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Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. (Oscar Wilde, 1854 -- 1900)

The idea for Dr. Dreimer’s diary came from the excerpts from the diary of Samuel Pepys published daily in the National Post. We thought it would be interesting to write a modern diary using the more formal language of an earlier era – in this case we have attempted an approximation of 18th Century expression. What is perhaps most evident is the capitalisation of nouns, which gives an emphasis, and suggests a cadence entirely missing from current written expression. The language is more cumbersome and formal, and tends to favour the use of parallel structure for rhetorical emphasis.

Style is inseparable from attitude and tone. Dr. Dreimer observes mankind as if from a great height, or from another, more sensible century.



 His judgements are often unflattering, and his scorn and disdain palpable. They may be expressed directly, but are often revealed through an ironic approval of some mindless folly. He may appear to some as a pompous windbag; to others as a curmudgeonly but correct observer.

As it has turned out, the diary is not a conventional diary at all. Apart from the occasional references to the mythical Aunt Myalgia, languishing in the Shady Hollow Psychiatric Facility in downtown Toronto, or to the Lumpenbangen Studios in the inner reaches of Hamilton, or to the Haven of Wind-in-the-Pines at Silver Lake, we gain little insight into the trivia of Dr. Dreimer’s own life.

The diary is, in fact, a commentary on events in the news.



June 27, 2016

Life is a long lesson in humility. (James M. Barrie, 1860 -  1937)

Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope. (Aristotle, 384 - 322 B.C.) 

It has come to our Attention that there was a great Divide in the Brexit Referendum: Generally speaking, young People voted to remain, while older Citizens voted to leave.

This Fact has caused some Dismay among the Losers. They feel that their correct View of the Universe has been sabotaged by elderly Incompetents, and, further -- that Steps should be taken to ensure that the malign Influence of the Aged should be reduced or eliminated entirely.

Headlines in the Europhile press have included: "How old people have screwed over the younger generation" from the Independent, and "EU Referendum Results: Young ‘Screwed By Older Generations’…" from the Huffington Post.

VICE gave us: "Old People Seem Intent on Fucking Us Over Forever", and, "Brexit Proves Baby Boomers Should Get Less of a Vote".

GQ Magazine went all out, producing: "WE SHOULD BAN OLD PEOPLE FROM VOTING". (Breitbart News, June 27)

It is entirely natural, of course, that the Young should have a high Opinion of their own Opinions.

They have not lived long enough to discover that the Certainties of Youth tend to lose their Lustre over Time. Above all, Youth is a Time of Idealistic Hope -- while Age has a studied Wariness born of the Failures of hopeful Idealism.

The European Union may, indeed, be seen by the young as a Brave New World. Gone – at last -- is the old, divisive Nationalism – replaced with an egalitarian Co-operative of Cultures. National Borders may still remain – but they are becoming increasingly porous, and will soon disappear in a Puff of Smoke ejected, with a magical and benign Flourish, from the Business End of an unelected Bureaucrat’s Pen. Happy, laughing Faces will beam good Humour from a blessed Landscape of Bonhomie and Brotherhood forever.


If this were a reasonable Depiction of Reality, elderly and incompetent as we are, we would eagerly begin the Packing of our Bags in Anticipation of a permanent Retirement to the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

But we do not think that the Depiction is reasonable.

We think that the News of the Demise of Nationalism is greatly exaggerated. Human Beings are instinctively tribal, and do not naturally welcome the Disappearance of their Cultures. This is especially so when some Cultural Values are directly antithetical to others. There is no possible Compromise between the fervently held Idea that Religion should form the Basis of Government, and the equally determined Notion that it should not.

Similarly, the economic egalitarian Ideal – that there is a rough Parity of financial Competence among Members – has been significantly impaired by the Difficulties encountered by Greece. The European Union has been constructed, not on the Bedrock of Financial Prudence, but on the deceptive Quicksand of wishful Thinking.

Finally, until the European Union becomes, in fact, a single Country, it is not clear how the Problems of its anti-democratic Nature can be resolved. The great Advantage of Democracy is that it allows Citizens to choose – with significant Limitations, to be sure – their Leaders.

As the European Union is currently structured, Decisions which bind the disparate Nations are made by those who are unelected. Citizens have no way of voicing their Approval or Disapproval. There is a Loss of Freedom, both at the National and Citizen Levels.

Thus, we are rather inclined to a Modest Proposal of our own: that Voting on such important Matters as Membership in the European Union be restricted to those over the age of Fifty, with the possible Inclusion of those over Forty who can prove that they have suffered an adequate Degree of Disillusionment in the Pursuit of the foolish Dreams of their Youth.




June 26, 2016

The project of the European Union reflects a spirit more idealistic than scientific. It assumes – contrary to historical evidence -- that citizens are enamoured of central planning, and welcome the central plans of unelected elites; further – most recently – it has pretended that cultural – that is tribal -- differences are always minor, and will succumb to good intentions. It is significant that the first country to leave the Union is one which, by historical exceptionalism and through geographical isolation, has a strong sense of tribal identity. (Observation # 686)

There is much Consternation and Dismay that Britain has voted in a Referendum to leave the European Union.

This Dismay is generally expressed by those with a View of the World directly contrary to our own.

This contrary View we would describe as idealistic, egalitarian, and muddle-headed. It sees the World, not as it is, but as it should be. Thus, in a Way, it might be described as a religious, rather than scientific in Nature.

While the Intentions embedded in this Perception are always admirable and consistently noble, there is a regrettable Failure to take into Account contrary Evidence, or the awkward Difficulties posed by Reality.

The Failures of this View may be seen in the financial, political, and cultural Spheres with which it comes in Contact.

Let us consider two Examples of the Failure of idealistic Egalitarianism in the financial Sphere.

First – the economic Collapse of 2008 had its Roots in the idealistic Notion that virtually Everybody should own a Home. We agree with this Sentiment. There is little Doubt that the Ownership of real Property is an aid to social Stability. Those who have a financial Stake in Society are less likely to wish to destroy it.

On the other Hand – there are some cautionary Principles at Play. One of them is that it is unwise to lend Money to those unlikely to be able to repay it. It is not surprising that Mortgage Lenders, being urged to lend against their Principles of Prudence, were anxious to unload their shaky Loans as quickly and widely as possible, breaking them up into Assets of uncertain value and murky Parentage. When housing Prices declined, Defaults were common, and the Value of such Assets collapsed. This was the Cause of the financial Collapse of 2008.

The second Example is the Acceptance of Greece into the European Union. This Acceptance was not based on the financial Competence of Greece, but, rather, the Idea that the European Union is a "Good Idea" which has only a tangential Relationship to the financial Competence of its Members.

Let us now consider the Topic of cultural and political Affairs.


The European Union is an Example of the Principle of Globalization: Nations are awkward, anachronistic Inventions whose Disappearance is a Circumstance devoutly to be wished.

Thus, the European Union believes in Central Planning as a "Good Thing," and that unelected Bureaucrats should be able to impose their Opinions and Regulations on the Nations in the Union. Since the Bureaucrats are unelected by the Populations which they serve, there is no Possibility of democratic Veto or Recall.

This is entirely subversive of the whole Notion of sovereign national Democracies. As Mr. Churchill has famously pointed out, Democracy is a terrible System – but it has the Advantage of being superior to all others thus far developed. And the great Advantage of Democracy is that it allows for the People -- on regular Occasions -- to terminate the Employment of those Beings in Charge of Government – who – in typical Fashion – tend to grow increasingly autocratic, insensitive, and just plain bonkers over Time.

More recently, the European Union has made a further Decision which affects both Politics and Culture. It has decided that it can determine the Number of Immigrants which each Country will receive. When a Nation no longer has the Power to determine who may and who may not live with its Borders, the Concept of "Nation" has effectively been destroyed. When the Borders are destroyed, so the Nation is obliterated. This is especially true when Nations -- as in the modern Era -- provide many social Benefits for their Citizens.

For those who believe in Globalization, this is a "Good Thing."

And no Doubt it is – on the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Alas, The Big Rock Candy Mountain is the Fantasy of a Hobo. In the real World, human Beings are instinctively tribal, and are reluctant to see their tribal Values ignored and denigrated.

Further, is important to accept that not all tribal Differences are minor; sometimes cultural Values are directly antithetical, and no easy Compromise can be devised. The best Example we can think of concerns Religion. The fervent Belief that Religion should form the Basis of Government cannot be reconciled with the equally passionate Determination that it should not.

Thus, we see the Vote of the British People to leave the European Union as a Rejection of idealistic, theoretical Egalitarianism, of anti-democratic Elitism, and of the Proposition that Nations are anachronistic Remnants of an Era no longer relevant to the human Project.

What the British have done is to proclaim their Desire to retain their Freedom – their Ability to decide the Fate of the Nation of which they still consider Themselves to be a Part.


See also Limerick Lane, June 26, 2016




June 21, 2016

We have observed a significant Difference between the "Preferred Narrative" and the Truth.

Mr. Obama’s "Preferred Narrative" is that Islam is a benign Religion which has Nothing to do with the Terrorist Attacks done in its Name.

Indeed, One of Mr. Obama’s very first Moves after his Election was to go to Cairo and announce that he was seeking a Rapprochement between Islam and the West:

I've come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles __ principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings....And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. (White House, June 4, 2009)

Mr.Obama’s Speech is full of hopeful Idealism, assuming that "mutual respect" is the default operating Principle for differing Groups.

The Truth, alas, departs from this hopeful Perception of Reality; there is much in the Theory and Practice of Islam that is inimical to Western Thought and Western Forms of Government. The Religion expresses an Intolerance of Others, posits Death for Apostasy, maintains an outmoded View of the Rôle of Women, and – most significantly – supports the Idea that Law and Government should be subservient to the Precepts of Religion.

Reality suggests that Islam is not – by Western Standards – a successful Religion.

