of Insensitivity -- an underlying unredeemable moral Rot for which they offer no Path to Redemption. It's so politically correct. They might try accomplishing Something. Perhaps finding the significant Beam in their own Eyes?






January 25, 2018


We wonder whether we may now declare the Day of the male Politician to be over.

Patrick Brown, the Leader of the provincial Conservatives has just resigned because of Allegations of sexual Misconduct about ten Years ago.

Mr. Brown although not a particularly inspiring Leader – seemed likely to win the coming Election against Kathleen Wynne – whose Popularity is said to be counted in Figures resembling those used to describe Rolls at the Bakery, Roses at the Florist Shop, or the Disciples of Jesus.

Mr. Brown has denied the Allegations, but, in such Matters, Allegations are the practical equivalent of Trials and Convictions.

Those close to Mr Brown, Nick Bergamini, his Press Secretary, his Chief of Staff Alykhan Velshi, his Deputy Chief of Staff, Joshua Workman, his Campaign Manager Andrew Boddington, and his Deputy Campaign Manager Dan Robertson, all resigned almost immediately.

This may be taken, not so much as an Indication of their Belief in his Guilt, but as a Sign of their Practicality: Guilt or Innocence is irrelevant; once the Suspicion has been raised, Resistance is futile.

Mr. Brown himself, after declaring the Falsity of the Allegations on Wednesday, has resigned today.

We cannot help but note the wonderfully fortuitous Timing of the Accusations. After ten Years, two anonymous Women, simultaneously – no Doubt by Chance each separately engaged in looking through old Photo Albums – reminiscing about her youthful Exploits -- came to exactly the same Realization – it was Time to telephone the Media with their Memories* of Patrick Brown.

Their Accusations would have the certain Consequence of scuttling a political Career – but – we are sure – that Fact had Nothing to do with the Immediate Necessity of delineating their ancient personal Angst to CTV News. It is, after all, often thus -- the first Idea that pops into the Heads of those remembering unpleasant Experiences of their Youth is to alert the nearest Television Station.

What seems to have been overlooked thus far, is that this Circumstance has significant Implications for Politics in general. Is not every Male Politician – with the possible Exception of Mr. Trump – vulnerable to the same Strategy?  Could not any political Party find Those with the ancient Memory of a past Indiscretion of a male Opponent? Why argue a political Position when a political Execution is cheap, quick, and simple?





And if so --why would any Male enter Politics, knowing that his Career was subject to summary and immediate Death by Accusation – regardless of the Facts of the Matter?

Women Politicians do not – at the Time of this Writing – face any similar Hurdle. Men are seldom heard complaining of sexual Advances made by Females ten Years in the Past. And it seems unlikely that such a Complaint made against a female Politician would have devastating Results.

We have little Hesitation in proclaiming that the Age of the male Politician is doornail dead.

Henceforth, we will be governed by Females; Men will be occupied with the important Task of improving their Golf Games.

As a side Note, it has been pointed out that The Conservatives may, in fact recover from this Blow. Mr. Brown has not been able to define himself clearly in the Minds of Voters – and has expressed his Approval of a Tax on Carbon – which places him in the Camp of Leftist Climageddonists. Some have questioned whether, in Fact, he is a Liberal Wolf draped in Conservative Sheepskin.

Ms. Wynne is so deservedly unpopular that perhaps a conservative Robot (Female is safest) with a pleasant speaking Voice could send her to the underground Circle appropriate to the Infernality of her political Career.

"‘Tis a Consummation devoutly to be wished."

* We note that the Accusations are summarized as follows by Chris Selley in the National Post of this date:

1.The allegations, as reported by CTV: More than 10 years ago, Brown, then an MP in Ottawa, invited two women he met in a bar back to his house in Barrie and served them drinks. One was a high school student, underage, and during a tour of Brown’s home she alleges he strongly suggested she perform oral sex on him.