Those Countries in which Islam is dominant have provided less Comfort, Freedom, Scientific Advancements, Health and Longevity, and Opportunity for a Multiplicity of artistic Endeavours than those in which it is absent or of minimal Influence.

Mr. Obama, however, has been true to his flawed, idealistic Notions. When Benghazi was attacked, he did not blame Al-Qaeda. According to his preferred Narrative, Al-Qaeda was a spent Force. Rather, he laid the Blame on a Film called The Innocence of Muslims. The Blame was deflected from Islam, to a Film which criticized Islam.

For good Measure, Mr. Obama suggested that a Western Value, Freedom of Speech, should be restricted when it is in Conflict with Islam:

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.
                                                                 (White House, September 25, 2012)

There has been Discussion, recently, about the Fact that Mr. Obama refuses to use the Term "Islamic Terrorism." Violence in the Name of Islam – in the Obama Universe -- must never be referred to as such. It may be termed "Workplace Violence" – or the Cause must be seen as the Fault of Laws which make the Purchase of Guns too easy. Whatever the Cause – be it the Phase of the Moon – or the Position of Pluto – it can never be related to the Religion of Islam; indeed, it is most helpful when Violence can be ascribed to some Element of Western Culture.


With Respect to the most recent Shootings at Orlando, the Attorney General has decided to release Transcripts of the Calls made by Omar Mateen:

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch revealed Sunday that the government will release the transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando terrorist during the attack last Sunday — scrubbed of any references to Islam or the Islamic State (ISIS). (Breitbart News June 20)

This is not a Matter of huge Surprise – since any Reference to Islam makes clear the true Motivation of Mr. Mateen, and makes it more difficult to argue that Islam is a Religion of Happy Faces and Hallmark Sentiments. It is our Understanding that, because of the Outcry at the Omission, the full Text has now been released. However the Word "Allah" has been changed to "God" – as if to suggest that some other non-Islamic God might be at Fault.

The Attorney-General’s Excuse was that to include such References might be to give Publicity to Terrorist Groups:

What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda. (Breitbart, June 20)

On the Contrary, this is mere Sophistry. It is clear that the Aim is to preserve the "Preferred Narrative" – that Islam has Nothing to do with the Violence done in its Name.

Indeed, Mr. Obama seems to think that telling the Truth will make things worse:

It makes Muslim Americans feel like their government is betraying them. It betrays the very values America stands for. (National Pubic Radio, June 14)

It appears that Mr. Obama cares very little about what non-Muslim Americans feel about Suppression of the Truth.

We think one of those, Mr. Frank Gaffney* -- writing in Breitbart News – sees the Truth clearly:

If America persists in its "see no sharia" approach, not only will we surely be caught flatfooted as this country and our allies are subjected to many more, and far worse, jihadist attacks. We will have invited them.

That’s right. When jihadists perceive us to be capitulating – whether we call our accommodations "political correctness," "multiculturalism" or "diversity sensitivity" – they view it as "submission." And according to the Koran, the appropriate response for the believer is to make the infidel "feel subdued." That can only translate into more violence aimed at achieving our complete and irreversible subordination to their permanent supremacy. (Breitbart, June 20)

In our View, the only Muslims who will be offended by telling the Truth are those who are unwilling to admit that Islam is used by those who wish to inflict Terror. Surely it is those Muslims who need to be offended. Pussy-Footing is suited to Pussies. Appeasement of Bullies only encourages Bullying.

Once again, Mr. Obama lives up to his Reputation for being an Idiot. If he is not an Idiot, then he seems to have a clear Agenda to uphold Islam against all legitimate Criticism -- and against all those who fall Victim to a perverse and pernicious Ideology.


*Frank Gaffney is President of the Center for Security Policy




June 18, 2016


We are always pleased when we can make a definitive Advancement in our Understanding.

We confess that we have long puzzled over the Matter of Climate Change – whether it be caused by an Excess of Gasses in the Atmosphere – as is claimed by the Alarmists – or whether the Operations of the Sun or Variations of the Earth’s internal Temperature might be the Cause.

While we have felt comfortable in dismissing the Claims of the Alarmists – since there has been a Pause in the Increase in Temperature even while the Amount of atmospheric Gasses has increased – we have been uncertain in making a Conclusion about the true Cause.

But at last, the Curtain has been pulled aside from the Mystery, and the true Light of Revelation has been permitted to shine through the Darkness of our Puzzlement.

A senior Iranian Cleric from Isfahan, Seyyed Youssef Tabatabi-nejad, has now divined the true Cause of Climate Change.

Apparently it is the "Immorality" among young Iranian Women as indicated by improper Dress that has caused Rivers and Dams in Iran to run dry. (Breitbart News, June 18)

The esteemed Cleric is in Possession of Photographs of Women Next to the dry Zayandeh-rud River – and they are dressed as if they were not in the Holiness which is Iran, but in the wretched, immoral Fleshpots of Europe.

The Operation of the Laws of Cause and Effect is irrefutable. No Scientist of any Repute could deny that Pictures of inappropriately clad Women next to a dry River reveal a causal Link of the most convincing Magnitude.

Indeed the Relationship between Inappropriate Dress and Water is well established -- not only in in the Annals of Science, but in the Experience of ordinary Life.

How many Times have Photographs been taken of scantily-clad Bathers on a Beach? And how many Times have there been subsequent Reports of high Winds, dangerous Waves, and destructive Tsunamis?

Indeed – when we revealed the Iranian News to our Neighbour, Mrs. Jones, she readily confirmed the destructive Effects of inappropriate Attire. She recalled, vividly, the Day that she once took a Photograph of little Annabelle when she was Three – immodestly Dressed standing next to a Swimming Pool. Two Days later, the Pool Drain became plugged, and expensive Repairs became necessary.

Even closer to Home – we ourselves were once photographed in a Kitchen next to a Water-Tap wearing only a Bathrobe. It was not long afterwards that that the Water Service to our Residence was cut off. The City claimed that a Failure to pay the Water Bill was at Issue – but any Fool can see it was our reckless Wearing of the Bathrobe – and the Photograph of our Immodesty – which was at Fault.

It is comforting that Iran, so long in the Grip of a stultifying and absurd Religion, is gradually making its Mark in the Scientific World.

Seyyed Youssef Tabatabi-nejad, busy in his scientific Endeavours, has discovered another Cause of River-Dryness: a Failure to wear the Hijab.

Nor is he the only Cleric shining the Light of Science in the Realm of Darkness. In 2010, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, another Iranian Cleric, discovered the Link between Immorality and Earthquakes:

Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.

We are relieved. We find ourselves regarding the World with less Apprehension; the Universe appears, after all, to be unfolding as it should. The Forces of Science, the Determination to see the World as it is – these Things are gaining, at last, their rightful Place of Prominence.

It is especially reassuring to see Iran – so determined to obtain nuclear Weapons – becoming -- with each passing Day -- a Society of benign Wisdom and unimpeachable scientific Sophistication.






June 13, 2016

We are not surprised at Mr. Obama’s Response to the Shootings in Orlando.

His Mind – if it can be given that flattering Designation – has but one Track when it comes to Mass Shootings. He blames the Guns.

Today marks the most deadly shooting in American history. The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well. (White House, June 12)

True, he was forced to admit that it was an "act of terror and an act of hate." He even went so far as to admit that Omar Mateen might have had some Association with "terrorist groups." But the Identity of those "terrorist groups" is left to the Vividness of our Imagination.

Indeed, we ourselves, on hearing of the Murder of Fifty in a Nightclub in Orlando by a Muslim of Afghan Parentage, immediately recalled the recent Zoroastrian Massacres in Belize, the Jewish Attacks in Somalia, the terrible Druidical Rampage in Patagonia, and the horrific Christian Murders in Bora-Bora.

As many have pointed out, Mr. Obama steadfastly refuses to link Terrorism to its usual Source: the Religion of Islam.

This is a wonderful Example of Political Correctness – a bizarre Lens used to examine the World which is so constructed to reveal – not the Truth – but an Illusion – a World of Equality in which every Culture and Religion is equal to every Other.

Political Correctness is, of course, a Lie. It is a Pretense. It is an Attempt to convince us that no negative Judgment can be made about any Group.

We understand that Political Correctness is an Attempt to extinguish Tribalism. It is an Approach which seeks to avoid Prejudice and Hatred towards Groups which differ from our own.

The great Difficulty with this noble Aspiration, is that it requires the Commitment of all Groups to the Enterprise. We hate to point out the simple Logic: Loving thy Neighbour is commendable – but lacks a certain Practicality if, in Fact, he is plotting to kill you.

The regrettable Truth is that Islam is not a tolerant Religion. It demands to be tolerated, but shows absolutely no Indication that it has a Generosity of Spirit in Return.

We are sorry. We wish it were not so. And while there are doubtless many "casual" Muslims, who pose no Threat, the Fact is that are significant Numbers dedicated to Sharia Law, and other Tenets of the Religion which are simply incompatible with Western Modes of Thought.

Let us provide a little Context for this Matter. This very Morning, Mr. Mateen’s Father, Seddique Mateen, thinking to put Distance between him and his Son, said that it was "up to God to punish homosexuals." (Breitbart News June 13)


The Distance is not quite as large as we might wish. The Elder Mr. Mateen still believes that "God" will punish Homosexuals. The Assumption remains – they deserve to be punished.

Further, in 2013, Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar spoke at the Husseini Islamic Center in Sanford, Florida:

Dr. Sekaleshfar says the killing of homosexuals is the compassionate thing to do... "Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this, death is the sentence … We have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it’s the same, out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now."

When Sheikh Sekaleshfar calls for the death of all homosexuals based on the tenets of Islam it can not be ignored, he is an expert on Shariah Islamiyya or Islamic Law. (Breitbart News, June 12)

We might note, in passing, that the Religion of Islam does not have any modern Figure of Authority – such as the Pope – who might modify the Barbarity of the Teachings of the Seventh Century. Thus, the Koran, which is full of primitive Understandings, and ruthless Judgments, may be used to justify any Atrocity.

But let us return to Mr. Obama. Here are some Facts which he must certainly have known at the Time of his Speech.

According to Wayne Allyn Root, writing in Breitbart News:

... at the moment [Obama] walked to the podium I already knew…

A) The mass murderer was Muslim.

B) He pledged allegiance to ISIS.

C) ISIS itself warned publicly 3 days earlier about a pending terrorist attack in Florida.

D) The murderer called 911 to give credit to ISIS before walking into the gay nightclub.

E) He yelled "Allah Akbar" before opening fire.

To this we would add that we had also heard that a Witness at the Nightclub had reported Mr. Mateen had asked about the Race of his Victims before shooting them, and had also mentioned the Bombing of ISIS Positions.

Now, the Question becomes – how long will Citizens accept the Lies of Political Correctness when they are being exposed as Lies with every contrary Fact of Islam-inspired Slaughter?

Does not the continuing Protestation that Islam is a benign "Religion of Peace" become increasingly infuriating? When the Dam of carefully suppressed Western Tribalism finally breaks – will the Flood of Response not be more powerful as a Result?

If Mr. Obama were a sensible Man – which he is not – he would admit that the Religion of Islam poses a Threat to Western Values. He might then begin to address the Ways in which that Threat might be contained or avoided.

To continue to pretend that the Fantasy World of the Left – where there is an Equality of Religions and Cultures – has any Validity – is sheer Madness.





June 12, 2016


There are Occasions when we are tempted to conclude that rational Thought has been abandoned by Humanity – in Favour of pleasant Fantasies and Ideal Notions of Worlds that can never be.

So prominent has become the Idea of Equality, that a new Prism has been developed by which Society is viewed. It is called Political Correctness.

This Prism ensures that no Person or Idea or Culture can be criticized – since every Person, Idea, or Culture is equal to every Other.

Ironically, this Idea leads, in the actual Implementation, to Claims of Superiority by People, Ideas, or Cultures which seek Redress of old Wrongs and Exclusions.

Thus, the Solution for racial Discrimination becomes "Affirmative Action" – which is simply racial Discrimination with a Claim to being superior to that which it replaces.

In an Attempt to avoid Hurt Feelings of those who might be criticized – and therefore unequal – it is entirely legitimate to silence Free Speech – and hurt the Feelings of those who might wish to speak out in Criticism. This is considered a morally superior Exchange.

It should be noted that it is not considered politically correct to point out these very Inconsistencies. It has been discovered that pleasant Illusions are maintained best by not thinking too much; it is best not to notice worrisome Details.

In contrast to this prevailing Trend – we are pleased to note a wonderful Piece in Yesterday’s National Post by Rex Murphy, entitled "Our Common Heritage."

Referring to the recent Debate about Judge Curiel’s Suitability to hear a Case against Donald Trump (See Diary, June 8, 2016), Mr. Murphy recalls the Remarks made by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor during her Hearings of Confirmation:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences wouldmore often than not reach a better conclusion that a white male who hasn’t lived that life. (National Post, June 11)


Mr. Murphy points out the unacknowledged Implications of this Argument: If it may be claimed that a particular Life and Experience may lead to a superior Judgment – then it may also have a Vulnerability to an inferior Judgment. If superior Judgment flows from being a "wise Latina woman" in one Instance – it may equally result in an inferior Judgment in Another.

In other Words, it is unwise to claim that particular Background is important in deciding legal Matters. One would hope that a Judge would be able to view a Case with Impartiality, and not have his Judgment influenced by the insufficient Boiling Time allotted to his Eggs on the Morning of his Decision.

As Mr. Murphy points out, this Error relates more generally to "Identity Politics" – which holds that Sex and Background irretrievably limit one’s Understanding: the World of a Woman’s Experience is closed to Men; a Life of Poverty can not be appreciated by those in affluent Circumstances.

From this, we might add, flows the Notion of Outrage at "Cultural Appropriation." Any Person, locked in the Prison of his own Identity must not presume to write a Novel which explores an Identity which he cannot claim from personal Experience. A middle-aged Female living in Ontario is barred – by the Rules of Political Correctness – from depicting the Life of a young black Man living in New Orleans. And, of Course, a casual Adoption of cultural Dress in a festive Circumstance is considered the gravest of Insults.

We have, elsewhere, noted a certain Selectivity in these Taboos. The Appropriation is considered lethal only when relatively successful Cultures impinge upon those not considered as successful. Thus, the Outrage gives a clear Indication – an unintended Consequence – of the generally accepted Hierarchy of Cultures. As with "Affirmative Action" – the Egalitarian Posturing is an Admission of the true – but unmentionable – State of Affairs.

But we digress. Mr. Murphy’s point is that Identity Politics leads to a Fragmentation – not an Integration in Society. How, he asks, could a female Judge from Ontario possibly rule on the Case of a Man who was born and has lived almost exclusively in British Columbia?

Based on the Principle that no Individual can transcend his or her personal Experience – all Institutions – Commissions, Panels, Boards, and Courts – must make sure that they are sufficiently "diverse" – that they contain a nicely calculated Mix of Genders, Races, and Cultures.

He concludes:

Diversity, as it is narrowly understood, and the identity politics that has grown out of that narrow, corrupt understanding, breeds identity politics – which is a form of collapse of our common humanity.





June 10, 2016

We are pleased to see that great Progress is being made towards the happy Attainment of Nirvana, and that educational Institutions are at the very Fore of the beneficial Charge.

Indeed, with any Luck, we expect an official Pronouncement of the Achievement of Nirvana within the Span of our own Lifetime!

This very Day we have heard of the Establishment of a new Hotline at the University of Oklahoma, which Students will be able to call in Case of Incidents of Microaggression or Occurrences of Bias. It will be available for Student Victims at all Hours of the Day and Night, every Day of the Year.

According to the University:

We developed Safe Campus at the urging of some of our long standing education partners who are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and healthy learning environment. Incidents of discrimination, bullying, harassment, and misconduct continue to be serious issues on our college campuses. (Breitbart, June 9)

We are pleased that the Word "Microaggression" is at Play in this Matter. For too often – what might pass for a harmless Comment on one’s Hair, or a casual Comparison of Footwear will, upon closer Examination -- turn out to have implied racial Criticism, or be an invidious Expression of superior Social Status. It is excellent Training in social Sensitivity for Students to examine every Remark for hidden Suggestions and obscure Meanings.

We have little Doubt that this Initiative will result in a growing Number of Calls as Student Perceptions of Discrimination and Bias become more highly tuned and developed. It may well add to the Excitement of Campus Life as good-natured Rivalries develop among the Students in developing their "Gotcha" Skills. Indeed it might be beneficial if a Prize were to be offered to the Student reporting the greatest Number of Examples of confirmed Microaggression during each Week.

Once the competitive Instinct is unleashed -- and assuming the Punishments for Microaggression are sufficiently severe -- it seems likely that all Discourse on Campus will be of a perfect Benevolence, and the Goal of a benignly uneventful Egalitarianism will be achieved.

At the same Time that we laud the University of Oklahoma for its progressive Policies, we would be remiss if we did not chronicle a minor Setback in the noble Efforts of North Carolina State University. That august Institution had, quite wisely, instituted a Policy of awarding Speech Permits.


Such Permits would allow the Denial of Events and Ideas deemed harmful and inappropriate in the Context of a modern, enlightened, and progressive University.

As it turned out, the University had Occasion to warn the Grace Christian Life Organization that it would not be allowed to operate on the Campus without a Permit.

No Doubt that Organization might express Opinions contrary to those approved by the University.

Regrettably, the Grace Christian Life Organization claimed that the Policy was a Measure to silence dissident Conservative Voices on Campus, and launched a Lawsuit.

Unfortunately, a backward-thinking – probably Crackpot -- Judge agreed and issued a preliminary Injunction against an obviously benign, and clearly forward-looking Policy.

However, we are sure that the University is Home to Scholars possessing both Ingenuity and Determination; surely they will soon find an effective Means of silencing unhelpful Ideas.

For this, surely is the Issue: Nirvana can never be achieved while there is Dissent, Disagreement, or Disruption.

It is for the Best that modern, progressive Ideas triumph, and that a benevolent Egalitarianism reign.

Free Speech is but a Chimera of the unsettled, wayward Mind. The Great Happiness cannot be achieved while there are those with Anxiety, Depression or hurt Feelings. The Goal of The Great Happiness can only be achieved by a careful and judicious Monitoring of Microagressions and worrying Thoughts.

The important Tests for our Future Society are being conducted, even now, at our Institutions of higher Learning.

Once Success has been achieved there, the benign Influence will spread to every Corner of the larger Society.

We are keeping a Bottle of Champagne cooled in Anticipation of that great Event, that blessed Time.




June 8, 2016

Some Words are just Words – they do the usual workaday Task of conveying Information.

But some Words carry with them a great Halo of emotional Association. Their Task is to convey Information by triggering an emotional Response – which has the Effect of – conveniently -- inhibiting rational Analysis.

For Example. Words such as "God," "Equality," "Tolerance," "Science," "Freedom," – all evoke an immediate emotional – and favourable – Response. They are Words intended to compel immediate Assent. If "God" and "Equality" are on your Side in an Argument – the Battle is more than half won. And if you can marshal "Tolerance," "Science," or "Freedom" as foot soldiers in your Attack – it is the brave Man indeed who will fail to raise the white Flag of unconditional Surrender.

A Word which is similarly used as a negative Attack Dog is "Racism." Everyone knows that judging People on the Basis of Race – which is both an unalterable Condition – and one not directly related to Behaviour – is a foolish Enterprise.