"I don’t know if he said ‘suck my dick’ or ‘put this in your mouth,’ but something along those lines," the woman told CTV. She says she complied for "a short time" before stopping. "It was like a controlling thing … like I just remember I wanted to go, but that wasn’t happening."

2. Another woman told CTV she met Brown on an Air Canada flight in 2012, when she was 18. He provided her tips on gaining entrance to bars in Barrie despite her age, she alleges, and later hired her to work in his constituency office. After a party the next year, while drunk, she alleges Brown kissed her and "laid me down on the bed and got on top of me." She told him to stop and he drove her home, CTV reports. She says considers the encounter to have constituted "sexual assault."



January 20, 2018

The difference is too nice -- Where ends the virtue or begins the vice. (Alexander Pope, 1688 - 1744)

We are fond of pointing out that every Virtue, if it be pursued with sufficient Vigour, runs the Risk of transforming into Vice. It is a Notion that satisfies our curmudgeonly Perception that Nothing in Life is as easy as it appears.

In our present Society, there is a great Determination to find Virtue – especially where it does not exist -- and to proclaim that the very Discovery is, in and of itself, virtuous.

This would appear to be true in the Case of Khawlah Noman, an eleven-year-old Student who claimed that as she walked to School with her younger Brother, a Man appeared and attempted to cut her Hijab with Scissors.

Had Khawlah complained that her Book of Provident Poems had been snatched, or her pet Rabbit, Floppy, had been abducted, the Incident would not have received international Attention.*

But a Hijab is not just a Hijab: it is a Symbol of Islam.

Islam, of course, is a Religion, which, when interpreted literally, is thoroughly barbaric and incompatible with Democracy and Freedom of Speech. It is not always interpreted literally; however, it quite often is – and therein lies a great and troubling Problem.

Those who interpret the Religion benignly appear to believe that their Interpretation represents the true and only legitimate Path. They ignore the troubling Nature of some of the Texts, and pretend that those who take them seriously are in Error. This, alas, is a convenient Fiction. Those who believe in Sharia Law, who hold that the Religion must never be criticized, who maintain that Religion should dictate Government, or who see Death as a suitable Punishment for Apostasy, have ample Justification for their Positions in religious Texts.

The Truth is often unpleasant, and many People of good Intentions prefer to ignore it, hoping that it will, wilting in the Absence of the Limelight, conveniently vanish. Thus many who do not subscribe to the Islamic Faith, would prefer to see it as entirely benign. When the Religion is attacked, they will not admit to its Flaws – but pretend to its Felicities.

In this Way, they believe they are promoting the Virtue of Harmony. They have a "preferred narrative" which is pleasant and reassuring. It becomes a Belief that must be defended at all Costs.

Contrarily, we have always maintained that "A failure to face reality allows it to stab you in the back."

But back to Khawlah. She should have complained of an abducted Rabbit. Because she complained of an attacked Hijab, all those committed to the "preferred narrative" leaped into Action.

Mr. Trudeau was quick to see the Attack as symbolic, and, although No One had suggested that it was, rejected the Notion that it represented "Canadian Values." The Mayor of Toronto, and the Premier, the esteemed Kathleen Wynne responded in similar Fashion.




Not surprisingly, there were those determined to wipe out "Islamophobia" who saw an Opportunity to advance their Cause:

"Having the police recognize this as a potential hate crime is a much greater act of deterrence, and a signal that Islamophobia will not be tolerated," said Mohammed Hashim, a member of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations. (The Toronto Star, Jan 12)

As it has turned out, the Incident did not occur. It was a Hoax. The Family has issued an Apology.

The real Story – the true Cause and Motivation – the rτles of the Brother and Mother will doubtless never be discovered. The Matter looks suspicious, but may simply be a Result of childish Stupidity. We will withhold Judgment.