Because "Racism" is clearly absurd and unfair, it is often used where more precise Words would have less emotional Impact. Indeed, we have stated: If you want to silence a critic, the term "racist" is more effective than facts or logic.(Observation # 535)

The Term "Racism" is most often applied to negative Observations about cultural Characteristics. Thus, if one should say that the Austrasloveniens are a close-knit Bunch much concerned with Family and devoted to religious Ritual, No One will object. If one should say that the Australoveniens are unfriendly and tribal, obsessed with the barbaric Practices of a primitive Religion, you will immediately be condemned – by every breathing Austraslovenian – of Racism.

Thus, "Racism" is a Term most often used where "Culturism" – the negative judging of cultural Characteristics – would more reasonably apply.

Such is the tribal Nature of Humanity, that all Cultures tend to assume Superiority, and it is hard to imagine – despite the Oppression of Political Correctness – that every Individual does not harbour some less-than-flattering Opinions of Cultures which differ from his own.

There is an interesting Example of the Use of the Word "Racist" in current News.

It is well known that Mr. Trump, the presumed Republican Candidate in the American presidential Election, has called for a Wall to be built to stop illegal Mexican Immigration into the United States.


As it happens, Mr. Trump is also involved in Lawsuits concerning Trump University – a now defunct Institution. It is claimed that the University was a Scam.

Mr. Trump has claimed that a Judge in one of the Cases, Gonzalo Curiel, may be prejudiced against him. Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has immediately branded Mr. Trump as a "racist" because Judge Curiel is of Mexican Background. He assumes that Mr. Trump’s Complaint is based on the "Race" to which Judge Curiel belongs.

But a close Examination of the Matter shows that Nationalism and cultural Advocacy are the real Issues.

On Mr. Trump’s Side – it is not racist to wish to maintain the Integrity of a national Border. It may well be nationalist – but it is not racist.

On Judge Curiel’s Side – it must be noted that he may be equally nationalist in favour of Mexico. He is a Member of "La Raza (The Race) Lawyers." That Group, in turn, is affiliated with the Hispanic Bar Association – which has called for a Boycott of Mr. Trump’s Business Interests.

It does not seem unreasonable to suggest, in View of the stated and implied nationalist Loyalties of Each of these Individuals, that Mr.Trump may not receive an unbiased Hearing of his Case from Judge Curiel.

It would seem the Recusal of Judge Curiel might be appropriate.

Mr. Ryan’s Use of the Term "Racist" suggests the Extent to which the Term is used – without thinking – when a Discussion of cultural or national Differences arises.

The Culprit is, in Fact, the Notion of Equality. So desperate are we to believe in Equality – so pleasant and reassuring is its Sound – so hopeful and benign is its Promise – than any Suggestion we live in a World which is – at its very Core – characterized by Inequality -- must be dismissed as quickly and forcefully as possible. If "racism" works – it shall be, post haste, deployed.

As we are fond – somewhat mischievously, we admit – of pointing out – had single-celled Organisms adopted a Policy of Equality – we would not be here today. Competition – and Inequality – are at the Heart of Existence – and are the Warp and Woof – the ineradicable, enduring Threads -- of the social Fabric.




June 5, 2016

We have just pushed the appropriate Button on our Radio to silence Mr. Stuart McLean.

Mr. McLean is a Writer of some Talent, and we usually listen to his Program on the Co-Operative Bull-Poop Collective without Difficulty.

However, on this Occasion, Mr. McLean seemed to be playing Music which we found to be distinctly cacophonous and unpleasant – it appeared to be "indigenous" or "aboriginal" in Origin.

Alas. We confess that we find Dancing in a Circle while wearing elaborate Headdress silly and primitive. The Chanting we find particularly unpleasant. It has a raw and warlike Sound. It always reminds us of Conrad’s Description of the Natives on the Shore – Symbols of pre-civilized Man – in his Novel, Heart of Darkness.

We understand that these Dances and Sounds may have traditional Significance to those of a different Culture, and is doubtless an enjoyable Reminder of some Good Old Days.

However, those Good Old Days are not our Good Old Days, and primitive Chanting and the steady Beating of Drums is entirely foreign to our Sensibility.

We have noticed that the Bull-Poop Collective has recently instituted an entire Program – presided over by someone with the Name of Deer-Child – which seems devoted to the Promotion of aboriginal Culture. We always turn it off.

We can only assume that the Bull-Poop Collective – always at the Forefront of Political Correctness – has decided that the Canadian Public should be forced into an Appreciation of all Things aboriginal.

In Part, this is a Reflection of current Fashion.



In Society in general – driven by Guilt over the Mistreatment of Aboriginals in the Past, there appears to be a desperate Desire to celebrate indigenous Ways, to preserve aboriginal Languages, and introduce the Study of aboriginal Culture in the Schools.

Besides Guilt, this Move is driven by a more general Notion – the One which underlies all Political Correctness – that all Cultures are equal.

While it is polite to maintain this Notion of Equality, it tends to founder on Facts.

Aboriginal Culture – with some Exceptions – seems firmly fixed on the Past. There appears to be a Desire to live in remote Wilderness Areas, with no Possibility of economic Self-Support, and with no positive contributory Engagement with the modern World.

The modern World – with all its Faults – is the One which has increased Life-Spans, made Life more comfortable through Technology, provided more Freedoms for its Citizens, and made possible a richer Variety of Cultural Experience than known in the Past.

We think, of course, that those Freedoms should include a self-funded Living in remote Wilderness Areas, and a Celebration of primitive Culture.

However, we question whether the Attempt to make that primitive Culture relevant to those who are pursuing the Future is likely to be successful.

Indeed, we suspect that it will not enhance our Perceptions of that Culture, but, rather, reveal its Weaknesses and Irrelevance.

We are disappointed in Mr. McLean. He either has very poor Taste in Music, or he has allowed Political Correctness – in some Ways the new, oppressive Religion – to cloud his Judgment.



June 2, 2016

"Preferred narrative:" A pleasant, left-wing version of reality designed to obscure the truth. (Observation # 603)

The obscuring of Truth has become a most fashionable Enterprise. This is because Truth is often unpleasant, and unflattering to our Ideals. The thinking is, that if the Truth can be obscured, it will cease to exist. Thus the current fashionable Enterprise may be seen as simply a Resurgence of old-fashioned Magical Thinking.

We have learned that the European Commission has announced the Formation of a social Media Cabal which will attempt to eliminate "Hate Speech." The Members of the Cabal include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft. (Breitbart News, May 31)

The Plan is to build a "network" of "trusted reporters" to identify undesirable Content. Facebook and Twitter will provide "regular training" on "current societal developments." They will work with "national governments" and "law enforcement agencies" to remove Content of which the European Commission disapproves.

Surely – with such admirable Initiatives – and a little Luck --Nirvana must surely be at Hand.

We will live in a World in which Disagreements are a Thing of the Past, and the European Commission – which has received special Divine Sanction – will direct our Thoughts in a positive and uplifting Manner. No Doubt the Definition of "Hate Speech" will be modified and expanded in Accordance with the Aims and Priorities of the Commission.

It appears that -- at Present -- "Hate Speech" involves "Racism and Xenophobia." The Term "Racism" is no doubt used -- illegitimately -- to describe not "Race" but Culture.


In other Words, the Suppression of Free Speech is a Step in the Promotion of the Idea that all Cultures and Religions are equal. Those who disapprove of mass Immigration of those with foreign Cultures, must not be allowed to say so. They will be accused of being racist, xenophobic, anti-social, amoral, and – no Doubt – lacking in Good Taste.

This is a wonderful Example of the determined Pursuit of a pleasant Ideal. Unfortunately, the great Danger of Idealism is its blind Self-Assurance -- "The nobler the Ideal, the greater the evil which can be justified in its pursuit."*

Here is the unpleasant Truth: Cultures and Religions are not equal. Cultural Differences may be minor, but they can also be profound. The Belief that Religion should be the only Source of Wisdom for Government cannot be reconciled with the Idea that it should not. A Belief in the essential Inferiority of Women cannot be reconciled with the Notion that they should have equal Rights and Opportunities.

The determined pretence that tribal -- that is cultural -- differences are unimportant is one of the chief follies of the age.**

The European Commission is living in a theoretical World which is divorced from Reality. That Reality may not be flattering; it may contradict Notions of a happy Equality of Cultures, but – in the End – it cannot be ignored. The lies of Political Correctness may sound pleasant enough -- but the truth is like a restless skeleton in the closet – it will rattle its way out eventually.***

It is fascinating that those in a Position to influence public Opinion have decided to suppress Truth, and promote Lies. They have obviously not read Mr. Orwell’s Book, and they have no Conception of their Rôles as Midwives for the rough Beast slouching its Way to be born in Europe.


*Observation # 242
**Observation #539
***Observation # 659



May 27, 2016


The more we peer into the Mind – the Terminology suggests an unaccustomed Benevolence on our Part -- of President Obama, the more all our Assumptions are given Support and Justification.

We have described him as the great Sadim – a Midas in Reverse – whose Touch turns every golden Opportunity into a useless leaden Heap of Slag. This Capacity, we would maintain, is simply a Reflection of his Thought – which is perverse and backward in every Instance.

For Mr. Obama, every good and reasonable Idea is one to be avoided; every twisted and destructive Folly, on the other Hand, is to be embraced.

His entire Presidency seems to have been aimed at destroying the Ethos of the American People, and substituting his own vain Imaginings of how the Country might best function.

The latest Example of Mr. Obama’s peculiar View of the World has been given in a Speech in Hiroshima last Week. In that Speech, he characterized the American Decision to drop nuclear Bombs on Japan as arising from the "base instinct for domination or conquest," and reflecting typical Causes of War such as "nationalist fervor or religious zeal." (Breitbart News, May 27)

This is a peculiar Way of seeing the Event.

In Fact, the Japanese were the Aggressors at Pearl Harbour, and when they were given the Opportunity to surrender both before and after the Bombs were dropped, they refused. (Wikipedia)

According to letter-writer in this Day’s National Post, so fanatical were the Japanese that they surrendered only after a captured Pilot misinformed them of the Number of Bombs which might subsequently be deployed. He said there were more than a Hundred, although there were only Two.