While we admit to being Islamophobic – we know of no other Religion which is so frightening – we do not, of course, advocate any Attack beyond Criticism of the Flaws of the Religion -- it is incompatible, in its Theory, with Democracy,** with Freedom of Speech, and with modern secular Societies.

Those in Government, of course, wish to find Nothing but Virtue in Islam. Their "preferred narrative" is that religious and cultural Differences are minor and unimportant. If there is a Dispute, and they are forced to find Error, they have chosen to find it -- not in the frightening Religion -- but, perversely, in those who find it frightening. They seek to uphold Islam,  condemn "Islamophobia," and congratulate themselves on the Virtue of their own uncritical Tolerance.

In this Case, they expected to find Virtue in the Victim of a physical Attack, and their Outrage was not occasioned by the Severity of the apparent Attack, but by its Significance as a Symbol. They wished to signal their own virtuous Approval of the Islamic Faith, and reinforce their Condemnation of "Islamophobia."

As a Result, they have been made to look foolish – and injudicious. Perhaps, in the Future they will determine first where Virtue lies, and signal their own moral Superiority later.

We do not, of course, expect Government Leaders to criticize any Religion. On the other Hand, their Attempts to support one Religion -- and silence Criticism of it -- cannot end well. It is an Abandonment of the Principle of Freedom of Speech.

Indeed, it is ironic that their too-rapid Signalling of Virtue suggests the unacknowledged Truth of the Matter: the Flaws of Islam are so great that exceptional Effort must be expended to pretend they do not exist. The chief Desire is Harmony; the cherished Belief is that awkward Facts, robustly denied, will, obligingly, cease to exist.

But the "Virtue" they seek is purchased with a Lie, and their Attempts to preserve it represent a Curtailment of Liberty.

*We leave the Reader to imagine the Response if an Attempt had been made to steal a Christian Cross.  

**The European Court of Human Rights determined on July 31, 2001, that "the institution of Sharia law and a theocratic regime, were incompatible with the requirements of a democratic society." (WikiIslam)




January 10, 2018

We have long been suspicious of the Climate Alarmists. We have, of course, no Expertise in the Matter of Climate. Just like ninety-nine Percent of the Population, we have to rely on our trusty Bullshit Detector and a modest Supply of common Sense in separating Fact from Fiction in Pronouncements about the Climate.

Our Eyes tend to glaze over when we hear Discussions of Polar Bear Habitat, the Decline of Arctic Ice, or the varying Rates of Warming over the last one hundred Years.

Warming is irrelevant; the Cause is important. The Alarmists believe that Mankind is responsible; their Theory is that as Greenhouse Gasses go up – so does the Temperature.

The great Difficulty they have encountered is that all their Predictions made on the Basis of the Theory have not been validated by Experience. Common Sense, then, suggests that their Theory is flawed.

Beyond that, we can scarcely imagine a less convincing Bunch. They say stupid Things like "The Science is settled." Their most prominent Spokespersons have no Expertise in Climate, and show – by their own Actions – that they do not believe a single Word of their Gospel. Their Aim appears to be to ride a convenient Bandwagon to Wealth. Many of the alarmist "Scientists" seem anxious -- not to determine the Truth -- but to protect their Turf and Reputations.

Finally, the Ferocity and absolute Certainty of Alarmists do not suggest Confidence in Facts; rather, they suggest the devious Proselytizing for a new, improved Scientology.

We are pleased to report that the Tide appears to be turning. According to an Article in Breitbart News, a Review by Kenneth Richards of Climate Change Literature for 2017, reveals that at least 485 Skeptical Papers were published.

According to Richard’s analysis, the 485 new papers underscore the "significant limitations and uncertainties inherent in our understanding of climate and climate changes," which in turn suggests that climate science is not nearly as settled as media reports and some policymakers would have people believe. (Breitbart News, January 9)


There are four main Categories of Skepticism.

First, over 100 Papers examine the influence of the Sun on Climate – suggesting that the Concentrations of CO2 may not be of supreme Importance.

Second, the Idea of "unprecedented" Warming, Sea Levels, Se Ice Retreat, Hurricanes is questioned. Thirteen Papers suggested that these fall with the normal Range. Thirty eight found no significant human Causality in rising Sea Levels.

Third, Doubt was cast on the Reliability of Computer Models, suggesting that Computer Predictions "are little more than speculation."

Twenty-eight of the articles in question examined climate model unreliability, including factual errors and the influence of biases, while an additional 12 found no net global warming during the 20th/21st century.

Finally, the Effectiveness of Government Policies with Respect to Emissions and renewable Energy was questioned.

In this category, 12 of the papers documented the failures of policies targeting renewable energy and climate, 8 contended that wind power is harming the environment and biosphere, 13 argued that elevated CO2 levels make for a greener planet with higher crop yields, and 5 proposed that warming is beneficial to both humans and wildlife.

We are pleased that the period of religious Ecstasy seems to be passing. The Parishioners, having drunk the heady Brew of Mindless Devotion, and danced their Souls before the Altar of Climageddon, have begun to awake from the Trance. The Brew is now being analysed; the Microscope has replaced the Magic Feather of Divination; a List of Potencies and spurious Ingredients is being drawn up.

Perhaps we may see, in not distant Times, the interesting and instructive Results of scientific Sobriety.



January 8, 2018

"The cultural grievance industry -- like any other -- will fold when it ceases to be profitable."

"The number of cultural grievance tantrums will rise in direct proportion to the kind and solicitous attention paid to them." (Henceforth this will be known as Dr. Dreimer's First Law of Cultural Sensitivity.)

"The number of cultural grievance tantrums will decline in direct proportion to the amount of ridicule they elicit." (Henceforth this will be known as Dr. Dreimer's Second Law of Cultural Sensitivity.)

"Every culture seeks success; some do it through economic progress, enhanced social stability, and creative endeavours; others by constantly emphasizing their lack of it -- their righteous claim to victimhood."

(Observations 1265 - 1268)

We take it as self evident that People and the Tribes to which they belong will generally seek to improve their Circumstances.

It is, alas, a Law of Nature that Equality is to be found only in the human Imagination. Thus, both People and the Tribes to which they belong have not had – as the historical Record shows -- equal Success in their Endeavours.

Some Peoples have prospered; others have had less Success. As we are fond of pointing out, those Cultures dominated by Religion have been less successful in creating pleasant Societies than those who have managed to make Religion less important than the State.

As well, some Cultures have made great Progress in Science and Technology, while others have not.

Currently, one of the great Divides in this fair Land is between those descended from those who originally occupied it – the Aboriginals – and those descended from those who conquered it – and made unfortunate and counter-productive Attempts to assimilate the Aboriginals.

The Facts – which are cruel and unforgiving – are that the original Settlers did not invent the Wheel, the Steam Engine, or the Telegraph. Nor did they have written Languages. In all these Matters, they were not as advanced as the conquering Europeans.

Of course, in the present Utopia, cruel and unforgiving Facts – Facts which suggest Inequality – must not be mentioned. Instead, there is a desperate Attempt to find a Set of compensating Circumstances. If the aboriginal Inhabitants did not have the Wheel, or written Language – they were – it is supposed – morally superior. They lived in a Golden Age of Mankind, in Peace with one another, and in Harmony with the great Mother Earth. The Rabbit – it is said – sensing the Hunger of native Peoples – would hop obligingly into the steaming Pot; the Beaver would remove his Pelt on the sharp Rocks, and present it -- in the Spirit of natural Harmony – to those in Need of Clothing.

This, of course, is complete Nonsense. Indian Tribes were constantly at War, and they were not pleasant to their Enemies. They were in Harmony with Nature only in the Sense that they had found Means to survive in it.