In his Speech, Mr. Obama also suggested that Americans had not adequately considered the Effect of the Bombs the civilian Population.

In Mr. Obama’s World, of course there are no difficult Choices. Mr. Truman, the President at the Time later defended the Case for dropping the Bomb: "That bomb caused the Japanese to surrender, and it stopped the war. I don’t care what the crybabies say now, because they didn’t have to make the decision."

In Mr. Obama’s World, of course there are no difficult Choices. Mr. Truman, the President at the Time later defended the Case for dropping the Bomb: "That bomb caused the Japanese to surrender, and it stopped the war. I don’t care what the crybabies say now, because they didn’t have to make the decision."

The Argument is that even greater Loss of Life – especially American Life -- would have occurred with a Continuation of the War.

It is interesting to speculate what Mr.Obama would have done in Mr. Truman’s Place.

In Mr. Obama’s World, of course, no Nation is any better than any Other. The Fact that the Japanese attacked is irrelevant. Doubtless Mr. Obama would have enquired of the Japanese what Portion of the United States would they be happy with in Return for a Cessation of Hostilities.

Had they asked for it all, he would have been the first to take Courses in the Japanese Language and Culture in order the better to adapt to the new Regime.

What Mr. Obama – along with many afflicted with left-wing Thinking --is so imbued with is the Notion of Equality. This leads to an ill-considered Benevolence and Tolerance. Tolerance -- as G.K. Chesterton pointed out – is the Virtue of the Man with no Convictions. If you do not believe that your Country has superior Ideas, then they are hardly worth fighting for. If they are not worth fighting for, you might just as well adopt the Ideas of Others.

This same Thinking was revealed In Mr. Obama’s Speech in Cairo in 2009. He gave the Impression that America had no better Ideas about the Organization of Society than any other – especially Muslim – Countries.

His foreign Policy can be categorized as one of Insulting his Friends and appeasing his Enemies.

Alas! It is in the Nature of human Nature that Appeasement of those making Demands never satisfies; it merely invites further Demands.

It is especially inappropriate for a Country that has created Wealth, Freedom, and Opportunity for its Citizens on a Scale unprecedented in human History.

It appears that Mr.Obama is virtually unique among American Citizens: he disdains the very Country which he represents, and is presumed to lead. He is a the perfect Example of a Man whose Idealism is a Fog of the Mind, a Cloud of Perception so dense and pernicious that it obscures all View of Reality itself.




May 25, 2016

The Pope never ceases to amaze us.

It appears that the Pope has wearied of Catholicism – a Philosophy now somewhat past its Heyday – and has turned to Socialism – a Philosophy attractive in Conception – but always disastrous in Implementation.

We suppose there are Similarities in the Two. Both Catholicism and Socialism look to a future Perfection.

But there is an interesting Difference: Catholicism has always taken Note of the Realities of the human Circumstance by imagining the Existence of original Sin.

Socialism, in Contrast, supposes a Kind of original Goodness.

Thus, while Catholicism might Account for the Imperfections in Society by pointing to the fallen Nature of Man – Socialism always points to the Failings of an uncaring Society.

The Pope has recently hailed the Election of Sadiq Khan as the Muslim Mayor of London. He has noted "the need for Europe to rediscover its capacity to integrate." He looks fondly to the Past, when Pope Gregory negotiated with those known as Barbarians, who were subsequently were integrated. (Breitbart News, May 22)

This Attitude is more Socialist than Catholic, we would contend. Socialists always assume a great Equality of People and Ideas. All Conflicts are superficial. Almost always they are caused by Poverty and by Oppression of the Rich. Thus, a Redistribution of the Wealth, and some heartfelt Discussions between two conflicting Forces will make all Conflict vanish – just as the Sun dissipates the Morning Mist on a summer Pond.

This Notion of Discord arising from Oppression also seems implicit in the Remark of the Pope who suggested -- in an Interview with the French Newspaper, La Croix -- that the Actions of the Terrorists in Paris and Brussels could be explained because "they grew up in a ghetto." (Breitbart News)

Thus, Terrorists do not act because of a malignant Ideology, or of some Perversity of Values, but because they have been oppressed by social Circumstances.


The Pope seems blissfully unaware of the Threat posed by a Religion which espouses Values quite foreign to those which have developed over Centuries in the West -- where there has been increasing Freedom of Thought and Expression, and greater Reliance on Science as a Means to discover Truth.  Like many Socialists, he sees no Evil. Ideas and Cultures, deep down, are all the same. The Truth is willingly sacrificed to the cherished Ideal of Equality.

Thus the Pope deplores the lower Birth Rate in Europe, which makes Muslim Immigration "necessary." This "demographic emptiness" is a Result of a ‘selfish search for well-being."

The "selfish search for well-being," we must assume, is an Outgrowth of Capitalism, the only System which has been shown to produce tolerably liveable Societies in the modern World.

Perhaps the Pope would prefer the Equality of Misery and Poverty provided by Socialism, rather than the Inequality and superior Wealth of Capitalism.*

Much like a Socialist – who is always desperate to see Equality where there is None, the Pope has also attempted to minimize the Differences between Islam and the Values of Western Society.

He has criticized France’s "exaggeration" of the Separation of Church and State, and disapproves of the French Ban on the Niqab in public Places.

While the Pope accepts that "the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam," he minimizes this Danger. He notes that "it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest."

It seems quite clear that the Pope is more Socialist than Catholic.

Thus, we must regard him -- like all other Socialists --  as essentially, quite mad.


*The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. (Winston Churchill, 1874 - 1965)



May 20, 2016

We confess that we always derive some Satisfaction when Events approve and justify our committed Views, even if those Circumstances cannot be applauded on any other Ground.

We do not defend our Pettiness in such Matters – we merely admit to the Truth.

We have watched in Horror as the Unthinkable has happened – Mr. Trudeau – with Nothing to recommend him but his Name, good Hair, and a Banality of optimistic Thought has become Prime Minister of Canada.

Our Opinion has always been that his Leadership can have a benign Outcome only through an extraordinary Confluence of happy and almost impossible Circumstances.

Our Estimation has been that Mr. Trudeau is primarily an Actor, concerned chiefly with playing a Rôle in order to gain Applause -- rather than One who has given much Thought to the Operations of the real World, and how best it might be improved. We deduced this because of his referring to himself, in Front of Reporters, in the Third Person – without any Hint of Irony, a few Years ago.

We all have elevated Opinions of our own Importance; however, Most of us realize that it is not wise to draw Attention to our high Self-regard, lest it be perceived as Arrogance.

Second, we have found his Opinions to be naive and derived. They appear to be reactive Responses based on a View of the World with which we disagree.

Thus Mr. Trudeau responded to the Idea that some cultural Practices are "barbaric" as unacceptable. This Response arises from his "Sunny Ways" approach to Life. The Life of "Sunny Ways" is akin to that found on the Big Rock Candy Mountain, where pleasant Impossibilities are routine and expected. In fact, some Practices are "barbaric" -- and a Refusal to say so is a dangerous political Correctness.

A World of Sunny Ways may be attractive – and Mr. Trudeau’s personal World may have led him to believe that it is ordinary, customary, and real – but it is a World  entirely illusory.


He is a strong Believer in Multiculturalism – a Concept which we find flawed. Cultural Differences are not always minor; they may be crucial and important. A Belief that Religion should provide the Philosophy for Government cannot be reconciled with the Notion that it should not. Some Ideas are better than others; to pretend that all Ideas are equal may be pleasant, but ultimately the Pretence must be exposed as Stupidity.

Finally, Mr. Trudeau has – no Doubt influenced by Others – accepted the Notion of anthropogenic global Warming – despite the failed Predictions of its Advocates. He has shown no Awareness that Climate "Ideals" may conflict with practical Realities.

In Moments of Idle Speculation, we have wondered what Mr. Trudeau’s Response might be to some intractable Problem – some Conflict for which no ready Solution seems available. What would happen if Mr. Trudeau were to encounter a real Barrier to Sunny Ways – an intractable Refutation of his Experience of Life so far?

We believe that we now have an intriguing Hint of the Answer to that Question.

Last Wednesday, Mr. Trudeau, annoyed that some Opposition Members were tardy in getting to the Seats for a Vote on the Assisted- Dying Bill, crossed the Floor in Order to physically lead Gordon Brown, the Opposition Whip, away from a "Gaggle" of chatting Members. Mr. Brown asked Mr. Trudeau to "let go." (National Post, May 19)

In the Process, Mr. Trudeau used "Unparliamentary Language" and elbowed Ellen Brosseau, a Member of the New Democratic Party, in the Chest.

It would appear that "Sunny Ways" may give way to "Cloudy Skies" when Things are not proceeding exactly to Mr. Trudeau’s Satisfaction.

Writing in the National Post, Matt Gurney has speculated that Mr. Trudeau’s Actions were not entirely unplanned. Mr. Trudeau likes to be the Centre of Attention, and basks in the many Aspects of his Rôle. Perhaps he thought to make a dramatic Gesture, which would enhance his Image as a strong and decisive Leader.

If so, it has been a Miscalculation.

Mr. Trudeau will, in the Course of Time, discover convincing Refutations of "Sunny Ways."

We will be interested to observe his Responses.

P.S.: Mr. Trudeau has been observed, for the umpteenth Time, strolling along Limerick Lane.


May 16, 2016

The spiritual home of Left-Wingery is -- of course -- none other than the Big Rock Candy Mountain -- where the sun always shines, the handouts grow on bushes, and the bluebird, full of free lemonade, exults in perpetual song. (Observation # 649)

We have always been fascinated by the Minds – if they may be so designated – of those who claim to be on the left – or sinister – Side of the great political Divide.

Those Minds seem to have been infiltrated by a malign Pathogen which has the terrible Capacity of altering the robust and sturdy Structures of the normal Brain, into a Kind of malleable Mush, thereby rendering the Brain incapable of much rational Thought.