But it is happy Nonsense. It is Nonsense that evens Things out: the technologically superior Tribes are made to feel guilty and ashamed; the technologically inferior Tribes are given a convenient Stick with which to beat the Descendants of their Ancestors’ Oppressors


Their moral Superiority is enhanced by the Fact that they were defeated and – by the Standards of the present Day -- badly treated by the conquering, more advanced Tribes.

Now, it may well be claimed that all this Nonsense is, in Fact, a necessary Wisdom. Only through illusory Nonsense can aboriginal People be made to feel confident and successful – and the Interlopers be made to feel sufficiently miserable – so that everyone will live happily ever after.

We do not think so. Our Opinion is – we believe – more realistic. Those who are obsessed with ancient Grievance, rather than present Opportunity, can not succeed except in the peculiar Sense of achieving Respect based on Pity and Politeness. Unfortunately – as with many other Matters – that Respect is less than robust, and is subject to the Law of Rapidly Diminishing Returns.

We think a recent Example proves our Point.

According to the National Post:

A First Nation in Saskatchewan is considering legal action against a California video game company over the forthcoming release of Civilization VI, a game in which people can play at colonialism and imperial expansion, but as an Indian character. (National Post, January 7)

Milton Headman of the Poundmaker Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, has complained that no Consent was obtained for the use of the historical Figure of Chief Poundmaker.

But why should such Consent be obtained – and who would be in a Position to give it? We are not familiar with the Video Game (or any other) – but we understand that it uses many other historical Figures. Should consent be obtained from Britain for the Use of Queen Victoria, or from the United States for the use of Lincoln?

No, we suspect that those Countries don’t mind. They have more important Matters with which to engage.

It is only small, relatively unsuccessful Cultures that seek some Advantage by being hurt and taking Offense. That is the only Way – or so it appears – that they can advance – by complaining of a Lack of Respect.

It may often be appropriate to demand Respect – but the Plea is more effective when the Respect is based on Accomplishment – rather than Victimhood.

Indeed, this particular Plea for Respect is suspicious:

The video game makers "should have approached the community directly," Tootoosis said. "They should have inquired about our local cultural protocols. They should have done the honourable thing and at least offered tobacco, and approached the community through the leadership and the elders, and then have a dialogue. (National Post)

Something, Mr. Tootoosis said, should have been offered. "At least, tobacco." We suspect that "tobacco" is symbolic. It sounds as though the Band would be quite interested in "making a Deal:" Cultural Appropriation is a Sin – but Sins may be forgiven with sufficient compensatory Penance.

We think Mr. Tootoosis and his Band are making themselves look ridiculous. If Chief Poundmaker is an important historical Figure of great Interest – why should not the Tribe write a Book, make a Film, or create a Video Game?

The best counter to Victimhood is not Complaint – but Accomplishment. It is through Accomplishment that Respect may be earned; it is through continuing Complaint based on past Injustice that Ridicule is, ultimately, invited.

Ridicule is the correct Response in this Matter; when Grievance Tantrums become unprofitable, they will be abandoned.






January 3, 2018

We are most pleased when our Predictions are borne out by Events; such Occurrences reflect well upon our Judgment, suggest a superior Perspicacity, and bring about a general Sense of Satisfaction and Well-Being.

We are fortunate that any Predictions which – unaccountably -- fail, make little Impression; indeed such "Predictions" become little more than vague Elements of possible Bias, enveloped in a remote Fog of amorphous Uncertainty. If something should happen which contradicts such hesitant, ill-defined Half-Thoughts, they pass, unnoticed, by. Indeed, we cannot think – at this Moment – of a single Occasion when we were wrong.

We were right, of course, about the failed McGuinty, the weak and incompetent Obama, and the self-absorbed and feckless Trudeau. They have all met or exceeded our negative Expectations.