The Mush appears to be restricted to the Contemplation of Dreams and Fantasies which have a tenuous Relation to the real World.

We have recently been granted a marvellous Opportunity to examine the peculiar Functioning of the Left-Wing Brain as revealed in a Speech by President Obama, given to the graduating Class at Howard University.

In that Speech, Mr. Obama noted the Cause of Crime as an unfair and unjust System, rather than cultural Influences or individual Decisions.

"We can’t just lock up a low-level dealer without asking why this boy, barely out of childhood, felt he had no other options," Obama said. (Breitbart News, May 10)

This is a typical Way of Thinking in the Leftish Mind. It always seeks the "Root Cause" of an unhappy social Phenomenon in the Rules and Regulations of an unfair, uncaring Society. This arises from a Belief in the essential Goodness of all human Beings.

If human beings are born Good, their Misbehaviour must necessarily be the Result of Something that is done to them, or of some unfair Requirement of Society. This is a radical Change from the Thinking of an earlier Era which held that all human Beings were tainted by original Sin, and thus Misbehaviour was not entirely unexpected.


It is our Position that all human Beings Are a Muddle of Potentials. In the Process of maximizing one’s Circumstance, both Good and Evil – which are defined by Society – are possible Outcomes. Society is not always right – but nor is it possible to claim that human Beings are born Good, and commit Evil only when corrupted by Society.

Thus left-wing Thinking – enthralled by the Notion of essential Goodness -- absolves Individuals of all Responsibility.

It naturally follows, that if Individuals have no Responsibility for their Errors, they can make no Claim of Responsibility for their Success.

Indeed, Mr. Obama made this very Claim:

"And that means we have to not only question the world as it is," Obama intoned, "and stand up for those African Americans who haven’t been so lucky–because, yes, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky.

That’s a pet peeve of mine — people who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky. That God may have blessed them; it wuddn’t nothin’ you did. So don’t have an attitude." (Breitbart)

Thus, in the World of the Left – as illustrated by Mr.Obama – Notions such as Initiative, Enterprise, and personal Responsibility are outmoded. People are born good, and may rise to Success based on Luck, or fall to Failure because Society is unkind.

We accept that Circumstance is a powerful Influence on the Outcomes of human Lives.

However, we doubt that a Philosophy which suggests that human Beings are either Victims of Society or Beneficiaries of Circumstance is likely to lead to an Improvement in Civilization.

We do not see how human Society can prosper without a Belief in some Degree of human Choice and human Responsibility. And that Belief involves the Notion of Penalty for Failure, and Reward for Success.

People respond to the Notions of Penalty and Reward. 

There is no Big Rock Candy Mountain.




May 9, 2016

We have always held to be self-evident the Truth that the vast Majority of those who report the News, see the World through a "progressive" Prism.

Thus Mr.Obama and Mr. Trudeau, who cannot look upwards without seeing a Sky filled with Pies – usually Apple adorned with a fashionable and free Helping of Ice Cream – have been much beloved of the Media.

Both Gentlemen have had a Paucity of Experience of Accomplishment in the real World, and – perhaps as a Result – are much enamoured with sunny Ways and pleasant Schemes built on the Notion of the imminent Perfectibility of Humankind.

And the Theory of anthropogenic climate Change – despite the Lack of successful Predictions – is always presented in the mainstream Press as if it were on a Par of Reliability with the Three Times Table.

The Fact that the Theory calls for a Reduction of Industrial Activity in Favour holding Conferences for the Expression of noble, Planet-saving Sentiments, and requires an egalitarian Transfer of Wealth from successful Countries to those of more modest Accomplishments, merely adds to its Attractiveness to an unskeptical "progressive’ Media.

Conservative Notions, on the other Hand, are much reviled. Pie in the Sky always sounds better than Pie which, burdensomely, relies on the growing of Apples, their Transportation, their Preparation and Cooking, and their Need to be sold at a Price which will cover Costs and provide a Profit.

We are always pleased to see Confirmation of our cherished Opinions, and Today we have learned that Facebook – like other influential Media --is using its considerable Powers of Communication to influence Public Opinion.

It is well-known that Facebook alerts its Users to "Trending News." The Selection of that News is a Signal of what is considered important or unimportant.



According to Breitbart News:

Anonymous sources at Facebook’s news team have confirmed to Gizmodo that, in addition to suppressing conservative news sources, the company suppresses stories about itself while artificially promoting stories about the Black Lives Matter movement. (Breitbart, May 9)

This is the latest in the story of Facebook’s politically biased "trending" section, which we initially reported on last week. The anonymous source told Gizmodo that stories from conservative news sources like Breitbart were regularly suppressed by the company.

New details emerged today, with the anonymous employee revealing to Gizmodo that stories about Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, CPAC, and other conservative topics were prevented from reaching Facebook’s "trending" category. (Breitbart, May 9)

Besides the Suppression of some Topics, Facebook also "injects" other Items to give them an Appearance of Popularity which they do not possess. "Black Lives Matter" is one such Topic.

This was the Observation of Charles MacKay -- writing in 1841: "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."

This Habit of Men to think in Herds makes it difficult to tell what is true and what is false. The Facts are needed – and People tend to look to the Media for Facts. But some Facts are published; other Facts are suppressed. There is always a Bias of Selection.

The Bias in the current Era is to report on Pies in the Sky, rather than those of more humble and realistic Origins.




April 26, 2016

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it. (George Orwell, 1903 - 1950)

It is the current Fashion to see Tolerance as an undiluted Good: it is a Quality of which there can be no Surfeit. The more tolerant One is, the closer to God, and the closer to God, the more justified the pleasant Tide of contented and self-congratulatory Feelings, the more deserved the happy Waves of agreeable Smugness -- mixed with small Ripples of comfortable Piety.

We, of course, do not subscribe to the current Fashion. We have never been stylish, and we see Tolerance for what it is – something akin to Enthusiasm – appropriate or not, depending upon its Focus and Direction.

For those who see Tolerance as an undiluted Good, it appears that Tolerance is most admirable when directed at Things which seem least deserving. Thus, to tolerate those Philosophies most antithetical to one’s own is seen as a great Triumph, and a Sign of Magnanimity and Broadness of Mind.

This Triumph comes at the Expense of certain practical Considerations. It is one Thing to tolerate the Idea that Vegetarianism should be enforced by the legal System, or the Proposition that human Sacrifice should be instituted in order to ensure a great Harvest, or that – as in Brave New World – People should be terminally dispatched at the Age of Sixty.

It is rather another Matter to be tolerant of those who hold such Views, claim infallible religious Sanction for them, are not individual Nutcases, represent a considerable Swath of Mankind – and are becoming an increasing Proportion of the Population.

This – to us – appears to be the official State of Tolerance in liberal democratic Countries.

An Instance of this Truth is revealed in this Day’s Breitbart News, where Pamela Geller remarks on the Appearance of a Billboard in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Billboard shows Soldiers from the United States lying in Hospital Beds, and the Text urges the Reader to "Help the USS Liberty Survivors attacked by Israel."

The Effect of this Billboard is to suggest a State of War between Israel and the United States.


In Fact, the Billboard refers to an Accident which occurred in 1967.

It seems clear that the Intent of the Billboard is to mislead, and to suggest that Israel – so hated by its Arab Neighbours – is – in accordance with their preferred Narrative – to be condemned.

The Advertising Company, Lamar Advertising, seems wonderfully tolerant of such Mischief.

In Contrast, it is well-known that Ms. Geller’s Advertisements, which attempt to point out the Dangers of Jihad, are the Subject of hasty local Legislation barring Advertisements for political Causes.

This then, is the current State of "Tolerance."

Advertisements which oppose Israel are published on the Grounds of Tolerance. Those which oppose the Jihadist Elements of Islam are not permitted – no Doubt also on the Grounds of Tolerance.

The Tolerance is for Islam.

The Tolerance of Islam is the Source of much self-congratulatory Smugness. Despite the Fact that Islam claims to be the only true Religion, and calls for the Deaths of Apostates and Unbelievers, despite the Fact that it subjugates Women, despite the Fact that it holds that all Government should be guided by its religious Principles, despite the Fact that it places the Cruelties of Sharia Law above secular Laws, despite the Fact that it opposes our Traditions of Freedom of Speech – despite all these Things – it is treated with the greatest Tolerance.

We suspect that the self-congratulatory Smugness may come at a Price.

The "Virtue" of Tolerance may be little more than self-destructive Appeasement. As G.K. Chesterton pointed out: "Tolerance is the virtue of the man with no convictions."

The Man with no Convictions cares little whether he is enslaved, or free.

Our Societies appear to be choosing Tolerance over Freedom.



April 25, 2016

It is one of our favourite Theories that all civilized Societies are a Battleground between the two Elements of Competition and Co-Operation.

The Bedrock of all Existence is Competition. If there were no Competition – if Stasis were the natural State of Things – nothing would ever develop or progress. Our Observation # 8 reads:

If, in the interests of an ideal circumstance, single-celled organisms had chosen equality as the ultimate good, then the present population of the world would consist entirely of single-celled organisms.

But it is also true that human Societies have benefited from Co-Operation -- and from the Element of Co-Operation flow Ideas which directly contradict the Notion of Competition – Equality – Brotherhood -- which have certain attendant Implications of Uniformity and Conformity. The best Co-Operation is attained in an egalitarian Society in which Citizens tend to think alike.

The great Difficulty appears to be the Discovery of the appropriate Balance between these two great Forces. The Force of Co-Operation, with its Emphasis on Equality and Conformity, may be seen as somewhat idealistic; the force of Competition – which involves Merit and Individualism may be seen as more realistic.

Political Correctness is an Outgrowth of the Notion of Equality. It assumes that Equality is the underlying Truth, the Natural State to which all Things must trend. Equality is the Nirvana – the happy Shore which the Ship of Humanity will, with the Passage of Time, inevitably reach.