In a Matter of somewhat less Importance -- we seem to have been right about Joshua Boyle, who has just been arrested on "charges of sexual assault, forcible confinement and lying to police." (National Post, January 2)

Mr. Boyle, you may remember, was held -- with his Wife and their Children – in Captivity by the Haqqani Network in Afghanistan, and was released last October.

The Story occasioned much Attention in the Press, and generated significant Sympathy.




In our Account (Diary, October 15, 2017), we were puzzled by a Number of Elements. We said:

From our Perspective, there is an added Element of Intrigue: we have been given Glimpses of a Tail, and a large Part of an Ear which suggest that there is an Elephant in the Room.

Mr. Boyle, you see, had been briefly married to the elder Sister of Omar Khadr, and had expressed deep Respect for the Religion of Islam. He had decided to travel with his pregnant Wife through what most would consider dangerous and inhospitable Territory. The Decision to have Children while in Captivity was, apparently, a conscious one – one that many would not take for Fear of an unhappy Outcome for them.

All these Things suggested that Mr. Boyle was naive, idealistic, and lacked Judgment. We concluded:

We predict that the Saga of the Boyles is far from over.

Mr. Boyle is unlikely to fade into the Obscurity of the Average.

In Case anyone is interested, we have a few other Predictions at the ready. For a modest Fee, and a suitable Measure of (preferably inordinate) Flattery we might be persuaded to reveal them.




January 1, 2018

We are pleased to have survived for another Year.

The past Example has been notable – among many other Things, of Course -- for its increasing Numbers of nutty Professors and nutty Universities. It appears that the Universities have been loosed from the real World, and hover in their own Spheres of Insanity, untethered to planet Earth, and unchecked by any Sense of the reasonable or reasonably attainable.

If we were asked for a Diagnosis – no one has bothered so far – we would be inclined to say that the Roots of the Insanity lie in a socialist/progressive Habit of Mind which has evolved into a new Religion – called Political Correctness.

That socialist/ progressive Habit of Mind, in Turn, arises from an idealistic Belief in "Equality."

Political Correctness, as we have pointed out elsewhere, makes Feelings sacrosanct. All other Values or Notions must be sacrificed to Feelings. Freedom of Speech – Truth – a Sense of Humour – all must fall on their Swords before the Great Warrior God of Feelings.

You see – all human Creatures – in the progressive Mind-Set – are "equal" and have an inalienable Right to "equally" high Senses of Self-Esteem. Self-Esteem is not acquired – as in primitive Times – through Accomplishment; rather it is granted, bestowed, and vouchsafed as a Condition of being alive.

To hurt a Feeling is to Damage Self-Esteem, and break the inviolable Rule of "Equality."

We are not stating the Case exactly, of Course. It turns out that – as in every Case of "Equality" – some Animals are more equal than others. Thus, there are certain Classes and Groups whose Self-Esteem matters – and other Classes and Groups who may go conveniently to Hell without perceptible Sigh or Expression of Regret.

We need not bother here to delineate the Differences among Groups; any University will be happy to explain. In general, it is the Feelings of the unhappy, undervalued, and fragile which must be preserved; it is the Feelings of the Rest which may be dispassionately consigned to eternal Hellfire.

Here are some Examples of University Nuttiness culled from a List from Tom Ciccotta on Breitbart News, December 31.

1. University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant Stephanie McKellop explained in October how her pedagogical tactic of "progressive stacking" works in practice: "I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. WW [white women] come next. And, if I have to, white men." Ms. McKellop  believes that some Feelings are more important than Others. (Breitbart News, December 31)

2. Brandeis University cancelled the Performance of a Play criticizing Black Lives Matter. The Play featured a Brandeis Student who planned a Comedy Routine on political Issues, but who was threatened by Administrators with academic Probation. In the Play, the Student goes ahead. Real Life is obviously not so accommodating. The University believes that certain Feelings should not be criticized.