This is Nonsense, of course, but it is pleasant Nonsense, and most People, confronted with pleasant Nonsense, focus on the Pleasant, and overlook the Nonsense.

Thus Political Correctness involves a studious Refusal to accept all Facts which contradict the preferred Narrative – that is, all Facts which deny Equality and suggest that some People, Ideas, Cultures, and Religions, are superior to Others.

Nowhere, it appears, is this determined Idealism in the Face of contradictory Evidence more apparent than in our Universities, where – it seems – a very large Proportion of Professors have been imbued with Pleasantness, and have ill-developed Faculties for the Detection of Nonsense. It is only natural that their own Biases have been exaggerated by those in their Charge – for Youth, it is well known -- through lack of Experience -- see the World through an idealistic Lens.

This brings us to the particular Example which has led to the Reflections above.

It has come to our Attention that Students at Stanford University recently voted to reject a Proposal for a required Study of Western Civilization from the Curriculum. (Breitbart News, April 23)

The Proposal was worded thus:

In accordance with Stanford’s commitment to educating its students, and in recognition of the unique role Western culture has had in shaping our political, economic, and social institutions, Stanford University should mandate that freshmen complete a two-quarter Western civilization requirement covering the politics, history, philosophy, and culture of the Western world.

The Politically correct Response in the Campus Newspaper warned that Acceptance of the Proposal would mean "centering Stanford education on ‘upholding white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism, and all other oppressive systems that flow from Western civilizations.’"

The Proposal was defeated by a Margin of 6 -1.


Nobody, of course, would maintain that Western Civilization is perfect.

Yet it seems self-evident that Western Civilization, for all its Faults, has created more Freedom and Comfort for its Citizens than any other. In particular, it has focussed on Science – the Discovery of how the World actually works – as opposed to traditional Theories based on Speculation. This has allowed better Health and a greater Length of Life. A legal System has been created which has allowed for the Expansion of Commerce, and a considerable Degree of protection for all Citizens. Above all – there is more Time for individual Pursuits – for Discovery and Creation. There is more Variety: Life is not necessarily – but potentially -- more interesting than ever before.

The most important Advantage in Western Civilization, we believe, is that of Freedom.

It is instructive that Universities are increasingly seen as Places where Freedom is restricted – where only certain Ideas are welcome. Ideas which are not "politically correct" – which threaten the Narrative of Equality -- those Ideas cause Hurt Feelings, require the Services of Counsellors, and give Rise to the welcoming Cocoon of "Safe Spaces."

Those Ideas are suppressed.

Those who have a contrary "conservative" Message are banned from giving Speeches. There are too many Examples to mention – but just Yesterday, Students at King’s College London refused to hear a Speech from Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, because he had shown "Disrespect" for President Obama. Mr. Obama with his usual deft Touch and unerring Instinct for Stupidity has decided -- in his infinite Muddle-Headedness -- to oppose the Notion of Britain’s Leaving the European Union.

Now that we have mentioned Mr. Obama, we should note that he has much in Common with the University Students who are less than enthusiastic about Western Civilization. Indeed, he has worked with Determination to undermine the Culture of his own Country – and thereby – the Western Civilization which it represents.

It is Mr. Obama whose first Speech was to the Muslim World suggesting that The United States had no better Ideas about the Conduct of Life than any other Country. It was Mr. Obama who suggested that Freedom of Speech should defer to religious Requirements, saying that the Future should not to belong to those who would slander the Prophet of Islam. It was Mr. Obama who said "You didn’t build that" – suggesting that individual Enterprise was relatively unimportant in the Vastness of the greater Collective. It is Mr. Obama who has ensured, partly deliberately, and partly through his own Incompetence, that American Influence in International Affairs has been destroyed. It is Mr. Obama who has said that he believes in American Exceptionalism as much as those in other Countries believe in the Exceptionalism of their own States. In other Words – he does not believe that his own Country is, in any objective Sense, exceptional.  No doubt he believes in a wonderful Equality of Ideas and Cultures.

Thus Students at Universities -- and the President of the United States – seem not to value the Achievements of Western Culture.

The Question then becomes – can a Culture prosper, or can a Civilization endure if large Numbers of its Citizens apply to it an impossible Standard of Perfection, and decide that their Way of Being no longer has Validity?

Obviously not.

What those dissenting Citizens anticipate to arise in its Place – we can only hazard a Guess. Perhaps it is, indeed, the Nirvana of Equality, and the benign Circumstance of the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

They will be disappointed.

A Civilization which has no Confidence in its Principles, and which refuses to compete, is ripe for Replacement by those with different Principles, and rather more Confidence.

Co-Operation has its Place; Competition is never irrelevant.



April 22, 2016

We are much pleased to see great Advancements being made by our Institutions of higher Learning.

Indeed, if Progress continues at the present Rate of Rapidity, we soon expect to see a World bearing scant Resemblance to the present One.

The latest Example of Progress comes from Wingate University in the blessed State of North Carolina. The Administrators there have acted with Haste to revoke Funding for a Lecture by Nonie Darwish, a Muslim of Egyptian Descent who has renounced her Faith. She has written several Books whose Titles suggest some Criticism of Islam: Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad For America, Israel, and the War on Terror, and most recently The Devil We Don’t Know: The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East. (Breitbart News, April 22)

The Lecture was publicized with Flyers and Chalked Messages bearing the Question: "Why do terrorists hate America?"

Fortunately, our University Administrators are programmed to respond with rapid, unthinking Reflex, to the Word "Hate."

It is a Truth universally acknowledged, that if we are to have a World blessedly free of Hate, all Mention and Discussion of the Word must be removed from polite Conversation. It has been proven – Time and Time again – that Subjects which are ignored, disappear obligingly into the Air, are subsumed into the Greater Sinkhole of Consciousness, and leave not a Trace behind.

In this particular Instance, "Concerns" were raised with a University Administrator about the Flyers, and she, having no Need to examine them – since a Number of Individuals had "reached out" to express those very same "Concerns"– became, herself, concerned.


"Reaching out" to a University Administrator is the Equivalent of a medium-level Electric Shock. It has been measured at about Ten British Thermal Units, or the amount of Energy created by a single negative News Report.

It has been proved -- through scientific Experiment -- that "Reaching Out" is Ten Times more effective than mere Complaint, and is twenty Times more successful than the Expression of Opinion. It is, apparently, the tactile and pleading Nature of "Reaching Out" that has such Efficacy on an emotional Level.

We are pleased that the Administrator, having been reached out to, and having recognized the Threat posed by the Virus of Concern, acted with Alacrity in removing the Lecture from the "Lyceum" Program of Discussion, and – because of the Loss of "Lyceum" Designation – found it appropriate to withhold Funding.

We will sleep more easily, now that we know that the Hatred of Terrorists for America will definitely not be discussed at the University of Wingate. Further, we have every Hope that the Lead of this University will be seen as self-evidently admirable, and the Hatred will not be discussed at other Universities on the North American Continent.

The Hatred for America – of which the Terrorists are undoubtedly filled to the Brim – will thus be ignored and – if the Lessons of History have any Weight and Validity – will conveniently disappear.

There is little Doubt that this is but the Beginning of an Enlightenment not seen heretofore in our troubled Times. We have every Expectation that the University of Wingate – obviously being at the Forefront of Greater Wisdom and Delicate Concern – will also ban all Discussion of Death, Taxes, Disappointment and Unhappiness.

With such prudent Measures and enlightened Policies, we feel confident that our Optimism for the imminent Blooming of a Brave New World is not misplaced, but entirely, eminently, reasonable.




April 18, 2016

Last week, in our Discussion of the Rejection of Thomas Mulcair by the New Democratic Party, we referred to the Plight of aboriginal Bands in Canada.

We described them as a Refutation of socialist Principles. Those Bands which subsist in remote Areas are cut off from economic Reality. They are unable to secure a modern Standard of Living through rewarding Employment, and live on Government Largesse.

Living without Effort is not the Paradise it is portrayed. In Fact, Life is a constant Striving – that is its History, and that is its essential Nature. When the Striving is removed, so are Aim, Purpose, and Meaning.

In the intervening Week, we have learned of an Epidemic of Suicide Attempts at the infamous Attawapiskat Reserve. This is the Reserve whose former Chief, Theresa Spence, made great Complaint in 2012, claiming her Right to mismanage the Reserve without Accountability or Oversight.

At that Time, progressive Luminaries beat a Path to Ms. Spence’s Hunger Tent in Ottawa to seek her Blessing, and proclaim the Rightness of her Cause. Mr. Trudeau, former Prime Ministers Joe Clark and Paul Martin, and Liberal Carolyn Bennett all expressed Sympathy and Admiration.

We see this as an Indication of the Tendency for the Critical Faculties to subside into formless Mush in the Face of Claims of Victimhood, no Matter how spurious and suspicious.

Ms. Spence's Claims were as robust and believable as her dietary Asceticism.

It is interesting that, on this Occasion, former Prime Minister Jean Chretien – perhaps because he has no further Need of political Advantage-- has sounded a refreshing Note of Truth:


There is no economic base there for having jobs and so on, and sometimes they have to move, like anybody else. (National Post, April 18)

In this Day’s Post, John Robson concurs:

But sitting around feeling sorry for yourself will not improve your life, even if you dwell on legitimate grievances.

We welcome this new Note of Realism. The Fact is that one cannot live in a Style and Manner that is no longer supported by changed Conditions. Beaver Hats are no longer the Rage, and the Price of Beaver Pelts has declined accordingly. Trapping Animals in remote Locations does not provide the Funds needed for a modern Lifestyle.

It is entirely possible that our Ancestors made a Living making Beaver Coats. From that Fact it does not follow that we should be supported by the Government in Order that we may continue to make Coats, though we may well have an Eye for Fashion, a Talent for Design, and a great Desire to engage in that wonderful Trade.

In our Diary of December 28, 2012, we noted:

Every Year Thousands of People come to Canada from other Lands. They do not seek to reproduce the Lifestyle of their Ancestors at public Expense. They get Jobs, and often prosper.

Once again, this is a Battle between Ideals and Reality. Would it not be pleasant were aboriginal Citizens enabled to live their Lives in Peace and Contentment – at One with Nature as it was in the Golden Age?

This is Fantasy – and the sooner it is recognized as such, the sooner Suicides can be stopped.




April 11, 2016

More blest would be the world by far --
Could we but see things as they are.
(Observation # 615)

Evolution trumps revolution. Great changes are achieved incrementally, each step building naturally on the last. It is the folly of government to believe in the efficacy of great leaps -- and its hubris the attempt to implement them. (Observation # 173)

We note that Mr. Mulcair has failed to receive a Vote of Confidence from the New Democratic Party. A new Leader will be chosen.

The New Democratic Party is, by Birth and Breeding, a Creature of socialist Action and Instinct. Socialism expresses that fond Hope that a Society of Equality and Brotherhood may be formed, with each Citizen committed to the tender and Loving Care of a collectivist State.

Unfortunately, for this Result to be achieved, a radical Change in the Nature of Human Nature would have to be brought about. All living Creatures are the Product of Competition, and thus Equality – so treasured by Idealists -- is not produced in the Natural State of the World. Men differ widely in their Talents, Capacities, and Determination. People never have been, are not now, and never will be equal, except through artificial Constructs, such as the legal System, or the democratic Process of Voting. Success and Failure – not Equality -- are Part of the Warp and Woof of the Fabric of Society. The Attempt to make Things essentially unequal, equal, involves much coercive and ultimately hopeless Effort.

Nor, indeed, should those who say they seek Equality, be believed. What they seek is Improvement, not Equality – for if they should, in some Respect attain "Equality" – they would not be satisfied. They would want even further Improvement, even if that should destroy the very "Equality" they profess to prize.

The Evidence for these Contentions is clear: The socialist Experiments in Russia, China, and elsewhere, have failed. And in our own fair Land, we see the Failures which result when economic Reality is denied, and Socialist Principles are put into Effect.

The first Example is the Plight of Aboriginals. A few Bands, which are geographically positioned to engage in Commerce, have become successful. Those which subsist where no modern Standard of Living can be maintained, are supported by the State – they are removed from the Exigencies of the economic Realities – a perfect Example of the Socialist Nirvana.

Instead of the Paradise created by a Freedom from the Need to earn a Living, those Bands are overwhelmed by Aimlessness, Misery, and Despair. The potential for a Brotherhood of Equality is often subverted by the Self-Interest of Band Leaders.

Secondly, there is the Health Care System, which attempts to divorce Health Care from the Economy. The Equality supposedly provided is non-existent; as usual, the Inequality of Money is replaced by the Inequality of Groups favoured by the System – Doctors, Clients of Worker Compensation Boards, Athletes, Citizens of Prominence, and those who know Someone of Importance.


Even worse, private Insurance is not available, and only the very Wealthy can afford to buy Care outside the Country. It is a system of Inequality and Oppression, which will inevitably founder.

Thus it is clear that Socialism has not worked, does not work, and will never work. So powerful are idealistic Notions, however, that Evidence is often ignored, and Insanity is cheerfully embraced. As Mr. Einstein is reputed to have said – Insanity is shown by those who do the same Things over and over –with the apparent Expectation of a different Result.

The agreeable Jack Layton managed to gain a large Number of Seats in Parliament by softening the socialist Message in a warm, scented Bath of Charisma. We consider him to have been lucky in his unlucky early Death. He can remain revered in Theory; he was never put to any practical Test.

Mr. Mulcair, took the party further to the Centre, campaigning, in Part, on the outlandish Notion that Budgets should be balanced. He was outflanked on the Left by Mr. Trudeau, who combines Charisma with Narcissism, and Policies which reflect a naive and unconsidered View of Reality.

Mr. Mulcair was in the unenviable Position of reflecting an unexciting Reality in Opposition to charismatic Fancy. It is a Truth most usually acknowledged that Voters – given the Opportunity – invariably vote for the Prospect of Happiness and Sunny Ways. They may know, at some deep Level, that they are voting for a Lie. But what sounds good is virtually irresistible.

It appears the New Democratic Party is now headed for the "Leap Manifesto." The very Term "Leap" suggests a fatal Deficiency in the Proposal: great Advances are best made incrementally, with each Step building on the Last; Leaping into unknown Waters runs the Risk of unanticipated Rocks, leading to Injury, Concussion, and Death.

This Manifesto is devoted to the Notion that no more Oil Pipelines should be built, and, further, that the Canadian Oil now trapped in Sand, should remain in eternal Captivity. It is a typically socialist Notion that economic Reality should be ignored. Doubtless Wind and Solar Power, with the necessary Addition of sufficient Quantities of Unicorn Poop, will keep the Home Fires burning.

The Proposal is also, doubtless, predicated on the unproven Theory that Mankind is responsible for global Warming. That aspiring Theory is also related to another interesting Concept – that successful Economies should transfer as much of their Wealth as possible to Economies which are less successful. And at the heart of this Concept, of course, is our old Friend Equality.

The Transfer of Wealth without the attendant and necessary Knowledge of how it is created will not create the Nirvana so ardently desired.

We look forward to the further Decline of the New Democratic Party – a rare Instance of Things progressing just as they should.



April 5, 2016

Political correctness is essentially totalitarian – it aims to suppress truth in favour of harmony. (Observation # 581)

For some years now, Political Correctness has stalked the Land. It has laid Waste the Crops of Common Sense, and set Fire to the Meadows of Reason. In the name of Equality, it has created Quicksands of the Mind where the Pillars of Truth have crumbled, subsided -- leaving scarce a Trace behind. It has committed Freedom of Speech to the Prison of totalitarian Kindness, and sacrificed Honesty on the Altar of a pretended, mystical Harmony.

It has wreaked such Havoc, that, a Visitor from another Planet might assume that the Chief Religion of our Times is Deception, and our God of Gods, High-Sounding Hypocrisy.

It is pleasant Event, therefore, when for a Change, some Element of Truth appears to rise from the Quicksand and proclaims with itself with a modest Voice.

We have learned from Breitbart News that some recent Articles in the Arab Press have recognized an unpleasant Truth: that the Arabic and Islamic World is infected with Ideas which lead not to Success, but Failure: 

In an article titled "We Have Failed Indeed," the editor of the London- based Saudi daily Al_Hayat, Ghassan Charbel, attacked Arabs and Muslims for wreaking havoc in the same European countries that agreed to take them in after they fled their own failed states. Charbel also chastised Muslims for their refusal to loudly condemn terrorism and, moreover, to find justifications for it.

Is our option for the other essentially that he will either be like us or we will blow him up, so that his body parts mingle with ours? Is it accurate [to say] that we are calmed only by seeing the streets of the other’s world full of barricades of corpses and broken glass? Who was it that allowed Muslim fanatics to kill a Turk on the streets of Istanbul, a Frenchman on the streets of Paris, and a tourist on the streets of Brussels?

Have we have the right to continue delving into historical sources in order to rely on past wrongs done to us and use this to justify the slaughter of innocents in a country whence we fled because of a tyrant or a civil war [in our own countries]? Who gave us the right to dictate to others the nature of their regimes, their values, and their lifestyle?

                    We have failed indeed.                                                                      (Breitbart News,  March 31)

And another Kuwaiti writer, Khalil Ali Haidar says:


Unfortunately, the Muslims do not yet unanimously condemn IS [the Islamic State]. Some Muslims praise them [IS members], think the media wrongs them, and join them at the first opportunity, and even carry out the first suicide mission they are offered anywhere in the world!

We say that "terrorism has no religion and no homeland." But we must confront the fact that most terrorist attacks in the Arab and Muslim world itself are not carried out by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Ahmadis, or Baha’is – but by Muslims and the sons and daughters of Muslims.

The Truth is often unpleasant, or it fails to come up to our Expectations; perhaps that is why we hear so Little of it.

Another of the Remarks of Ghassan Charbel is to the Effect that the Islamic World has failed to produce a single "normal country."

We must say that it seems so to us. We note that Niall Ferguson argues – in Civilization: Is the West History – that from the Fifteenth Century, the West moved forward, while the Islamic World stopped by – among other things -- rejecting science in favour of the established Wisdom of Islam:

... beginning in the fifteenth century, the West developed six powerful new concepts that the Rest lacked: competition, science, the rule of law, modern medicine, consumerism, and the work ethic. These were the "killer apps" that allowed the West to go ahead of the Rest; opening global trade routes, exploiting new scientific knowledge, evolving representative government, increasing life expectancy, unleashing the industrial revolution, and hugely increasing human productivity.  (Wikipedia)

It seems obvious to us that Islam, with its complete Faith and Reliance on Perceptions of the Seventh Century, is an inadequate Philosophy for creating a "normal country." It has certainly failed to create Societies with as much Freedom or Comfort as those in the West. It has been uninterested in Science – which is, in Essence, a Study of how the World actually functions – as opposed to how it is presumed to function. Nor is the Islamic World renowned for its contributions to Music, Film, Art, or Literature. Indeed, a recent Program on Saudi Arabia showed the Religious Police harassing Someone who wished to play the Lute in a Park. They broke his Finger.

A famous Remark – attributed to Einstein – gives the definition of Insanity as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different Result. This would suggest that the Dream of many Muslims -- a Paradise of Sharia Law -- the  Achievement of a new Caliphate -- will produce only more miserable and oppressive Dysfunction.

The Solution is easy to see – but exceedingly difficult to implement. Islam should be seen for what it is – a barbaric Relic of the Seventh Century.

It is fascinating that the West, from its Position of Success, seems so reluctant to state the obvious, and from some mistaken Notion of generous Tolerance, refuses to speak the Truth.