3. The Lindsay Shepherd Case. Three nutty Professors browbeat a teaching Assistant for daring to show a Video Clip referring to Jordan Peterson, who objects to the enforced use of special Pronouns for those with unusual Gender Perceptions. The Professors claimed, falsely, that there had been a Complaint; they also suggested, absurdly, that her Action was the Equivalent of showing a Speech by Hitler, and implied, falsely, that it was contrary to Canadian Law. The Professors are desperate to protect the Feelings of the Alternatively Gendered by approving the Use of special, compensatory Pronouns.

4. Former professor charged with assault for allegedly beating Trump supporter with bike lock.


Eric Clanton, formerly a professor at Diablo Valley College, was charged in August with assault over an April incident in which he allegedly bashed a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock. The victim’s head was left bloodied and wrapped in bandages.

Although Clanton disputed the charges, he did not specifically deny that he was the masked individual behind the assault. In May, police searched Clanton’s home, which lead to his arrest. He was charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon. (Breitbart, December 31) Mr. Clanton's Feelings have obviously been unfairly upset. 

From our own Files, we have the following Examples of Nuttiness:

5. We have learned, this Day, of the great Insights of Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett, who has concluded that Words can have detrimental physical Effects on our delicate Constitutions -- and thus a verbal Assault may be considered an Act of Violence. (Breitbart News, July 18) (Diary, July 18, 2017)

6.The most recent [injustice] to come to our Attention is revealed by a Summer Course at the University of California, Los Angeles. taught by Professors Todd Presner and Dana Cuff. The Course will reveal how "car culture" contributes to "spatial injustice." (Breitbart News, July 4) (Diary, July 5, 2017)

7. As the old Curricula of traditional Subjects have been found insufficient in the modern Age, new University Courses have been devised in order to deal with trendy Issues, social Progress, and current Lunacies. Whole new Fields have been opened up, innovative incomprehensible Terminologies have been invented, and Nuttiness has been given novel and unprecedented Scope.

We refer to two Cases currently in the News.

The first is that of Katherine Dettwyler, an adjunct Professor at the University of Delaware, who had asked, on a Facebook Post:

Is it wrong of me to think that Otto Warmbier got exactly what he deserved?

Well, since Mr. Warmbier was sentenced to fifteen Years of hard Labour in North Korea for stealing a Propaganda Poster, subsequently became ill, and died at the Age of Twenty-Two, we feel little Constraint in saying that Ms. Dettwyler seems to have a peculiar Perception of Justice, and that her thinking is, indeed, wrong. (Diary, June 26, 2017)

8. The second Example of nutty Professor is Florentin Fιlix Morin, who is listed on the University of Arizona’s website as a visiting Scholar.

Mr. Morin appears to "identify" as a Hippopotamus. He finds, apparently, that this Persona "has allowed him to navigate the world free from the constraints that ‘govern human bodies.’" (Bretibart News, June 26)

We feel compelled to quote from the Breitbart News Article concerning Mr. Morin’s Contribution to the Journal of Theoretical Humanities:

This article explores the formation of a tranimal, hippopotamus alter-ego. Confronting transgender with transpecies, the author claims that his hippopotamus "identity" allowed him to (verbally) escape, all at once, several sets of categorization that govern human bodies ("gender," "sexuality," age). He starts with an account of how his metaphorical hippo-self is collectively produced and performed, distinguishing the subjective, the intersubjective and the social. The article then investigates the politics of equating transgender and transpecies, critically examining the question of the inclusion of "xenogenders" in the trans political movement. (Diary, June 26)

9. Finally, the University of Arkansas has instituted a "free speech zone" Policy. Free Speech is permitted on about one Percent of the Campus. The Zones are available to be booked between Eight in the Morning and Nine in the Evening, but only with the express Permission of the Director of Student Development and Leadership. One wonders whether the University has also, thoughtfully, provided a List of acceptable Remarks which may be used at other Times and in other Locations.


"It would be madness to predict when the madness will end." (Observation #1244)